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  1. Thinkin its a guy standing on a freshly paved road with a road sign and a mop bucket?
  2. Few years back I bought a 250 Cat wheeler for the boy.. It had a kymco engine .. That was a really nice FAST little wheeler.. Just rear wheel drive but he drove that thing through tons of shit.. Thing was fast as hell for a 250. Good runner
  3. Back to the 858! O wait i forgot what i was going to post.
  4. The devisive politics in this country is causing this kind of shit. When you have politicians making hate statements(towards the other side) and dividing people you get this. Probably shot his neighbor because he had a political sign in his yard that was different then his? Seems like a good enough reason.. The trees and snow were the final trigger..
  5. I heard the catalyst name was changed to "me too" for production models? . Swear i read it somewhere online
  6. Yes associated with kick ass looking, fast sleds. 90's cats were pretty bad ass
  7. If the gauge suits your needs buy it! If not don't! SIMPLE.. Good on cat to offer it.
  8. Positive thoughts/energy===== positive outcome/results..
  9. Agree.. That's about to change though .. I will stick with my statement about the clutching and 80 MPH. 800 class 2 smoke non boosted. We will see what the production sled brings. But I can understand why most will say
  10. That's embarrassing. Back years ago they backed product coming out of TRF. And the dealers were good about supporting the sleds.. Guessing you know this all ready obviously.
  11. Yes.. Cat over the years has just missed them a lot on the light side.. Got to think about the customer that just rides them! Gas and go and not really mechanically inclined to understand what that sound and weird feeling of the motor falling on its face was? The average guy just rides them and pounds them some.. Got to clutch em right for the gas and go guy.. I bleed green and always will but can they find someone factory to do the clutching? Its as if they never test them or don't take into account that they should under rev ever so slightly NEW.. Then the motor loosens up and it revs a l
  12. The average guy just gas and go.. Probably hammering it and or holding in that mid range 5500 rpm or so and bang!. I tried everything to try and get that 2021 right for the wife.. It was just to jumpy when trails got really rough and running slower speeds through he twisters.. I flashed it i tried different springs in both clutches to try and stay out of the mid range messy spot.. She loved the handling and top end 101 speedo 95 GPS but around 20-25 it was a messy terd.
  13. Yup I have a friend that that had this exact thing on his blast! They were WAY LIGHT
  14. My 2021 800 was either hitting the rev limiter or something? I could pull around 8500 rpm or so until I loaded it. It was cutting fuel or timing up the ass.. Mid range was super easy to get it to fall on its face.. Once I put adjustable in it stopped.. I was assuming it was the rev limiter? maybe not? 5500 RPM or so had a bad lean spot that made it super jumpy and very hard to drive at slower speeds .
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