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  1. Man us Ski Doo riders are a quiet bunch No, that's not me lol
  2. Absolutely on the bold, way too much info is not being forwarded, too many unanswered questions for those of us with common sense. Wow we agreed on something No not Trudeau's fault, but just hate his arrogance about, well, most things
  3. Man you need to relax. NEVER said Trudeau did this in office, NEVER said I voted for Rob Ford and as far as whom I vote for that depends on the situation at the time, stupid and blind I'm not. Rob Ford had a good heart, stand by my statement.
  4. Like I said, a flawed man but good intentions. Everyone is flawed, some do blackface, some have affairs with underage students, some grope reporters and deny etc etc....
  5. Rob Ford was a flawed man (aren't we all) but his heart was in the right place, may he rest in peace.
  6. oldslowsledder


    The whole downfall started when they over paid for that chicken shit Nylander, which set the bar for Matthews and Marner too high and used up all the resources. Something seriously wrong in that dressing room
  7. oldslowsledder


    Man that was tough to watch
  8. Interesting read, but most of us knew this already, pigs at the trough Diane Francis: A country run by amateurs who hire more amateurs | National Post
  9. oldslowsledder


    After tonight's first period I may have posted this a little premature
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