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  1. We got rocked with a nice snowstorm late last week, so went out riding Saturday 🤟😎🤟
  2. Last ride of the season yesterday, mint trail conditions 95miles
  3. I talked to his wife a couple weeks ago, Andrew had just came home from the hospital low hemoglobin, and was resting at home and still a pia lol I am friends with his wife on FB Andrew didn't want FB before so we chatted through his wife's FB account prior to him joining,, she had posted a few days ago he was once again not doing well. I knew he had a couple health issues but this was a complete shock when she posted this afternoon noon ☹️ He had done work for me in the past and came through a few years ago when I forgot my helmet. Always happy go lucky guy.
  4. Sorry did not realize it was posted akready
  5. XCR 700/Andrew was a member here and HCS. He passed away today, leaving behind his lovely wife Michelle.He had been ill the past couple months. Andrew was full of life fun loving lummox , I met him a few times over the last 10yrs ,was friends on FB, trading jokes and memes. RIP Andrew ☹️
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