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    That’s the maddest I’ve seen Snowrider in a long time.....!
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    Around 18-19 and it looks like a few more on the way!
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    I had a Crossfire 1000 and had no problem starting it......apparently noodle arms needs to curl more than 12oz at a time!!!!!!!!
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    Having a calf has taken its toll on this old girl, shes been dropping weight ever since. I can't find a record book but I believe she's 22. And some of the herd following me to the back pasture for "a break"
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    And change everytime polaris550 posts it will only say "drain your prostate for $50"
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    Well I wasn't at Pearl Harbor...does that mean it didn't happen?
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    Well it will be hard to find on here. I think there's only about 6 guys on here that actually own sleds. And most of them are old ass Arctic Cats and Yamaha's, you know, when they were separate companies.....
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    and some sad dogs cant be trusted off the leash lol
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    Took mine in for an update 2 weeks ago and was checking them out on the showroom floor. They are really nice but the one on the showroom was $60k. I said fuck that! $73k can double fuck that! Imma drive this one till the wheels fall off.
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    Fuck Ben... it’s time to shit and get off the pot and quit fucking around... you need to buy a Yamaha sidewinder or a zr 9000 and finally have a decent sled you can live with.
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    That’s how I imagine BoyRider when he randomly remembers that trump is his president
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    Hey! Wtf!? Paid $72k for my first back in 94. Sold it a year later for closing costs. Lolol! I just don’t see paying 70-80k for a god damn truck. No fucking way!!!!
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    Transgender—- when being a regular faggot doesn’t get you the attention you deserve
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    Yeah that’s great but everybody other than dipshits like you realize Trump is a chronic liar.
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    I wanna change @f7ben name to "start 7 men"
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    Always a risky proposition. Things can go sideways in a hurry when using non whites. Especially when you target a demographic. Cant target gays with ass relief cream, can’t sell whites home security with black burglars, can’t sell car insurance with Asians.
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    check this jewel out do a search wow
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    Why would anyone leave their plates on with new owners?
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    Nice day for a drive up to my house. I did give them a bottle of water for their time. The manager promised to put me on the DNC list.... Along with my promise call me again. I will invite you back up.
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