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  1. ya see... there's a bunch of us in this country believe it or not that don't want him or Trump. our numbers are growing...
  2. based upon the vast majority of the conversation had this evening, and being seemingly honest... she'd have my support over Trump or Desantis. her background is in accounting, which is a major plus from my perspective. the biggest problem this country faces is a massive math problem. career politicians and lawyers suck at math.
  3. Biden vs Trump vs Manchin ? Sign me up for that shit show!!!
  4. the far left wouldn't nominate him... I've no problem splitting off of the two parties into three. one for far rights, one for far lefts... and a party for normal people
  5. Manchin not ruling out 2024 3rd-party presidential run: ‘Extremism coming from the far left and the far right' https://www.foxnews.com/politics/manchin-not-ruling-out-2024-3rd-party-presidential-run-extremism-coming-far-left-far-right and I fully agree with the above statement... fuck the lunatic fringe, let's get back to the middle and get some work done.
  6. The Georgia Trump election investigation keeps getting bigger https://www.vox.com/politics/2023/6/4/23748503/georgia-trump-investigation-rico
  7. Max clobbered the competition again in Spain... huge gap. Merc had a good day with Lewis in P2 and George in P3 so it seems their improvements are coming along. The Italian girl staying with us had a rough day as a Ferrari fan...
  8. you'd actually hate to believe in Jesus to hate Jesus... this is turned into a mocking Jesus thread. a question I can't seem to get answered is... why did 'god' kill the dinosaurs?
  9. in other news Jesus did not walk on the water. apparently I'm talking my daughter and the Italian exchange student tubing this afternoon so I'm going to skip a few across the water... off the tube.
  10. https://weather.com/weather/alerts/localalerts/l/Wausau+WI?canonicalCityId=faa4da674261be8575935ceab26615e956af7b856c548a4715fe60b140dafceb Smoke originating from wildfires in Quebec, Canada is currently impacting PM2.5 concentrations at the surface across much of the state. The air quality index is expected to range from the UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS level to the UNHEALTHY level across the advisory area. In general, the lowest PM2.5 concentrations are expected to the northwest, while highest concentrations are expected near north central and northeast Wisconsin, within and around t
  11. IDK which wildflowers are affecting the air quality here in north central Wisconsin this morning but it's awful.
  12. moot... not mute If there's a 'god' explain rap music
  13. I can't prove any 'god' exists, but there's no evidence to prove any 'god' does exist. if 'god' does exist there is evidence he has a wicked sense of humor.
  14. a link, to prove 'god' did not 100% create man? can you provide me with a link that 'god' did 100% create man? in life, I choose humor first and foremost... and WC was funny he also created Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy... who clearly don't get enough religious respect. probably the best conspiracy of all time... and part of the plan.
  15. no, it will never be decided or proven here or anywhere else. fyi, and others... there's more than one 'god' out there humans worship and believe in. there's been a hell of a lot of killin' in the history of this planet under the guise of religion, I don't see it stopping anytime soon. I'm a devout Pastafarian... https://www.spaghettimonster.org/
  16. is that your entire repertoire, calling people who call you out on your nonsense names? the emperor has no clothes
  17. I'm getting jipped out of being at the cottage and fishing... for a f'ng wedding in Madison today. maybe I'll look for out of state license plates in my down time.
  18. precisely as I suspected... no qualifications whatsoever
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