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    I imagine some fathers feel uncomfortable around their gay sons and just let it be.....
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    .... and Happy New Year from me and my family to all of you and yours! Be safe and have a great holiday season!!! Sean
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    I'm going to have to check my snow stick back at the Shelter on B Trail when I pack my trails later today, but I figure that we have close to 2 feet of snow now after the squalls last night.
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    That's awesome...My boys 8 & 10 are going to find this picture of their first sled under the tree. She's been hiding in the locked trailer at the cottage
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    Yeah, yeah..... right before you pull over my decrepit trailer....... Happy Hannukah to all, and may the prophet Muhammed guide you all in safe passage on OFSC trails this year.... and if not, at least give us a heads up where the radar traps are.
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    27 miles so far with the boy and he's loving it.
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    So, turns out, the story of the girl having her hijab cut off was complete bullshit. I laughed at the news commentary "we might never know why the kids lied about this". Anybody who thinks the mother did not have a hand in this, is on crack. For those kids to maintain their story through all the police questioning, press conferences, etc..... they were obviously brainwashed into it. Attempt to garner political sympathy for Islam, perhaps? And as for hate crimes, why doesn't Trudeau read the Koran? Skip to the section on punishment for non-believers ("shall die by the sword", etc.). Or question why ANY woman in this country would voluntarily wear symbols of oppression (not religion). This country sure ain't what it used to be.
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    You and me both!!!!!!!!
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    I face harrassment everyday on here. Just have to suck it up
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    We're ok here in the hood. Our redneck neighbours have it all covered lol As far as the rusty appliances go no need as we are old relics and sit on the porch
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    I am much disappointed that we have no further business communicate on trail passes. My brother was on his way in CANADA and was ready to meet you to negotiate contract mutually ok. Good luck snowmobile season and many memories had to be several times. Joe
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    228miles today after a 1am wake up call to salt in etobicoke. Most was a nice ride. Odd spot had some serious drifting challenges to get through. 510miles on the season now. Not a bad start for me.
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    Last month I had 6 employees at 13 to 14 an hour . They will all be at 14 for at least a year. No more shift manager bonuses to be paid out. Surprisingly their attitude of entitlement is even more evident. Cell phones are like a plague in the workplace, finally had enough, notices handed to all employees outlining a zero tolerance for use in the building. You would have thought I had slaughtered a baby. The battle is on. First one I catch will be down the road kicking stones.
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    Dale the GF will likely be a bigger drain on marks than a job.
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    Didn't you have a lemon Poo at one of the PET rides, you must have been 14 or 15 from what I remember. Gravenhurst? You only have that demo until all the Assaults in crates are sold.
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    You must have spent a few minutes....... Looking in your vast library of Snow Goer magazines.......
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    Nothing like being stuck at work and your buddies sending riding shots.
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    Shit, this was a replay......lol
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    Not sure what you guys are talking about...... I went thru the whole sled myself... Its MINT!!!
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    Happy New Year. Ripping on the bays of Buckhorn and now enjoying a few bevies. Cheers
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    Max Webster was the house band at the Gasworks on Yonge St, in the early 70's, when I was a bouncer, there!
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    We put on 110kms today . 3 new sleds, 2 new to them sleds and our 2 sleds. Trails definitely need more snow but all in all it was a good day.
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    Some crazy cold in Muskoka right now but wasn't keeping the boys from trying their sled. Fun times for sure!
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    We put my son's Z120 on the deck on Christmas eve when he was 4. After he thought all the presents were opened, we asked him to let the cat in. He literally did an involuntary head butt into the glass door when he looked out ! Boy has not been right since:) Thankfully there was snow because half hour later he was out doing laps around the back field. Now at 14, he still has the bug. He has burnt tow tanks of gas this week and I haven't made it out of the yard yet.
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    It would just be a good beating. Nothing gained.
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    As per my usual Christmas I'm spending it alone, however what is quite unusual is the heavy snow literally puking from the sky right now. Shaping up to be a great start for the season, which is all I really wanted to find under the tree anyways. Merry Christmas and happy trails to all.
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    Merry Christmas to all.
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    Got out a little today , may have been driveway loops with my little guy , but he was doing good , with supervision he's a really good sledder .
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    The joys of a 3 hour trail ride..... The whole time your truck was insight.....
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    Ain't nothing gonna happen to her. Justin got played again, this time by an 11 year old. You would think the moron would have learned his lesson after Boyle, but no.
