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  1. Shit, I would have bought that for a hundo.
  2. They got damn near got 10" of new snow on Tues. The traffic and warm weather have already fucked it up. @Arctic Cat Destroyer @Mileage Psycho
  3. Wish I would have put gas in the truck. The fucking UP has been standing room only. I don't even want to go there.
  4. It would be one of those or an Assault if I was in the buying mood.
  5. The snow starts getting good about 5 miles north of M28. I'm not going to go back up until they get more snow. To many people in one small area.
  6. You can really give her hell on the south Boundry trail. It's been a rough go getting up that way with the shitty grooming and heavy traffic. They have fresh blood running those clubs now and have only heard good thing about that area this year.
  7. When the snow gets real deep,they do it up by big bay.
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