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  1. I believe they've caged it and are going to see if it can reproduce by itself.
  2. Was watching a walk-around. Largest produced glass windshield, largest wiper (good luck finding replacement), tires are specially scalloped for those ugly black rubber wheel covers. Tailgate & bed cover are electric push button only.
  3. I read he was retaining control of the BB operations. I saw it more as a divesture step of some assets which are at all time highs. The Shark Tank stuff is probably not woth the time it takes.
  4. Movie was Youngblood, and tea with Ms. McGill. Billet house lady...as a youth watching this movie it was a dream. Lots of mgmt denial now that rumors are swirling about Bedards Mom.
  5. And I'd agree, the body lines, body components, layout, technology, serviceability, probably all engineering excellence. Plastic interior panels, seat materials, aesthetics, "everything" other than the 24 inch monitor inside the vehicle screams after-thought. At least that is how I felt inside them.
  6. Only VW could be impressed by Tesla's interior build design and quality.
  7. Just completed open enrollment...up 5.8%
  8. RIP - he was the go to website to see if you should make that drive to the UP back in the day.
  9. I found with mine that the size of blade out-matched the traction of the UTV. Unless it was fluff the blade just pushed too much and I'd spin. I went back to the ATV.
  10. Imagine that, the funds were there all the time, just a little shuffling.
  11. Republicans manage the stocking and distribution of ballots in a State?
  12. Drag his ass outside and delete the footage, plausible denial.
  13. That must have been horrible to be streaming the game and see that as the family so far away. I don't care to watch the clip but it is amazing how rare skate/neck injuries are in the game considering.
  14. Busy acting tough going through Grannies pill case and hassling Sister Mary about her nail clipper.
  15. I guess there are still some small\remote enough communities where you can just disappear or be disappeared.
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