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  1. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMjFdRJnD/
  2. So sad, she was Jammin's life 🙁 Condolences to both Drew and John as well as other family members
  3. bison sirloin,lobster tail shrimp fresh from the garden corn,shishito peppers and potatoes
  4. Well done Arctic Cat, test rode 4 today Riot 146,ZR 129,ZR 137 and ZR XC I am 6'3 near 300lbs fully suited up For a 600 it runs nice comparable to my Polaris 600 I had last year, more mid range snap Very good clutching, nice mid range, dies quickly at 70. But riding say 30mph and punching it it gets to 60quickly. Topped out at 93mph The ZR 129 and ZR XC 137 corner flat The Riot predictable push and inside ski lift as expected being a 146 but did bottom out more than the other 2. But again I am nearly 300lbs so I would need to set it up for my weight . The ZRXC di
  5. 215klicl solo ride along the North Dakota border on the Manitoba side
  6. Been a long year with snow but not enough to really play until yesterday Love my gear down and 37" ski stance
  7. Last year guys and page admins were getting week to month long vacations , when they approved 2017 Polaris Assault for sale $7000 3400miles Or 2016 SKS 155 for sale the bots couldn't understand it was a snowmobile page Best yet, I like gardening and little old ladie would get month vacation for posting that they used a hoe in their gardens FFS 🤣👌
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