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  1. I was out enjoying the global warming day, Trail. Something wrong with that? I got lots of honks too from some pretty sexy looking women,,,,,and of course a few boys who I assume were your friends?
  2. Because the whole "cap and trade" "carbon tax" is nothing but a Liberal lie and scam that people can't afford. You're blind as a bat but because your moronic Liberal hero's tell you paying money can stave off/control the climate, you're onboard 100%. Tell me, Trail, when Trudope and Mckenna said Canada is heating up twice as fast as any other country in the world, how does the climate know to just stay within Canada's borders?
  3. What an idiot you here. "Sunny ways people, sunny ways" Over half of Canadians are $200 or less away from not being able to pay bills. https://globalnews.ca/news/3434447/over-half-of-canadians-are-200-or-less-away-from-not-being-able-to-pay-bills/ And that's not the worst of it: A quarter of respondents are already unable to cover their bills and almost a third said an interest rate hike could throw them into bankruptcy. https://financialpost.com/news/economy/nearly-half-canadians-within-200-a-month-of-being-unable-to-pay-bills-poll-finds
  4. What's even more funny is Trudeau's dad was behind the privatization of this facility. Poor Trail. In fact, most of the privatization occurred in 1972, when the Canada Development Corporation (CDC) bought Connaught Labs from the University of Toronto for $25 million. CDC was a Pierre Trudeau-era public/private venture designed to promote private Canadian business. https://financialpost.com/opinion/charlie-mayer-privatized-connaught-labs-is-still-going-strong
  5. irv

    Trudeau is a shitbag.

    Trail doesn't understand jokes that a 5 yr old would get so do you think he has the mental capability/capacity to grasp anything adult-ish that anyone puts in front of him? You're wasting your time, AC. Its as futile as trying to convince MC that CNN and DUH underground spread fake news.
  6. My sleds never left the trailer from summer storage. With limited riding the last few years due to limited snow mostly, I told myself this year I was going to wait even if it cost me more money until more snow was on the ground and more trails were open. With trail closures due to covid last year, that was also a factor in my decision as the writing was on the wall, imo, that that was going to happen again. Did I miss not getting out, absolutely, but also saving $400+ dollars and not getting my sleds fired up/ready for the season, was also a plus. Fingers crossed for next season that thin
  7. I've been thinking/saying that for a while now but it amazes me how many think I am just a conspiracy theorist.
  8. Other countries to open while Canada stays shut due to Trudeau's failures https://www.torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/lilley-other-countries-to-open-while-canada-stays-shut-due-to-trudeaus-failures
  9. Maybe if you became a contributing member instead of just whining and sucking up bandwidth with 16,000 posts of B.S, someone might listen to you.
  10. It's like we are living in the twilight zone. How can any of this be real?
  11. Not that there was any doubt, but this moron is certifiably insane! And those that can't see it or agree with this, and his other idiotic and asinine policies, are just as bad.
  12. Nope. When you posted it, I assumed it was from your neck of the woods and you came across it while out sledding yourself?
  13. I'll say! Any story to go along with that pic, Trail?
  14. Trail will be along shortly to do this about Rex Murphy and just for good measure, will also do this about the National Post, then proceed to tell us all about fake news, fake biased reporters quoting something from the Toronto Star or CTV news. Either that or he will deflect and directly go to Ford or Trump like we've seen numerous/countless times completely ignoring this article.
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