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  1. Boulder Junction Wisconsin last night.
  2. And Little Rick is still backing up Rickie's claims.
  3. Would not recommend it. Haven't filled and sleds from there for 2 years and haven't needed to change the sock since.
  4. It is in the Tipler Wisconsin area
  5. This is the intank fuel filter from our jeep. Almost like tar and I've had trouble with the sock filter on sleds. That's why I won't buy any fuel from there. Ended up putting a new fuel line on our jeep from the tank to the fuel pump and a new fuel pump.
  6. Always ran Premuim prefer non-ethanol and would use Premuim ethanol before dropping down to 87 octane. Too many smaller stations up Nth and questionable how good the fuel is. In snowmobiling areas during the season Premuim is normally the freshest fuel. We have a bar by our place up Nth that we've had problems with the fuel in sleds and even with our jeep that I won't buy any fuel from there. The owner's not the most up front guy and don't trust what's in his tanks. Was just up over Thanksgiving and Premium by him was $4.26 a gallon.
  7. Lol you thought that it was an insult and I was flustered. 🤣 🤣 Carry on 👍
  8. Since the track you put on your sled came from a Cat so that must be a Race track. Does that now classify your sled as a " Race Sled"
  9. With Cat it's more of a Survivor program. Who's going to be the last one riding a Cat.
  10. You can add the Hi/Lo adjust to Walker Evan shocks if they don't have them. Fox also offers their own version called DSC (dual speed). Just added them to a set of Fox for our now lone Arctic Cat rider in our group on his YamaCat.
  11. Dial a tune got it. Do you know what the inside of a shock looks like or is that dial a shock. So your best tool is the phone. Boring
  12. Maybe you could phone a friend to help you tune it back. You could also order some "Race Shocks" to go with the "Race Engine".
  13. So it's a little beyond your ability no problem. Do you know what the inside of a shock looks like yet. I know that has been a challenge for you in the past. You could always post you pic again what you constructed.
  14. So since your "Race Engine" does not fit your riding style why not a Torque Link so you could tune your "Race Engine" down to your riding style.
  15. Thought you always preached Arctic Cat sells what they race. Go to the showroom and buy it. Your the one that brought up it was a "Race Engine" Do they have a Want-A -Be map you could load?
  16. It was a "Race Engine" 🤣 🤪 Can't survive a trip to Culver's. Now is that the "Race Engine", the sled or the operator.
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