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  1. I can't believe I thumbed through 12 pages of shit. I must be bored out of my mind 🤣
  2. Its a giant cock. Not meant for you. Just threw it into your thread lol.
  3. Neighbors got a meth lab not long ago. Probably not the same thing tho
  4. I was ready to leave at 20 but mom wasn't ready to move to an apartment. She liked the house and toiling in the gardens so I assumed the mortgage and she started to pay me a tiny bit of rent. Eventually my fiance and I were ready to move and get our own place and mom wanted to hit the apartment by then , so we moved her out I moved in the fiance. We eventually sold and moved to the country
  5. I voted for the douche canoes that pull over size trailers with their bagged out shit box 160 hp 1/2 tons. Or the best when you see dildo baggins pulling a lame 28 footer with a hemi ram, and getting passed by said 160 pos lol. If you are scared , stay the fuck home
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