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  1. My buds Polaris Boost RMK finally came in. Dealer called when we were out west, of course.....
  2. Hurley is a bucket list item. If you're in the midwest its a must one time. Of course if you are over 35, its too late. It really is scary once you get old enough to use critical thinking skills....
  3. My wife works in an ER, forced jab and flu jab. She had it during Thanksgiving. I'll be honest though, Im not jabbed and had it worse than her.....
  4. LMAO!! So are we listening to the CDC now or not? Because not to long ago we weren't. No we are again? You guys gotta make up your mind if the CDC is fear mongers or fact
  5. FFS Use your god damn boot string to start the fuckin sled. If its a 4s use your fuckin belt.
  6. Here's what I do, and this is just my opinions. If you disagree, Im good with that. I dont fog anymore. I certainly dont think it hurts. But every time I take an engine apart, there is oil coated on pretty much everything, especially the crank bearings. There is always oil in the bottom. I also dont start them during the off season (well sometimes after about 6 beers I do). My opinion on that is every time you start it you introduce moisture. A byproduct of combustion is water. And also IMO you cannot get an engine truly "good and hot" without building cylinder psi up. Idle or snapp
  7. There is websites all over the net that have all sports for free. You will have to fuck around sometimes closing out pop ups, but I haven't paid for a PPV in a long time.....just saying. I dont use a VPN or any of that shit either.
  8. Just a FYI, My trail sled has electric start, but the battery is dead. Has been for a couple years. The dead battery is still in the sled. Oh noes.... My mtn sleds get some unnecessary stuff removed to save weight. Oh noes.... I feel like I need that meme with the 2 red buttons no knowing which to push...lol
  9. Oh yeah snow rider. Anyway, thats not him. That guy is a right winger nut job. Pretty much the opposite of tool kit, but just as loud.
  10. That guy isn't toolkit. He's like the polar opposite
  11. What engines are they all supplying now? 998 turbo, what else? The 3 cylinder engine still around?
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