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  1. How did all of those dark brown people show up there at the same time ,and nobody in the government knew they were coming?
  2. Her boobs are glorious,what was the video about again?
  3. Woodtick


    I just want my roof torn off for a reasonable price. Well worth the risk.
  4. I’m a little jelly. Zam cam over to do a little shooting and he said you sent him this cool hat from Vermont for his birthday.
  5. The people of Vermont are probably healthier. A lot of overweight people in the big cities. Still not sure why they aren’t trying to get these obese people to drop some weight. It’s been over a year and a half. Every nurse and doctor say that the obese have the highest risk.
  6. We went to Alabama twice in the last year. This would explain why the fishing was so good. Everyone is dead I guess.
  7. There is one at the intersection of ford city road and dodge road. That’s about 15 miles west of Big Bay. They have one out on the east side of the UP as well. Never go over that way though.
  8. Filled up right after I left the house. I have a company credit card so I have no idea what the price was.
  9. Dealers are starting to get big trucks. Seeing a bunch of car carriers on the highway with new cars on them. Plenty of nice used options,just over priced.
  10. It was a shit show around here. Cars getting towed in that didn’t even roll. All that mattered was they were registered. Nobody was checking,the only thing they checked was the registration via the Internet. Junk yards made some bank with parts cars.
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