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  1. Been there. 74 f250 camper special with a 10ft Texan camper. We went and camped everywhere.
  2. Couple of captures from this evenings drone flight.
  3. Trail cam pictures from our property. Edited for better quality from cheap cameras. The bobcat carrying the turkey is from my brother in laws camera on another property. Also the date stamps are wrong. My son couldn't figure ou how to set it. These are all from the last 2 weeks.
  4. Retired at 60 and taking ss at 62. Wife and I could live off of our ss without touching retirement plan money because we saved in preparation for retirement. Have any of you ever met a financial guy that doesn't say taking ss early is a bad idea?
  5. Fucking hot! Hi 90's for 4 days. Crazy low humidity though. Spend most of the weekend floating on the pontoon.
  6. Pontoon and boat drinks tonight in Jimmy Buffett s honor.
  7. Bringing a 1911 of that vintage is very cool but they're a dime a dozen in better original condition. I collect them and have 2 of similar age. Worth 500 to 1000 dollars and have never been rusted as bad as that one. Still very cool.
  8. The cops had numerous opportunities to pit the car but didn't. Wonder why it took so long.
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