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  1. I did...Quebec has sled trails and seperate atv trails in the winter...both groomed. Oh fuck now I see it....lol
  2. I do most my riding in AZ and California when I'm stateside....would like to go to Wisconsin ...Michigan...and check out the Hatfield Mccoy trail this yr if shit opens up at the border.
  3. Can am x3 is either 64 or 72 razr turbo s is 72 @XCR1250 http://ir.polaris.com/investors/news/news-details/2018/The-72-Inch-Polaris-RZR-Is-Here-Introducing-the-RZR-XP-Turbo-S--Unleash-the-Beast/default.aspx
  4. Maybe hit up racingchic for some pointers!
  5. You use to be so much fun....what happened to you?
  6. A05GSHO is chomping at the bit to fight!
  7. Some are 50 and they go up to 72 stock I have no issue with them on the trail if they're running tracks. Not much fun running without tracks on a groomed trail. In the powders a different story.
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