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  1. I haven't looked hard into EV yet. But I think it would be a viable option for wife's daily. She has charging stations at work. Just have to figure out how much it would cost to charge at home. She is hard on brakes, hard on the go pedal even when its cold as shit. And every fuckin time I get in her vehicle to go somewhere the damn gas light is on. She will probably "forget" to plug the damn EV in every night.
  2. My riding partner has a 22 RMK Boost. I have not ridden it yet. But I he had it on our last trip. It was out of break-in. He words were "its better down low than my Axys and my Pro. Its more than the Pro up top and really close to the AXYS up top." His Axys is a Silber turbo'ed 800 running about 10lbs of boost on AV gas. Its over 200hp at 8k ft. His Pro is a Boondocker race gas turbo kit. Running 9lbs at 8k ft, 11lbs at 10k ft on AV gas. Probably in the 185hp range. And the 22 Boost is bone stock running pump gas. I haven't ridden a Doo turbo, but I have no doubt w
  3. Thanks! I posted this in a couple fagbook groups.
  4. Yeah we took the engine apart to see what was needed to get it running. Was seized. Turns out it was the crank. We just marked it with GPS. Didnt bother trying to hide it, if someone would have found it that far back, in the dark, I would have given them a fist bump for for having a big set.
  5. Dont have a choice. I will do everything in my power, knowledge and ability to not pay for a helicopter. I dont carry insurance on my mtn sleds. Dont have to worry about hitting someone else, and if I wreck it, I fix it.
  6. I take you dont take apart engines. You dont measure pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, etc. We ride in the mountains. Ive blown an engine miles from the trail in 5 feet of bottomless powder. It took 1.5 days of disassembling that sled so that 3 of us were able to pack it out. Everything on the sleds get inspected before every trip. And engines get torn down every 2000 miles. And while some pistons are usable, they all have enough slop to warrant replacement. And yes, most times I notice a performance increase. Tighter fit, better compression, better horsepower.
  7. WTF are you babbling about? My riding partner spent over $23K on his Boost. All our sleds get pistons around 2,000 miles. Regardless of brand. But he doesnt come on forums talking shit making himself look like an idiot......
  8. As I sit here reading this thread, with Brandon's SOTU on the tv, I am LMAO at which is more stupid..........
  9. Even that funny looking old lady behind him thinks he's a dumbass. LMAO
  10. They marketed their sex, skin color, pop pops money. If Jimmy fuckin Spencer could market his "fuck you attitude" you damn well know he would to be in nascar.
  11. Yeah its all good. I'm not huge on nascar. Because its money/looks/whatever else over talent. So I dont really have any favs or hated drivers.
  12. There is hundreds of drivers better than 90% of the nascar field. They just haven't figured out how to push their way into nascar.
  13. Maybe... Gotta give Chompers credit. He earned/worked/forced his way to nascar. He then took control of his future. He can do whatever the fuck he wants and will be a pillar in nascar. Even if fans hate him. He is locked in until HE decides he doesnt want to be anymore.
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