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  1. Out with Delgaty yesterday After this week we will be fucked for snow
  2. Finally got the Polaris out 100miles yesterday Trails ranged from carbide grinding to fanfuckingtastic fresh groomed carpet
  3. 1st decent snowfall Got sled all apart thinking of swapping drivers to go 146 or 155 Got BC Trip booked for end of January 🤟😎🤟
  4. nuke the middle east kill 2 birds with one stone
  5. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjFdRJnD/
  6. So sad, she was Jammin's life 🙁 Condolences to both Drew and John as well as other family members
  7. bison sirloin,lobster tail shrimp fresh from the garden corn,shishito peppers and potatoes
  8. Well done Arctic Cat, test rode 4 today Riot 146,ZR 129,ZR 137 and ZR XC I am 6'3 near 300lbs fully suited up For a 600 it runs nice comparable to my Polaris 600 I had last year, more mid range snap Very good clutching, nice mid range, dies quickly at 70. But riding say 30mph and punching it it gets to 60quickly. Topped out at 93mph The ZR 129 and ZR XC 137 corner flat The Riot predictable push and inside ski lift as expected being a 146 but did bottom out more than the other 2. But again I am nearly 300lbs so I would need to set it up for my weight . The ZRXC did NOT bottom though on the highest setting. The ZR XC keeps the skis down when punching it Being 6'3 I wish the bars were 2" taller, as standing was awkward yet sitting was very good The idling was an issue on 3 of the 4 I rode hanging at 2700-3100 when stopped even blipping didn't drop when warm. The one did idle down 1700-1800 They are louder than my sled(Axys 800) but as we know Cat has always been loud Lots of vibration of the skis at idle surprisingly. Fit and finish by far the best I seen on Cat, The composite running boards are fantastic!!! My boots stuck to them like glue, the toe holds are great also Still do not like the gauge, give me a 7-8" screen or the old style gauge like my Crossfire . Cat hit a homerun, it feels like my Polaris. I do not like the Pro Cross huge front and feel, this Catalyst on the other hand I feel like at home Easily going to be 2024 sled of the yr I really enjoyed the ZR 129, and of course the Riot 146 as been riding 144s the past 8+yrs Once they come out with a 900+ cc man that is going to be a fun AF sled . For a 600 it is fantastic on par with other 600s but extra power is always a bonus
  9. 215klicl solo ride along the North Dakota border on the Manitoba side
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