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  1. I don't know if it's sad or not but I know every one of those locations. Few pictures from our rides didn't get that many pictures this year. Dec.16th-March 25th. Maybe one more ride left.
  2. Whats the detail on the Cat. I got a 17 M8 Sno Pro. Haven't really gotten a chance to flog it yet.
  3. Dropped my sled at camp Tuesday night took a quick burn with Wollie. Had a business appointment an hour and a half South for Wednesday and scheduled inventory at work for Thursday at 7 a.m. Started heading home after my appointment got stuck in traffic for 2 and 1/2 hours from Monster accident on 495. While sitting there inventory got cancelled. I was halfway between home and camp and decided to keep rolling home. Head back up first thing in the morning ride the weekend. New Cat feels pretty awesome from when I can feel of it then the short ride I had.
  4. , it's called a burn because there's a fire burning underneath the ground there for decades I think.
  5. I actually had a clear kitchen pass to go but the wife's Ex had a heart attack on Tuesday and open heart surgery for 6 hours on Wednesday so all of the kids and family arrived here and plans changed. Looked fun, guess they had a few issues with two sleds but good first ride.
  6. You would have been more trouble free than them probably.......sniffffffff. Ski Doos SMH.
  7. Picked this up to augment the SBA for deep days.
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