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  1. Look at this face. This is the face of a born fuckin loser!
  2. Bhent on watch here. I may join him Saturday night
  3. I use to see a few driving around, krown took over one in Milton. I wind up using krown yearly now.
  4. The dealer rust protection is a wax based and definitely blocks drains and causes more rust. I didn't know rust check was still in business. I haven't see on in years.
  5. I just think you should sit down and talk with a professional. It may help, I'm here for you.
  6. I thought you were "done" at fs due to the hcs folks...
  7. Trump had the idea but didn't drain the swamp, just filled it with more swamp creatures.
  8. Not as much if new iron keeps going up and being limited. No floor models will keep used high. Sleds don't even last 30 mins here on Kijiji or marketplace. I expect that to continue to 23
  9. I was told here it's just a cold and 99.7 survival. Is he a wimp?
  10. Zambo tough? he's one of the softest guys here
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