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    Served 100+ for my son's HS graduation. My motto is; let Badger put his meat in your mouth. Pulled pork and Beef Brisket!!
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    Ben+fireworks..... What could possibly go wrong
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    Probably this. Imagine coming to a place day in day out where your only allies are Slope MC and Spin? That’d take a toll on anyone.
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    Stuffed peppers and zucchinis.
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    Oh well, maybe I will stop in tonight, off to work on my new to me trailer.
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    Good to have you back. Don't forget about the BBQ and Smoking thread. @f7ben thinks he's the fucking king of BBQ in that thread. Feel free to smack him around like everyone else
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    Morning! It's overcast here again this morning and if it rains the yardwork will have to wait lol. I picked up a jug of Appleton Estates Rum I'd like to get into some time today
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    Morning- 65 / 66 and not a cloud in the sky. Forecast calls for 88 and sunny with a "feels like temp" of 100. Today will require some serious water time. Joey and I hope to get the dock done.... finally. Kennedy and her "Papa" are going fishing in a bit while her mom hits the gym and hardware store. The Glastron is all cleaned up and is running purrrrrrfect. Even got the bride in the boat for a cocktail cruise. 2 smoke FTMFW!
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    Shit brakes, shit steering, shit handling. No thanks.
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    When a fairly standard truck is over 50 thousand the deals are going to have to get a lot better 🙄
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    Well I doubt he is completely gone but he had a meltdown after the Mueller report came out and decided to take a break. His daughter is getting married and he tried to list that as the reason for his absence. Umm hmmm. Besides writing the checks what could consume the father of the brides time so much that they couldn't post on an internet forum every now and then. @Snoslinger is embarrassed by his complete miscalculation of Russiagate, the Mueller investigation and the Democrat party.
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    Im continually amazed with how out of touch with reality you always are. Just amazed. Thanks for the laughs.
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    I’m gonna make like an owl, Who, who is?? The Dems are all rEtahded assholes that haven’t put up anything worth listening too. Front runner creepy Joe has proven his metal. He folds easier and faster than tin foil🤣
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    No because he will not receive money from the WELCHER !!!
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    Daily driver, 3 years old cost less than a new Camry 😄
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