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  1. Exactly what I'm doing. Thanks
  2. Wife got it at work and brought it home . She's vaxed and I'm not. It's hell for her. And because of her immune system, I gotta take her tomorrow to get an iv? Supposed to stop the virus from progressing. I don't feel any different really and my immune system is shit to
  3. Wife been harassing me about not getting vaxed....I sent her this now she's seriously questioning her getting vaxed
  4. They actually use the charge port. Had to get a adapter. Sucks tho. Can't charge phone while playing music
  5. What wrong with gay black midget porn
  6. Much better. Almost like they're cumming right at me
  7. If it did have it, it would have solved a lot of bs
  8. So far it's pretty sweet I liked my s9 a lot. Was disappointed when it stopped charging
  9. I had a 96 5sp ,it was indestructible
  10. Had an s9 for 3 years . Was great , tilltne earpiece stopped working. Fixed that with Bluetooth lol. Then I started getting these idiotic messages saying the charge port has moisture and it would charge half the time. So fuck that noise. Got an s21 lol
  11. I remember when I sorted at Ford I the 90s and 00s and tool was on every radio in the shop. No escape. Made me crazy, it never ended. Probably why I don't care for them now. I don't have fav or best band..but I do have a lot of them for different reasons
  12. Yup. This is the best snow year in years. Cant really go outside lol
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