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  1. Kev144

    Well that sucks

    Sledding is more or less done for the year. Let's try again in 2022. Thanka Doug ford!
  2. I'm not talking about trump stop bringing him up.
  3. Funny a guy talking about blown motors who just finished patching up his year old blown cat and sending it down the road
  4. Sorry trail doesn't care about Trudeau scandals and lying!! Skims right over it.
  5. I remember the post on hcs that said this site was shit and not to come here years ago.
  6. Kev144

    2021 Trail Pass

    Sweet will go well with my red sled over blue, pink what ever else it's been
  7. Kev144

    2021 Trail Pass

    What colour is it this year?
  8. Kev144


    Wayne Simmons to leafs
  9. Kev144


    Leafs make the playoffs by default! Default!! Default!!
  10. I went and got some boots for the misses no tax and on sale. Talked to my dealer 70+ snow checks for 850 poos at his place.
  11. Kev144

    2020 Permits

    Got my shipped email 2 days after it arrived! Glad the money is mostly on the trails than the office staff........... Oops
  12. Greta really seems to love her extravagant vacation!
  13. We don't want to hear about your penis shaped foods.
  14. Kev144

    2020 Permits

    Damn. Red sled......
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