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  1. 215klicl solo ride along the North Dakota border on the Manitoba side
  2. Been a long year with snow but not enough to really play until yesterday Love my gear down and 37" ski stance
  3. Last year guys and page admins were getting week to month long vacations , when they approved 2017 Polaris Assault for sale $7000 3400miles Or 2016 SKS 155 for sale the bots couldn't understand it was a snowmobile page Best yet, I like gardening and little old ladie would get month vacation for posting that they used a hoe in their gardens FFS 🤣👌
  4. Ya I remove these fucks constantly and have a few guys that mod ARCTIC CAT pages that we share details on the scams Colorado springs, Orlando addresses 90% of the time, only 2-4 African friends LMAO with middle age white guy, plus they like or ❤️ their own posts They are extremely easy to spot to me but fuck me, do they ever catch stupid people
  5. I know but it's fucking waste I mod a few pages and ban the Parts scammers 5-10times a week and send report to FB and they do sick and nothing wrong Matt Downey has a scammer account and had dozen of people report it and FB once again does dick Yet say trigger word and bam you are banned
  6. Our work vehicles warm up 30min to an hr plus some days, strange that the engines all haven't exploded or seized
  7. Yaya some of you dislike FB Get this the algorithm is after the bs American politics of grooming youth be it sex trade or Alphabet soup ie pedophile island talk A few of us got vacations for talking about GROOMED FUCKING TRAILS Apparently talking about grooming trails and letting them set up cause the fucktwat FB bots tingle if Groom and set up is in the same sentence BOOM BAN!! Me and buddy got 2 day vacations for this, turns out a few others as well
  8. I got on the list for my Assault, mid January if I am lucky according to my dealer
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