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  1. He seems like a nice fella, how could things go wrong?
  2. Democrat flag and Trump flag?
  3. Haven't looked in here in a while. Some serious TDS up in here.....
  4. Those can be had reasonably. They are actually pretty awesome cars after you fix a couple design flaw that can make expensive fixes. Funnest car i ever owned but i'd be dead or in jail if I kept it much longer. Too easy to roll 150 mph on every straight.
  5. ooooh, I know, I know.....
  6. Wow, what a collection of freaks in the comments. Some long time losers but some new ones to me. I'll enter that in my spreadsheet.
  7. Try a W12 you want a bad ass motor....
  8. No, (Concern for social "base and superstructure" is one of the remaining Marxist philosophical concepts in much contemporary critical theory).
  9. The only reason for this its that they will try to push so Trump can't run for office ever again. They impeached him twice and the more they try to play this narrative they will lose free thinking people. Biggest concern is the same as last election. Voting integrity. If that's not fixed there is no reason to bother anymore. Furthermore, that was the point of Jan 6th in the first place.
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