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  1. The mans grey matter is mush. Preselected, topic specific, prewritten response.
  2. Its just perfect to watch the BLM crowd face off with the mandatory vaxx show your papers crowd in New York. Just consuming each other, lol.
  3. If you're interested and if you believe him, the issue does not appear to be getting the containers off the ships at the port, but rather trucking and warehouse capability. Additionally retailers pulling forward Xmas orders to try and have items on the shelf. https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/09/16/los-angeles-port-director-says-to-expect-holiday-shipping-slowdowns.html
  4. In the past month, friend level: Friends mother, fully vaxxed, but also a cancer survivor and smoker, passed after being on vent. late 60's. Husband, Wife, Child combo late 40's and 16, unvaxxed, varying degrees of illness. Husband was pretty sick for 4-5 days, wife and child showed little symptoms, all tested positive. Have already had a contact email from the kids school concerning a known exposure but they are pretty liberal with those. School seems to be doing better than metro school who all have the mask mandates.
  5. Milley's got his hands full now. Either he has to walk back his book details to Bob or face the shouts for resignation coming from his fellow Military peers.
  6. We have a procedure, Yes? Follow it, Yes? IF Trump goes rogue still follow the procedure, Yes. IF Biden has a dementia moment still follow the procedure, Yes. This is classic MC controversy where there isn't one and he hits it like a pike every time.
  7. Middle of the Country, you know Nevada.
  8. Lucky for them those children weren't aborted.
  9. What if, we'd mandate IUD insertion for all underage females and any female below a certain financial threshold or assistance level. You know, for the good of the Country. Abortion should be maintained legal but part of the procedure is IUD placement. We can certainly offer or mandate male vasectomies as well.
  10. Its been a moving target for sure on when it will come back, first it was early 2021 then late 2021, now back half of 2022. Manufacturing seems to be all lose crate and rework when it arrives.
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