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  1. Cool story...I told you immediately when I changed toolkits post. Ask momo or Polaris 550 if they thought it was fun.... You're a shitbag behind a keyboard. So keep spewing your bs gutless wonder.
  2. Usually you're friends with people who don't annoy the fuck out of you...its easier just to cut ties and move on....life's to short.
  3. Like fucking with momos acct....or Polaris 550s acct like you did.... Those kinds of actions?
  4. @SSFB what actions are those that you speak of?
  5. I've asked him a few times to clarify....if he had the balls he would.... Hes a little bitch keyboard warrior. A liar now am I....
  6. You're not serious... I don't like it when someone such as yourself makes a statement and doesn't have the balls to clarify when questioned on it.
  7. These polls never go as expected for the OP. If this were a democrat majority leaning site and MC posted the thread against you....you can sure as shit believe every Democrat would vote yes...whether they thought you were or not.
  8. I've tried in the air a few times...takes to long for everything...I use my air fryer only when I'm camping now.
  9. https://racingnews.co/2021/02/25/kyle-busch-to-run-bristol-dirt-nationals-as-jonathan-davenports-teammate/?utm_source=Facebook Messenger&utm_medium=Messenger Notifications&utm_campaign=Dirt
  10. Cheeseburgers and fresh cut fries tonight.
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