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  1. 2 stroke or 4 stroke Yamalube? I almost got the boot from TY for opining my opinion on their 4 stroke oil but the owner stepped in and stopped the mods, one in particular, from doing that. https://ty4stroke.com/threads/do-you-yamalube.117849/ Enjoy.
  2. You find something in here? There also might be other Kitty Cat forums. I belonged to one years ago but I don't believe this is the one? https://www.kittycatsnowmobiles.com/
  3. "Trudy is taking a beating" Wow, did they ever slam him in that video! Poor guy, I don't know how he hasn't killed himself yet from such a damming report.
  4. Trudope and the Liberals, once again, prove they are nothing but a bunch of lying, brainwashing, corrupt and crooked hypocrites. GG Julie Payette and Rideau Hall's top bureaucrat resign in wake of damning workplace review. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/marie-heneins-firm-hired-by-top-bureaucrat-as-tensions-rise-over-julie-payettes-alleged-toxic-workplace
  5. Just a little to the right. Remember that noggin isn't too full so we can't take the chance that it'd go straight on through without doing any harm.
  6. irv

    No Yamaha owners here??

    I missed my opportunity to ride my buds a couple years ago. He loved it and said it just kept pulling and pulling. He has gone to a 2 stroke now though due to back issues as he is hoping the lighter 2 stroke will be easier on it.
  7. Thinking about it further, Stoney, I think you are right? I know he was friends with Yukon, Nutter, Red, and I believe Deisel, (and a few others) so I'm sure one of those guys could clear this up 100%.
  8. Sorry to inform you, Braden, but, unless I am mistaken, the OP has been deceased for a few years now.
  9. irv

    New Old School

    Yep, 69. My dad bought it used but it was mint. Surprisingly, compared to most sleds back in that day, the one we had hardly caused us any grief. The only thing my father regretted was the weight of the thing as we had to get him more than a few times to help us get it unstuck. My uncle lived on a farm with a few hundred acres so we had lots of areas to ride, including the fence lines where we liked to play in the drifts. This sled was not made for drifts, if you get my drift?
  10. I purchased one for my son when he was 3. At that age the noise scared him and he wouldn't ride it but a year later it was a different story. We had a park across the street where I'd let him ride it but I was nervous of someone complaining so I allowed him to ride it around the house. I'd open both gates and he would do laps around the house changing directions occasionally. Good times!
  11. Trudeau's gift to Canada is going to cost us all https://www.torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-trudeaus-gift-to-canada-is-going-to-cost-us-all
  12. irv

    Shimming skis

    I tried and tried to shim my Curve skis but had no luck. The rubber/ski assembly was way to tight to even think about getting shims under there. When I first purchased them and was installing them, I needed the 2x4 and a lot of muscle and pounding just to get them installed. When I read about the shim trick I knew right away it likely wouldn't work but I tried anyway to no avail. I believe when I received my Bergstrom Triple Points, 3 different sets of shims came with them.
  13. Not that there's any snow anyways, but I highly doubt I will be snowmobiling this winter with the way things are looking? Certainly not going to spend the money on 1, let alone 2 permits living/riding where I normally do. If I could leave from my house/garage that would be a different story as one could sneak in a night ride, whatever, but I assume, if trails are indeed closed, then there would be no way I could drive to my CH, unload, go for a ride, come back without having a set/sets of eyes on me. I would assume that will be the case for all/most that need to trailer to ride?
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