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  1. Imagine tying your status as a man to the type of propulsion your vehicle uses lmao
  2. Lol you can tell who's not been filing their taxes for a while...
  3. Imagine being so fucking brain dead that you think Democrats are socialists. LMAO
  4. Fuck all cops, including your brother/cousin/son/in-laws, etc. Probably abusing their spouse anyway because almost half of cops openly admit to domestic abuse...
  5. No one wants to punish white people for slavery and jim crow lol
  6. Tbf, most people are pretty shitty. Assuming people are/aren't based on race, religion, and social status is where white culture always gets it wrong.
  7. For sure, obviously that doesn't mean there aren't bad Black people, but klanners don't do nuance, so your thought process is seen as "nigger love".
  8. Critical thinking skills are an unbelievable asset, unless you're a white dude from some shit hole in Wisconsin, lol
  9. It's mostly empty land and emptier heads in the red middle
  10. If I don't think Christopher Columbus was a brave hero and not a pillaging rapist, my whole identity collapses.
  11. Because change is scary and hard, especially minor adjustments to one's worldview. It has to be the same always or they'll immediately turn to dust.
  12. White people are too intellectually lazy to consider anything beyond their indoctrinated history.
  13. No, it hurts white feelings so it's DiViSiVe
  14. LMAO, don't get your hopes up. The Court are bootlicking fundamentalists.
  15. Nah. Proud boys are just fa. Blood and soil and all that.
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