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    Hi Sean, Thanks for getting back to me . That,s why I ask you this stuff, so we can put rumors to bed quickly. Awesome, guess I can go ahead and price out a new Yamaha Sidewinder. LOL And if I ever get the chance to meet up with you, I will get you that rye and ginger, but I might have to sneak into the bush to mix it up for you. LOL
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    They tend to over-report any incident against them and under-report any incident caused by them. It does not appear to be a coincidence.
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    You just let me know what you want and I’ll find it for ya , sled , bike , what Eva
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    You are such a lying turd. You went on for months about how bad Harper was. Duffies expenses and how bad Harper was. All you typical Fail one way bullshit. Now you defend your heartthrob Justin to no end. Maybe put up a couple selfies Justin sent you and that will make the world right. As for your comment earlier Fail that the women asking Trudeau about committing a crime not knowing any of the facts how could she? The taxpayers have gotten nothing lies from Trudeau. the Trudeau worked with ethics commissioner bullshit for months. What we the taxpayers should have gotten right from the start was a full outline of all the trips, the itinerary, who was there and what the meetings and discussions they had were about. Would that be something I would request normally of a travelling PM or high level government official? no. But once Trudeau committed an ethics breach as he knew he did a year ago the taxpayers should have gotten full disclosure immediately. Justin hiding it only proves his guilt and the complete disregard for the public he represent and the standards and procedures of Canadian government position he holds. Justin Trudeau is an elected official who thinks he is a dictator. Kinda like The communist dictators he idolizes.
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    Love it so far, only one ride though. It's the best out of the box sled I have had yet. Fits me perfect(I'm 6'1). I usually found myself changing my past ski-doo's to fit whether it be higher boss seat or risers or both. The 850 engine is amazing, can't believe how hard it pulls yet so smooth. You really notice it has more low end torque and linear power delivery. Not peaky like the outgoing 800. Need more ride time but so far the only thing I need to address is the ski lift, I will be pulling the limiter strap in one which i'm certain will keep it more planted when powering out of corners. The new chassis really responds well when you shift your weight around. I'm in Muskoka, rode the sequin over the xmas break, nothing else open near my cottage. Ask me again in a few weeks and I'll let you know more.
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    Average winter beater.
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    Don't go cheap, you'll regret the cheapo after ya throw it through a window in about ...Ohhhh ...10 seconds. Follow Stevie's suggestion, nella is great. My hand me down works great after 30 years, we're talking a lot of salami and prosciutto cuts. Steve knows the finer workings of Nella first hand as his wife slowly sliced away at his manhood over the years....lol
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    I'm currently in Nigeria with military, but brother in CANADA will handle the transaction in escrow. Kindly send me your banking information, and I will send you money in possible very soon account. In this way we are both protected no Kijiji scam. I much look forward to business with you long time friend. Joe
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    Have dealt with Quinn's, Full Throttle (the old Biedas), St Onge., but mostly Snow City these days with the demise of Cal Jet. As George said, Gateway is in a good location if you're heading up that way. Some say Bennet's, as it is newer ownership. If you ever dealt with Horst in the old days though, you'll understand anybody's reservations in going there..... Lol. No issues with any of them really. Don't they have rider days somewhere/sometime? No idea what the limitations are though. AC, you can try out my heavy & archaic 1200 this year..... or ride in style in the Elite with Stevie.
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    Embarrassing loss to the Slovaks for the Americans tonight. wondering if it will even be worth watching them play Canada tomorrow.
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    He's a one man assault team (Rambo). That $16 OJ looks petty now that the Tards are in control.
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    you are a smart guy, you know the big ticket is sprucedale hotel you'll be ok
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    No, but I hear that it's worth the drive.
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    I have a couple products that many would label Chinese garbage and I am completely happy with them. They function 100%, are of good quality and the purchase prices were attractive. Don't forget that it wasn't all that long ago everyone was laughing at this upstart auto maker named Hyundai and their sh*tty Pony hatchback. Nobody is laughing at those guys now.
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    Did you hear about the Chinese buildings falling down today? Chinese ships sinking? Maybe all their quality is not so bad. Just the cheap stuff North Americans line up to buy. Lots of high quality Chinese stuff but it’s no cheaper then some North American stuff. So you don’t see it in the market.
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    Fine high quality pieces that they are. I just love seeing the minvans pulling the overloaded with lumber swaying back and forth cheap utility trailer going down 401. Normally wheels are bent out also.
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