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  1. Hi ho hi ho it's off your dick must go. Fuck disney
  2. Can we just go back to these mental misfits killing themselves?
  3. "I was born a poor black child" Show me the money!
  4. Mike was a really good guy. Donated a lot of money to very worthy charities, his employees loved him and he treated them well. No idea wtf he was thinking. Kind of feel bad for him and his employees.
  5. Mike really shit in his mess kit. Bummer
  6. Not yet. It's in the queue.
  7. Another breakfast ride this morning on the old XCR440. Good thing the trails are like a table top. That stiff old sob kills my back but damn those old race sleds rail on smooth trails.
  8. I made the wife ham and cheese omelet and hash browns for her birthday breakfast.
  9. Our 15 year old lab Maggie had what we think was a stroke 2 weeks ago. I made the appointment to put her to sleep. The next day she was back up begging for food, walking around and going out on her own to poop and pee. Now we can barely tell but we know it's coming soon. Pretty thankful for some more time with her.
  10. Saved to watch later. Thanks
  11. starting to wish we had less snow. we're at 110 inches for the season. I'm out of places to put it without renting a skid steer.
  12. this is the setup I have. Works great! https://www.lakelifter.com/products/12v-trolling-motor-battery-solar-charging-kit/
  13. 100 miles this am on a foot of fresh. Awesome!
  14. RIP Bud Great coach, great man.
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