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    That’s the maddest I’ve seen Snowrider in a long time.....!
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    Around 18-19 and it looks like a few more on the way!
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    I had a Crossfire 1000 and had no problem starting it......apparently noodle arms needs to curl more than 12oz at a time!!!!!!!!
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    Having a calf has taken its toll on this old girl, shes been dropping weight ever since. I can't find a record book but I believe she's 22. And some of the herd following me to the back pasture for "a break"
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    And change everytime polaris550 posts it will only say "drain your prostate for $50"
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    Well I wasn't at Pearl Harbor...does that mean it didn't happen?
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    Well it will be hard to find on here. I think there's only about 6 guys on here that actually own sleds. And most of them are old ass Arctic Cats and Yamaha's, you know, when they were separate companies.....
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    and some sad dogs cant be trusted off the leash lol
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    Took mine in for an update 2 weeks ago and was checking them out on the showroom floor. They are really nice but the one on the showroom was $60k. I said fuck that! $73k can double fuck that! Imma drive this one till the wheels fall off.
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    Fuck Ben... it’s time to shit and get off the pot and quit fucking around... you need to buy a Yamaha sidewinder or a zr 9000 and finally have a decent sled you can live with.
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    That’s how I imagine BoyRider when he randomly remembers that trump is his president
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    Hey! Wtf!? Paid $72k for my first back in 94. Sold it a year later for closing costs. Lolol! I just don’t see paying 70-80k for a god damn truck. No fucking way!!!!
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    Transgender—- when being a regular faggot doesn’t get you the attention you deserve
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    Yeah that’s great but everybody other than dipshits like you realize Trump is a chronic liar.
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    I wanna change @f7ben name to "start 7 men"
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    Always a risky proposition. Things can go sideways in a hurry when using non whites. Especially when you target a demographic. Cant target gays with ass relief cream, can’t sell whites home security with black burglars, can’t sell car insurance with Asians.
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    The best way to see a movie....usually one of us fells asleep during the movie.
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    So, now they won't bother with 5 billion? Yeah, right? Come on, you know better. It's a fight over bullshit to make trump look bad, but it would backfire if everyone actually saw it for what it is. Why didn't they offer the same thing again, so they could avoid a shutdown.....???? LOL. They were never going to agree to it. Period
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    I thought you just spelled aids wrong lol.. It’s a large target market that until the last few years, very few large companies were trying to capitalize on.
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