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  1. I wear heated goggles off trail. They've been great so far. But heated goggles aren't needed for trail/forest road riding. I wouldn't waste the $$$ on even trying it. I still wear Doo Mod 2 helmet for trail. Them fucking things leak so much air you can't get hot.
  2. Ive had something twice this summer. IDK if it is Ivy, Sumac, or WTF. We have alot of giant Ragweed on property too. But anyway, that shit sucks. Might be worse than C19....
  3. If you need anything, gas, weed, a go pro, an alibi, let me know!!
  4. IMO, the Axys chassis just makes everything easier. In fact when I first got my Axys I was constantly dumping it over. It takes much less effort to pull it over than the Pro. And I have 36" front end on the Pro. Stock 39" on the Axys. Engine wise I really like the Pro engine. Not the strongest on top, but very snappy. Excellent in trees. The 800HO is significantly more snappy, and its alot stronger on top too. Of course the Axys is IMO better than the Pro, but its an evolutionary advancement. Its not a "night and day" difference like some proclaim.
  5. I have an HPS can on the Pro. Its a great bark, but its pretty loud. I have a SSI on the Axys, it has a awesome lower rumble and fairly quiet. At WOT its not excessively loud, but its loud enough for my riding partners to hear where I am. We will shut our engines off and listen if we haven't made visual contact in awhile. Trail sleds I use stock can. I dont need the noise or the weight savings. On the mtn sleds, the weight is significant enough that I adjust the front springs differently from each other.
  6. SLP is about the quietest aftermarket exhaust you can buy. Not to mention the weight loss.
  7. I'm really considering listing my back sled for a stupid amount and see what happens. It probably won't be as bad as most, when I sell shit it usually goes very quickly because I always sell cheap just to get rid of it.
  8. Do you have any data on how many got c19 from Crandon?
  9. My 14 yr old nephew tested positive recently and recovered. My riding bud had it and recovered. My wife is a emergency room PA. She see's covid positive people all the time and has since the start. She got vaxxed last winter under pressure from her coworkers. She's not anti vax, she just wanted more data on the vax. Anyway, myself and my kids are not vaxxed. We have also never been tested. Not sure how we couldn't have gotten it, but I guess its possible. TBH I "think" I had it around christmas 2019. But no test, no proof.
  10. Yeah Im sure they are living in much worse conditions than they were in Goatfuckastan....
  11. I'm not defending A-Aron, clearly he's a cunt, but wtf is the fanbase going to do when he's gone? The Pack will be fighting to finish .500 every year, or worse, be like the Lions..... Remember 3 years ago when he had a down year? Yeah, he had a woman that year too.....
  12. Ahhh.... So what website did you say that was from........ Asking for a friend.
  13. Whats best for me, might not be best for you... I ridden Polaris for the last 10 years because they, IMO, have far and away the best mtn chassis. So good in fact that I'm willing to rebuild the engines every 2 years/2k miles. Engines are easy and cheap to fix/maintain, a poor chassis is not. If you cant fix an engine yourself, its probably not going to be the best for you. As far as trail sleds, whatever one I fit on the best is probably good enough. I fit like a saddle on a sow on the procross.
  14. Klim helmets are very ventilated. I have a F5 for mtn riding and its got vents everywhere. Great for working hard, bad for trail riding. Also have a 509 carbon and its warmer than the Klim, but not what I would call warm. I use Klim Glacier balaclavas and which have a beak for your nose and mouth. Works well but I wouldn't want trail ride far with it. I hate closed nose balaclavas. Cant get enough air when working hard. I switched to Abom heated goggles last year. So far so good. I had issues with every 509 goggle pushing down on my nose and cutting air. I've pr
  15. Make sure little orings in injector ports are removed and replaced too. 4 injectors in that engine.
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