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  1. Merry Christmas..................................... And fuck your feelings................
  2. Lol, yeah it was totally death star like.
  3. Just watched it tonight. Good flick but if you know anything about aviation you'll notice some pretty big exaggerations/bs moments.
  4. Survived. Everyone was civil and well behaved. Mil still can't cook and after living up north for 6 months the twin cities traffic really stresses me out. Lol
  5. Headed to the in laws place down in the cities. House full of trumpers. Can't wait. :bh:
  6. I was able to get split dried oak this summer for $225. If I'd have waited until fall it would have been $300 if I could find any. I bought 10 cords at $200 thinking wood might be tough to get. Guess I was right.
  7. Brisket, bacon and blue melt with a castle danger cream ale. Awesome sandwich!
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