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  1. Every time I see one of your post's I wonder where Krom is ??? Carry On
  2. Stopped at the Seguin Timms today, couple dozen trailers, guys getting a ride in before the shutdown. From the road trails looked good, recently groomed. On way home saw the Carling Trailblazer groomer out just north of Parry Sound, guess their doing whatever they can
  3. Is that an Arctic Cat dress or are u really short?
  4. Hahaha yeah. Son got this sled with the purchase of a cottage years ago, owned and rarely used by an old man. Sled is pristine (except for the seat)
  5. What snowmobiling is all about....son taking grandson out for a ride on a vintage 340 Artic Cat
  6. My new to me yard sled, needed something fan cooled so I can leave it running while I putter around trailering wood, brush etc.. Plus with the extra seating position wife and I can take grandson for a spin!
  7. No worries, glad to have some activity in here! I'm also quite interested in this sled so will be looking forward to your reviews!
  8. Hi Judy, post a pic of your sled in the Ski Doo section if you like
  9. Here's hoping this continues, cold and snow slowly piling up north of Parry Sound. A pic off my deck this morning
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