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  1. My buddy sent me these this morning. We'll be heading back up Friday at 7am. You know where we're staying if you want to join us
  2. Buddy just sent me these from earlier today in the UP right by where we usually stay at, a little bit ago. I was supposed to go up yesterday morning, but my mom's birthday was Tuesday and we're having a get together for her birthday tomorrow and taking her out to dinner. Heading back up to the UP next Friday after work. Supposed to stay cold and more snow this week and next weekend.
  3. They extended grooming in the Keweenaw thru the 8th so far. Could be extended longer weather permitting. Waiting to hear if they're going to extend grooming in Grand Marais and the surrounding areas. Doesn't sound like it as of right now. Stupid IMO. They had a great base, plus they just picked up a foot plus the other day. I've heard that St Ignace may be grooming again. They're supposed to be getting hit again tomorrow and Thursday . The northern lower is supposed to get hammered again tomorrow. They picked up 6"+ Friday into Saturday and are supposed to get another 12-18" tomorrow.
  4. What would be great is if you left and never came back. Better yet, what would really be awesome is if you stayed off oxygen, you pussy ass lot lizard faggot.
  5. I'm still working on a few who got out when the economy took a dump. One ride would be all it would take for a couple to get back into it. We needed what we got down here yesterday to hit up N Just making sure you found your favorite place to hang out.
  6. Rental sled? I thought you were out of the sport for a while due to a motorcycle accident? Hoping to get up 2 more times this year, but with the way the weather has been, more than likely 1, not 2. Never know whats gonna happen in March tho. Could be 3-4 more trips Supposed to be a system coming in next week up there, but we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Heading to breakfast yesterday. Sucked going home when the trails we're smooth, hardly any traffic, and it was snowing hard. Snowed from the time we left until we were almost to the bridge
  8. On the way to Christmas, between Seney and Shingleton on Saturday.
  9. That blows. To much traffic right now. And with little to no base it really doesn't help at all. Last time I rode over Christmas and New Year's was '99 up in Brimley. Great snow , but way to much traffic. Probably won't be going anywhere til next weekend
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