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  1. Here's something a little more light hearted than this crap being posted
  2. I have to admit I have used the 'tar' method as a temporary repair in the past. It gave me time to get organized to do a proper repair. I only once paid a roofing company, after that the son and I have done all our own roofs, shingles and now living up north we use metal. Unless the peak is extreme I consider roofing easy, just labor intensive. Common sense around chimneys and vents and we're good to go
  3. Oh man, that is just wrong on so many levels!
  4. Perfect example of why I put my money down here and will continue to do so. $25 for our freedom of speech, worth every penny
  5. Fascinating story about the stolen guitar of a rock legend After 45 years, Randy Bachman's cherished 1957 Gretsch guitar finally found — in Tokyo | CBC News
  6. Good to see after a day of calm this thread got back on track
  7. When you have been able to do most anything your whole life it's hard to bring yourself to hire someone, I'm in the same boat. Wife gives me shit all the time. Getting old sucks big time
  8. Wife and I spend hours leaf blowing to clear property, lots of trees. Acorn's are the size of golf balls this year, like stepping on marbles. Trying to buy this from local dealer, will put a bagging attachment on it. Anyone have experience with these? Figure it will go around the rocks and trees better than a conventional lawn tractor
  9. Too much hard rock in here, you guy's need to check out these Polka Girls! Navihanke: "Polka, Valček, Rock & Roll" MVI 5863 - YouTube
  10. Thought these belonged in here, nothing compares to the love of a dog
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