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  1. Like I said on TBP All I can say is WOW, and you guys are fucking amazing. When I saw what you guys did for me I was sitting here crying my eyes out. I cannot thank you all enough for the support and for the collection. Like I said before, all the BS aside, we are family. Thank You ALL so much for your kindness, support and generosity. Jay
  2. https://www.dignitymemorial.com/obituaries/clinton-township-mi/darleen-bartlett-10327100
  3. Words cannot even begin to explain how truly amazing you all are and how much I appreciate the outpouring of thoughts and prayers for me and my son David. You don't really realize how tight we really are and that this isn't just the internet. We're a band of brothers , misfits, fuck heads and truly just a huge family. You are all helping heal my aching heart and making me feel amazing and so cared for and respected. Truly humbling and awesome!
  4. Which one are you talking to? You have to be more specific and let FaggyJames or MachZcocksnotguzzler know which one of them you are talking to
  5. Depends on how wishy washy he's feeling today.
  6. Awwww poor Jimmy the drunk failure. Why don't you come do something about it you fucking cunt pussy. You're nothing but a failure and a pussy
  7. I feel sorry for your dad Shut up drunk failure
  8. Is your dad as big of a pussy as you are? I bet he regrets not pulling out.
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