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  1. Looks great for growing those upside down tomato plants
  2. My wife to be and me saw his Bat out of Hell concert in 1978 at the State theater. Listened to the 8 track in the car on the way. LOL RIP
  3. My experience with this situation is the mechanic said on Tuesday he would have it done Wednesday because you need it to get to work on Thursday. And you are going out of town on Friday. You had to find other ways to get around for 3 days and took your wifes vehicle to go out of town Friday. Now the mechanic calls you at 3pm Friday to tell you it's done but you're already out of town. The customer isn't always the asshole.
  4. Hahahahaha, you think it's a military general? LOLOLOL. Dummy!
  5. To be fair this guy actually did something illegal and imo should be prosecuted for the straw purchase. It's one of the few gun laws that actually makes any sense.
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