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  1. Who will want a 5-6 year old tesla knowing a 20k battery job is on the horizon. With the price drops recently a buddy has lost near 70k on his 2020 or 21 tesla model y. Oof.
  2. @SSFB This is the forum you get when the rejects all come over.
  3. It's kind of funny remember seeing krom on hcs days probably 10+ years ago lapping artco nut sack and see he still is. Some things never change
  4. Well he's kind of a big deal on hcs here and wanna be up and corner on tbp
  5. Zambo the clown was a mod? He loves his snowmobile forums lol
  6. Stinky did such a good job as mod he went around and corrected peoples spelling!! Lol
  7. It's a shame he couldn't help himself. He was a funny bastid at times.
  8. Going pretty well thanks for asking. Wife and I had a baby so things have been busy! I just literally read your post about Your health sorry to hear but hope you're doing well!
  9. Kev144

    Site Rules

    Now you've piqued my interest!
  10. Kev144

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    Are there any grown men on this site? Lol
  11. Bhen runs to tbp to post the same thread. What a drama queen!!!!
  12. You two should come back to tbp merry Christmas
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