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  1. Yeah sometimes those regulators have a porous screen in them and that'll clog with shit and it'll make your pressure look right but flow will suck. We used to remove them before we installed new ones for gas lift systems and such. A flat head screwdriver and a hammer will knock it loose.
  2. Ah yes, I love watching it swing from red fascism to blue fascism and back again.
  3. Congrats to UofM for not letting a 3-4 Spartan team ruin their season for once lol
  4. Antifreeze is the real freeze...
  5. Not so. Very few who struggle actually make it out of the rat race. Those who do, seem to want to maintain the rat race the most. These folks made it DESPITE the struggle, not because of it.
  6. This is the kind of management mentality I'm talking about. You have to treat people like dogshit or they'll start thinking they're valuable or something, and we can't have that... And Twitter isn't a real business.
  7. We're in a down cycle. Pounds went from 3k to 1k over the last 3 years. We're at the bottom. The poorly run ops are going out of business but the legit quality ops who saw this coming are doing just fine.
  8. Cash flow isn't tight. We sell weed at a higher margins than almost every other industry. Soap companies pay better and THEY SELL FUCKING SOAP.
  9. Why am I not shocked that the US is ok with fascists?
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