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  1. If Walmart.com was as profitable and popular as Amazon I think we'd see them push that way but even after years of pushing the platform they just can't make much of a dent in Amazons hold. If they could I think we'd see lots of B&M closures or reduction to just grocery and essentials.
  2. Thing porpoises like s SOB until 65mph, would be an interesting ride a couple of times.
  3. As someone in the middle of a messy divorce, joint seems reasonable until that best friend decides she wants a richer best friend plus your money. Stay single boys!
  4. Didn't he fight Clint in Any Which Way You Can?
  5. It is, where is his Wife's ethics and compassion? Does he have to stroke out on live TV before they let the guy sip his soup in peace?
  6. They haven't cancelled Trevor yet? Who still watches that show? They should have known to put a bullet in it when Jon left.
  7. So the FBI admits the dossier was false, used it for FISA warrants, investigated it, but nobody lied to them? So that only leaves the conclusion the FBI is corrupt or incompetent. Pretty amazing that those Trump guys all got pinched for lying to the FBI.
  8. I have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited that was a flood salvage. Picked it up with 1100 miles on it for 13k. Had no problem getting insurance. Hit a deer with it in 2020 with about 50K on the odo and I was worried it would get totaled but they fixed it, bill was a little over $7500.
  9. Have one in the basement bathroom, primarily a 2 person but could do 3. Tylo electric, gets to 165 in about 30 minutes. Used more in the winter than summer. Nothing I like better if I'm feeling sick or wore down.
  10. https://globalnews.ca/news/9047589/quebec-brp-skidoo-cyberattack/
  11. Literally 3+ years ago defense contractors were made aware of a refocus from the middle east to the south china sea. These actions are by no means knee jerk or anything but according to plan.
  12. My cop friends were put off by the sit back and secure the perimeter approach they took. Their feedback is that since Columbine all of their active shooter training says to announce loudly they are police and to engage. Their statistics say that the majority of shooters take their own life once confronted by police so the initial goal is to start that thought process on the shooters part.
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