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  1. I need to buy the shelled pistachios to slow me down, the unshelled are too easy to mass consume. Nuts are good for you but Blue Diamond and Wonderful make it too easy to destroy a bag in 1 sitting.
  2. You can find all the news/politician compilations you want on Youtube but here is just a sample. Not to mention Military mandates, travel mandates, work mandates. Could a person get an Ivermectin prescription from their Doctor? Could they get it filled if they were lucky enough to get one? People want to forget how they acted during Covid.
  3. The Snowriders of the world want everyone to forget they were ready to send the unvaxxed or anyone not toeing the Govt line to camps. Selective amnesia about their behavior.
  4. After paying $1300 for a family of 4 for 1 day to ride 5 rides I'd be on edge too.
  5. Guys, I'd suggest looking at Wealthfront.com. They are a AI based investment company but they also have a cash investment account and I believe I'm currently getting 4.3%. They react quickly to Fed moves (1 to 2 weeks) and adjust rates so you are currently. Control at your fingertips.
  6. I think his back-tracking and trying to rewrite his vaccine mandates and how heavy handed he was back then vs now is just one reason to dislike him. https://youtu.be/gS2OeHbO1Yk
  7. Well in fairness his scripted cheat cards said Jonah and the seating map he was given was a little off.
  8. Jeff Jackson on TikToc is great. Newb Congressman and honestly how every politician should communicate with their constituency. I wish mine did. And although this YT video tries to make it look like just her or Repubs, if you listen to his whole TicToc he says its both sides.
  9. Where is that top stat even coming from? Someone's home cooked calculation and posted in a Tweet?
  10. Will the NY Grand Jury Jurors eventually be named?
  11. I thought this was going to be another Rittenhouse thread...
  12. 45+ feet of snow in California/Tahoe area. I think they will swing the pendulum back towards normal levels.
  13. When I hear Walz talk about fully funding education, like they aren't already the top line item on the budget, it makes me sick and to see $28k per pupil its nuts. But looking at that list of schools most are either inner city, reservation, or some sort of alternative learning center. So most likely kids/parents who don't value education or they've been kicked out of mainstream programs so that tells me they didn't give a shit before either. Education is coming to a cross roads soon one would think. Teachers get next to zero support from Admin or parents, they in turn
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