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  1. No,I have wavers. Nobody has asked to see them though. The mandatory vax was going down in flames last year. You can’t just change laws when you feel like it. See the 27 states telling DC and OSHA to fuck off for proof of what I’m saying.
  2. They think it will make them better riders. Their body shape is the problem and not the shock. Most sledders you see should be on two ups with the back rest moved forward for a single rider. They ride baggers in the summer and think they can ride sports sleds in the winter. They plant their ass on the seat and just steer,0 body input . I’m sure we have all been stuck behind this typical rider,until it’s safe to pass Of coarse .
  3. I no longer head up when I see those temps. Really no point in it.
  4. I’m here to make this site great again. I can clean this place up a bit if you like. I’m here for ya little buddy.
  5. Maybe because the same people sending the tests are the same ones that said not to trust them just months ago. My work,my wife’s work,and my kids school will not take them. Plenty of studies have been done on them. 30% wrong in a controlled environment. Is DC sending medical grade masks or construction grade masks? Does DC know the difference?
  6. One of the reasons I don’t come on here like I used too. 20 new threads about the same thing . Cleaning things up by simply moving them isn’t that big of deal. No different than keeping the boobs in one place.
  7. Really,that’s terrible. You should start a thread in the new forum.
  8. Found a short video of CKF and his mod solders removing the China virus from the general forum. Bullies of the highest order. As you can see clearly,ckf is in the blue.
  9. I ordered my four. That’s at least 4 free gallons of Sea&Snow when I sell them on market place.
  10. What about goat fucking basement? Oh shit,I think I just offended Jewels.
  11. Why bother. Plenty of loads for truckers to choose from in the US.
  12. Similar to cook County and Chicago. The rest of IL isn’t that bad.
  13. Dem cities are done. They are in self destruction mode.
  14. Here’s the problem with that plan. Front line workers make up a large percentage of people that choose not to get the jab. So when these idiots don’t have heat,electric,wifi,and food on the shelves ,then what are they going to do?
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