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  1. https://www.facebook.com/TheDetroitScanner/videos/244701221035152/
  2. Posted in the Ontario section by Trail, who, despite the info within, still believes I and others should get vaccinated. They contradict themselves right in there own article. Bizzarro world! Anyone else find it odd, now that the majority of the population (allegedly) is vaccinated, they are more open with the info they allow? BARRIE, ONT. - Vaccination rates across Simcoe Muskoka have risen above 80 per cent, but the number of immunized patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 has also increased. The region's medical officer of health said the number of "brea
  3. Prop gun in Alec Baldwin movie set shooting had live rounds, police say. https://torontosun.com/entertainment/movies/crew-member-killed-on-set-of-alec-baldwin-film-report
  4. Yep, BIL's mother and another friends friend. Both died shortly after receiving the shots but both died of natural causes they were told.
  5. My son has had both Pfizer shots now and since his second, 2 weeks ago, he has had a headache and has had trouble sleeping. Never, prior, or anytime has he had headaches in his 20 yrs on this planet, but he does now for some strange reason? My wife and I didn't want him to get them but being as he is 20, he made up his own mind so he could finish college. He works part time at bowling alley/amusement/game type place and although the workers don't need to be vaccinated, anyone 12 or older who wants to come in does. It's fucked up!
  6. And I suppose this makes perfect sense to you and you still think people should get vaccinated??? I know you are too dense and stupid to understand the hypocrisy in what you just posted so I'll safe my breath in hopes you read it until something clicks in that melon of yours. CTV News, why am I not surprised.
  7. And you spending any money at all. You won't even pay for a contributing membership.
  8. Thanks for the advice, dufus. Tell me, fail, how long ago did you get the jabs, and tell me when you did, were you aware you could still catch it, spread it, be hospitalized and still die from it? If so, did you still think that you made the right decision knowing there was a 99.7% recovery from it if you did catch it? Hope you at least got a little reward from doing so? Did you see the stats today? Another 1/3rd of fully vaccinated people tested positive for covid. But it's 95% effective I tell you!!!!
  9. It was either the starter or alternator that the engine had to be raised on my wife's Olds Cutlass Supreme International? We did it twice in about 6-7 yrs when she owned that car and it was a $500 dollar hit both times.
  10. $30 grand but likely more for that monster, at least up here.
  11. I see Durham radio news, yesterday and today, have now removed the chart/info that showed how many fully vaccinated have come down with covid. I've seen this before but can't understand why they wouldn't want you to know this information? This is a copy and paste. Sure looks like I should run out and get vaccinated because my life depends on it. Doesn't the flu kill just as many or more each and every year? On Tuesday, five new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Durham. No new deaths were reported, leaving the death toll in the region at 388. Of those who have died, 227 wer
  12. Is this the show that has caused all the LGTBQ controversary? I only heard about it but never actually seen nor heard what he said.
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