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  1. You are correct. My daughter plays on a travel soccer team. One of her trainers is a starter on The professional women’s soccer team Chicago red stars. We went to one game last year as a team outing. Both teams acting like fools during the national anthem. We haven’t been back. These idiots are lucky to put 30% in the stands. Most of the parents on my daughters team feel the same way as me. I tell anyone that asks not to go to the games. It’s to bad,because some of those lesbos are kinda hot.
  2. I have a customer looking hard at this car. He wants it because of the low miles and he wanted that same color and options when he was in high school. He is now in his 40’s and can stroke a check for it. I personally wouldn’t give a dime over 15k for it. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/44747aae-8ba5-428b-ac8c-479f42817668/?store=5397821&aff=acqgeosem50&KNC=acqgeosem50&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1uyF_PK1-QIVNsLCBB3dmg3hEAQYAiABEgKN2fD_BwE
  3. Found 21 GNs forsale in a 2 second search. https://classiccars.com/listings/find/all-years/buick/grand-national
  4. Everyone wants the car they got their fingers wet for the first time in. The demand goes away as the buyers die. With the Internet and people cleaning out Grampa’s garage,some vehicles are not all that rare. Look at today’s hellcats. They are fucking everywhere around here. Just like IROCs and Trans AM’s years ago. You just need two guys with a lot of money ,wanting the same car at the same auction .
  5. My neighbor has a GN with 12k on it. Everything is original and he only paid $32k for it 8 years ago. He is really into them and he told me a bunch of owners tucked them away back then. Lots of really clean ones out there. The same is happening to the Jeep TrackHawks. I know two people that bought them and drive them very little. They are tucked away as a investment car.
  6. That’s a no from me. Love the car but wouldn’t pay over $35k for one.
  7. Fired up the Weber yesterday. Got these at Aldi and they grilled up nice. They were half the cost of the butcher. Definitely not the best cut but $10 a pound made them taste better.
  8. The wife makes a wicked good pot roast in the crock pot. She does season the meat well and seared in a cast iron skillet before it goes in though. It’s a cold and rainy meal in the Midwest. Gets the house smelling real good.
  9. He didn’t run last time,he was appointed. DC chose him to replace Trump.
  10. https://www.kele.com/content/blog/outside-air-temperature-sensor-location
  11. I do industrial HVAC. Most of my customer base is downtown town Chicago. It’s called city core temperature. It becomes a serious problem only if night time temps don’t drop below 80deg. The game the global warming religion plays is where they take the temperature in Chicago. They really love to take it out by O’Hara air port. Miles from Lake Michigan and nothing but concrete absorbing sun load. A lot of studies have been done. It’s basically to much concrete and black top in a small area. Not the weather changing.
  12. Oh my goodness?https://www.newsmax.com/health/health-news/monkeypox-symptoms-fever/2022/07/29/id/1080960/
  13. Midwest lard ball . This is going in the library.
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