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  1. And when, not if one of these rockets carrying spent nuclear fuel blows up in the atmosphere?
  2. He has always stuttered but that isn't whats causing him to babble like grandpa Simpson. LOL
  3. MC, You can thank Donald Trump............... https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-supreme-court-requires-biden-revive-trump-era-remain-mexico-immigration-2021-08-24/
  4. I wonder if that mask would protect him from pepper spray?
  5. . Change to Air Force One.mov Change to Air Force One.mov
  6. Best Burt Reynolds impersonation ever. LOL
  7. Maggie and Mandy told me to tell you that Black Labs matter.
  8. All of my dogs first names are Damn-it. LOL
  9. Caught on the backyard security camera this morning event1631524469000_2CAA8EADEE3F011631524469.mp4
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