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  1. Siping is very important, imo, and something I also look for when purchasing tires. Curious, do you guys get an insurance discount for running winter/Snow flaked tires? We do, in Ontario anyways, but they must have the snow flake on them. All seasons don't count. I believe we save roughly $40 dollars a year on each vehicle.
  2. I'm good to go, as is my wife and son, but thanks just the same. I've been running Hercules Avalanche's (made by Cooper) for around 5-6 yrs now with still plenty of tread left. My wife also has Cooper's on her car and my son another brand that I can't currently think of on his truck? I ran Michelin LTX M&S year round on my 97 Sierra without issue so you will be good to go, especially with those on yours.
  3. Nothing but another big lie to trick fools like you into getting vaccinated. There was an unexpected 40% increase in 'all cause deaths' in 2021 "The CDC and the FDA should be all over this but they are trying to silence people" Dr. Kelly Victory, Emergency Medicine and Disaster specialist. https://www.expertperspectives.com/e...Kelly--Victory
  4. Skate away is great Dire Straits song but I also enjoy Romeo and Juliet as well cranked up.
  5. I'd have to go looking but I may just have that copy? I use to go to them every year in Toronto when they needed 2 bldg's to hold all the cars and vans, and I always looked forward to getting a copy of that book as soon as you entered.
  6. I wonder how many now are cluing in that wasn't such a great idea giving up their guns?
  7. Geebus!! Doesn't sound like it is just made up B.S. either! https://www.parliament.wa.gov.au/parliament/bills.nsf/C86644743AE3BBF4482588C3002BA797/$File/EM%2B084-1.pdf
  8. The sad side of this that is rarely, if ever, talked about. Depression and anxiety disorders are going through the roof now but it will only get worse as these children age.
  9. Nope, not a 100% because some people, no matter what you show them, what proof you have will never admit they were duped. It's no different up here. It is the law if any drug manufacture posts a commercial or airs news on the radio that they have to reveal the drugs side affects, but in order for them to avoid doing that, they get the govt to air those commercials instead. And some still don't think the govt is complicit in this scam.
  10. I'm not sure how many watched this vid that AC posted but for those still confused and uncertain how the media lies to you, brainwashes you and only tells you one side of the story, give this a watch. I suggest everyone watches the whole vid but for those that don't wish to, at least watch it from this point on. (40:52 mark) https://tube.oraclefilms.com/w/dnGpSrTLoqYrp4Q4hrYKs8?start=40m52s
  11. You'll just get crickets, Drift. He is trying his darnedest to justify the product injection he received while projecting what other non vaccinated people did while he, supposedly, went on vacation. The lad's got nothing but delusions racing through his brain.
  12. Yeah, you sure have, Stevie, as, like you said, I was just stuck in my basement triple masked in a plastic suit bored watching paint dry while you had a first time ever used experimental product injected into your body so you could spend all your vacation time on FS.
  13. Posts a pic that is all over the internet trying to pass it off like he was in Hawaii. Be honest, Stevie, these are the pics of your Hawaiian vacation and your camping trip, aren't they.
  14. And you likely spent the majority of your time there posting on FS. Way to comply, Stevie!!! The govt loves you! You're the bestest...
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