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  1. Probably. Dude seems pretty dim.
  2. Not enough to live on. Try again.
  3. Sex is biological. Gender is a social construct.
  4. Or maybe kinda like injecting a whole bunch of debt based demand into the economy that resulted in soaring debt, soaring profits and prices, steadily increasing worker productivity, and stagnant wages. 🤔🤔
  5. I thought the extra fed unemployment ended already? And isn't that kinda like paying farmers not to produce crops? 🤔
  6. A lot of people actually believe that, that's why so many poor people simp hard for capitalists.
  7. Gender and gender roles are a social construct, so...
  8. I don't have the skills required to be a special ed teacher, which is clearly what most of you need.
  9. Im not going to waste my time explaining the difference between a shift leader at work and a political leader if you aren't already smart enough to know the difference.
  10. You need to believe I am a Democrat so you can justify your continued participation in bourgeois electoralism. Lmao. You know who a communist's most predictable and reliable ally is?
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