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  1. Here little buddy,you are free to use this Gem.
  2. That first pic is a mile from my camp.
  3. I have a few years yet but I’m starting to sniff on my escape place. Florida is way over populated now. Alabama and Arizona are on my radar.
  4. Going to the wife’s nephews. The wife was supposed to bring banana bread but we ate half of it last night , just after it came out of the oven. I believe she is sending me to the store in a bit for plan B? Their house is only 25 miles away,so we have time. I’m bringing Three bottles of Buffalo Trace products, so most of the people there stay hydrated.
  5. It’s pretty funny that these imbreads think all Mexicans have to climb a wall. My Mexican FIL is 86 and was born in Chicago. They be all Dum and shit bro.
  6. Obviously not the people. Look at the current VP.
  7. DC decides Who will be in the White House,not the voters.
  8. Look at every dem run city in the country. Chicago and cook county are probably in the top three of the most corrupt places in the country. You go just south of I 80 in IL and it’s a whole different world. Good schools,low crime,low property tax ect. Funny how that works. It’s the same with Mi,get away from the toilet and not a bad place to live.
  9. Oops. https://slate.com/technology/2022/06/electric-car-prices-tesla-ford-batteries-rare-metals.html
  10. This is what you have to do. I max the air pressure when towing. I run 10 plys on a Grand Cherokee. BFG KO 2 . Daily the tires are at 40psi. I had Mich AT2 on my Cammander, 45/50 psi daily and 65psi with a trailer. Some where in the 50’s psi would probably be good for your 1/2 ton. My 3/4 ton over loaded work truck,80psi rear,65 psi front. The weight of the vehicle and the load you have in it will determine the pressure to run. Off roading the GC,I air down to 18psi.
  11. Who’s crying. I’m doing the happy dance that the free money to the sick,the lame,and the lazy isn’t going to happen.
  12. If I recall,you bought that base model pipe line rig right. It’s out in the driveway printing money as we speak.
  13. At my age,I would be dead before a EV and solar panels would pay for themselves.
  14. My son bought a 22. Just as nice as a Tesla 3. My son lives in a apartment,so no way of charging. There is no way for him to charge at work either. He is averaging 36mpg. Oil changes are $30,so that’s $120 a year. Will probably need tires at 60k. He can do the brakes in my garage at 80k for $200. Once a year $40 for wiper blades. Much smarter purchase then a EV. https://www.edmunds.com/honda/civic/2021/cost-to-own/
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