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  1. I was pretty sure the esso in tuelon was still eth free. Ill have to check next time I'm there
  2. I heard stick with stock before, but a bud of min threw in some zuke 800 pistons years ago and its been awesome.
  3. If you plan on coming on the louis real long weekend , its free to ride here. Just need to download and print a permit. I believe you can contact any mpi autopac outlet and deal with them directly as snoman does not sell the permits, they are purchased at autopac outlets
  4. Only have 1 pic cause we spent enough time digging guys oot . About a foot fell, but if you go off the trail......got 120 miles tho. Trail was all bush switchback. Going Sunday again ,I'll get pics lol. Our leader is a 70 year old bud who's waiting for hip replacement surgery, but you wouldn't know it if you followed him. This pic was at fish lake. Had a 4 course meal.there that included kubasa, elk sausages, chilli, buns.
  5. Gave up waiting for it to snow here. Went for a boot on the trail outside my door
  6. I knew that was as soon as I saw the sled lol. Looks awesome jay
  7. I was just aboot to ask about that. Holy fuckin garage lol
  8. I can't imagine one on hardpack lol. fuck me
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