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  1. and yet no mention of anything new in the seat department from Cat again for 2022, which has been one of the biggest complaints that's so easily fixed it isn't even funny. thought you ditched the white skis?
  2. sure is - nothing is watered down on these sleds. a 600 version might get me back in the NEW CAT camp. switching teams next year Tom? you've only had 57 Procross now right? the last year is always the best version, starting in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022... Greg B never got his RR back this year because 'backorder' and Textron go together like PB & J
  3. the price is a bit out there, but it's a whole different animal, or Cat for that matter they are offering. good news is used ones will be prevalent when people realize these aren't exactly 'trail sleds' this version is far more appealing to me 2019 Lynx Rave RS 600 – Bolder-Faster-Radical | snowmobile.se had Polaris made the Balers with a closed tunnel...
  4. good points, and admittedly I've not checked my shafts when out during bearing replacement. in hindsight I probably should have done that when replacing the j-shaft bearing on the 720 - but like most just assumed the shaft is fine because it's a big thick piece of steel and it 'should be' straight and true. the 500 is due for a new bearing in fall, so I'll probably have to pull the shaft and see where it runs out. one would hope and think things as such in a race derived chassis would be spot on... but they are made by people who work for a company, with a budget, and bean counters....
  5. it's been a very long time since I've had the slightest bit of lust for a BRP product, but this sled with a 600 -- and oh my. $20K though... does my wife really need two kidneys? hmmm... but seriously, people are going to buy these and it makes as much sense to own one for most people as does a new Mach, but BRP'ers will buy every last one they bring here.... because midgets aren't bright. shot fired Poo & Cat - make your next move. I've always wanted a sled that rides and is agile as a trials bike... but since we have all these overweight, uncoordinated, common sen
  6. yeah, but it's Zamb and he was obviously going for a hero-move and a massive butter burger lawsuit. shame he didn't listen to his attorney though... little to none, but Kawi and Cat have a history - SIGN ME UP FOR A NEW INTECEPTOR yes, 'Arctic Cat' already went out of business, ask the shareholders with Textron stock. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/textron-inc-stock-falls-monday-still-outperforms-market-01614032070-afe77f229c60
  7. Who has the best top end kit for the Polaris 800's - asking for a friend, not joking around (for a change). 2018 Assault 800 @SayatodaU.P.eh? @Doug @racerdave or those in the know...
  8. there's a guy on FB offering hardened jackshafts for these - even though the under-spec'd piece of shit bearing on the secondary side is the biggest (OVERSIGHT) issue. no problem... they seemed good to deal with and their pricing is phenomenal compared to everyone else including my favorite vendors. in other news, the 720 is back together and fired on the first pull tonight, no leaks, no issues and it sounds healthy and happy. heat cycle #1 completed, will do another and test start test riding and break in. VERY Happy, and breathing a HUGE sigh of relief.
  9. So... one side sounds overly rich if you are getting carbon, and both are likely on the rich side - jetting on these from what I know is rather temperamental and something even experienced with these struggle with. the good news is there is a company that can help with the jetting issues on this particular model for normal use https://www.holtzmaneng.com/carburetion-products and there is a great write up on a site many of us used to frequent on the install https://www.hardcoresledder.com/threads/how-to-install-a-holtzman-atacc-in-a-sno-pro-600-with-pics.572063/ random rpm doesn't ma
  10. No engine trouble with the Cat's in this years Iron Dog - unlike Doo's & Poo's https://www.irondog.org/news/mddv9fpvrea2pich3pe3lcoh6xy466
  11. he's good, but not even close to #68 Hibbert leaves the sport as the most decorated racer in snocross history. He began racing snowmobiles as an amateur at age 8, won his first X Games gold medal at 15 and turned professional at age 16. In his 18 years as a professional snocross racer, Hibbert won 138 of the 235 Pro National events he entered in addition to 11 Pro Championship titles, 10 X Games gold medals and two World Championship titles. https://www.tucker-hibbert.com/tuckerhibbert-retires/
  12. one problem with broadcasting racing is, most people are out riding when the races are on. just got home from the land of 10,000 corners... and I'm beat. so SX it is... because it's at night. hope to see a better performance from Yurk, Wittwer and Logan tonight - but those Doo's are fast.
  13. time to go put some miles on the reliable ole Zuke...
  14. so Pallin, Frank and Shovel - happy for Kyle, hard to believe that's only his second 1st place in all these years sad night for Cat fans again... no box, no new sleds, no nothing...
  15. his sled looks great, becuae it isn't 'slather me gay' purple the Minnesota Midget is doing well Yurk had a good run Isheol, trippling like it's his day job
  16. maybe in Sport or ProAm30 - but look at lap times regardless, the ladies are awesome!
  17. maybe in Sport or ProAm30 - but look at lap times regardless, the ladies are awesome!
  18. take it easy with the man crush big feller - Zamb's not gay because he wears Croc's - just bisexual.
  19. I'm sober.... and a bit cranky but, someone has to be the responsible parent tonight - tomorrow it's the wifes problem.
  20. I smell some over the bars moments coming in Pro-Lite, and maybe one pro round.
  21. pretty confident in saying I could easily finish in the top 10 in the Women's pro class....
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