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  1. Freedomsledder HCS General Forum lmk if you need a link
  2. I'm waiting to see what Thunder Products comes out with before passing judgement...
  3. yeah, yeah... lazy fuckers https://www.google.com/search?q=letitia+james+beef&client=ms-android-americamovil-us-revc&sca_esv=7cc8fe25590e906b&biw=320&bih=536&tbm=nws&sxsrf=ACQVn0_Git0zV3c0EiNRiHrf40_aslmhFA%3A1709233989471&ei=RdfgZbGlHLGsptQPwPShqAE&oq=letitia+james+beef&gs_lp=Eg9tb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXNlcnAiEmxldGl0aWEgamFtZXMgYmVlZkj1GFDICFjDEXAAeACQAQCYAXugAfsDqgEDNS4xuAEDyAEA-AEBigIZbW9iaWxlLWd3cy13aXotc2VycC1tb2Rlc5gCBaACiQTCAhAQABiABBiKBRhDGLEDGIMBwgILEAAYgAQYsQMYgwHCAgUQABiABMICBhAAGBYYHsICCBAAGBYYHhgKwgILEAAYgAQYigUYhgPCAgUQIRigAZgDAIgGAZIHAzMuMg&sclient=mobile-gws-serp
  4. perfect for the wi mn mi trails THIS winter...
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/ny-attorney-general-sues-worlds-largest-beef-producer-methane-emissions-climate-commitment Beef is delicious!
  6. sadly, you may be wrong tell us Nostradamus... if Biden beats Trump, Trump is unable to stop the DOJ and the cases still go to trial... is the DOJ going to say 'LOL, the election is over... never mind'. yeah... moron 🙄
  7. you do realize I live in the same town as the Polaris race department don't you? it's not a big town either. so, did you talk to Tom, Ben, Scotty...?
  8. what happens to all these trials when Trump loses in November?
  9. still unable to produce the evidence Rudy? So you agree Trump wanted to poison people? Your words brah...
  10. people seem to be forgetting the greatest racing and trail snowmobile ever created... a literal gift from the Godz! When Arctic Cat released its Sno Pro 500 last spring, the company pitched it as a cost-effective way for people to go snowmobile racing. Cat targeted entry-level racers who would compete in the Sport 85 class of the Midwest-based United States Cross-Country circuit, not to mention some amateur snocross racers across the Snowbelt. https://snowgoer.com/snowmobile-features/sport-85-phazer-rtxsno-pro-500-2/2475/ and the Phazer...
  11. How many lives did Trump's vaccines save in Canada? I'm in no mood to Google it...
  12. her and my father were both adopted boomers... raised by wonderful hard working compassionate people who would also hate Trump.
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