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  1. Russia on the move in Eastern Europe and China on the move in Southeast Asia. We have a doddering old fool at the helm.
  2. Have the Canadian Govt started to claim that the Truckers rally is an Insurrection or Coup yet?
  3. @Mag6240 nice to see the Mankato State Grads represent. Gage A tower 92!
  4. Other than your own personal information, what are they good for? No facility, airline, business, anyone, accepts the results of an at home test. No one.
  5. I loved when the General sold them water and chips for $10, dipped, and then they found out they were free.
  6. They got the coordination going. MSM papers running the "Insurrection" headlines again. Then show pictures of gray haired women walking through the rotunda with a police officer standing calmly by.
  7. Fortunately or unfortunately these types of events occasionally need to go to the judiciary to reaffirm or set new precedence on how far our rights extend. We have watched as protesters have pushed further and further with free speech, destruction, and violence. Now it appears the pendulum pushes back the other way.
  8. These are some dated numbers but: Elon holds about 17% of TSLA shares. There are 1,123,000,000 shares outstanding. Meaning he holds about 190,910,00 shares. Today, TSLA is down 3.33% or $34.42 per share. Meaning he's lost $6,571,122,200 today so far in unrealized wealth. I wonder if they'd run that counter backwards?
  9. Our hockey district has empowered the officials to start to handle this stuff. Out of line parents can be ejected from the arena by the officials, if they refuse to leave immediate bench minor, coach is given an opportunity to direct the parent to leave. Still refuse to leave? Game forfeit and I believe the Head Coach picks up a 1 game suspension as well. They are putting it on the Coach and Associations to control their people or lose.
  10. 550, are you one of those people that think all police shootings are righteous but everyone else should have avoided needing to shoot\defend themselves?
  11. We used to just say that their is someone for everyone, and if a person wasn't having success in what they considered "their league", maybe they needed to reevaluate themselves and check out the next league down. Of course todays youth have never tasted defeat or told they weren't good enough so they have poor self evaluation skills. So if it isn't them, it must be those stupid women who just don't know what their missing.
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