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  1. Federal debt is all everyone I know is talking about, but we are hard working fiscally responsible people, not 'pigs at the trough'. Not sure what the future will hold for my grandson with this burden, luckily I'll be dead and gone
  2. That article goes against what I'm reading in this forum, must be fake news! I don't blame Trudeau, must be hard to run a country when his wife is AWOL. Personally I lay blame on his nut-bag mother and his father, Fidel Castro
  3. A scary article with regards to the national debt.... More than the Second World War: Here's the eyewatering debt Canada is racking up
  4. We've done that for a week or two in the past, but like your wife mine would be outa there as well given that time period, hope it gets better soon
  5. Just brutal, sad to know I'm not the only one.
  6. On the bold, you lucky bastard!!! With regards to your side rant, I feel your pain. This is my dry-boathouse/workshop. Foundation was badly bowed out so had a block guy give me a quote and I okayed it. We excavated the affected side last October, then waited. He promised he was coming so I supported the front of the building and removed the rotten wall. Late December I threw the tarps up even though he said he was coming with insulated tarps to do job. Well here we are in March FFS
  7. Man that's awful, wishing you and your wife nothing but the best
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