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  1. Still have the AC on here. Opened the door to walk the dog this morning and could feel the humidity instantly. Really ready for some cooler weather.
  2. People are chanting “fuck joe Biden” weekly at football games and his approval rate is seriously under water. But let’s talk about Mitch.
  3. They quote every word out of his mouth on every lib network, and then cry that he still wants to be relevant.
  4. I can cut the grass. Gimme a lady that’s good in the kitchen and has ball savvy and I’m good.
  5. Well the blacks are the largest unvaxed demographic so your rant seems a little misguided. This has been pointed out to you many times and you still ignore it. 🤪
  6. Seat, backrest and mounting brackets. Barely used. $350.00
  7. Pack has the Lions this week. Lions are horrible - Aaron will look like a pro bowler again!
  8. Daughter was working at the local grocery this summer and had the 10% off card. She’s back at school and I’m still using it! 😁
  9. What if I don’t like either? Lot of pork in this new bill, hard to justify that. Pure infrastructure spending we need. 200 mil for a park in Cali we don’t. Not to mention all of our taxes will go up for this, not just those make 400k. That was a lie. Just watch…
  10. You think this will make the current governor examine the policies that made a recall possible? I’m betting on doubling down on the stupid.
  11. How do you turn a classy, successful and respectable guy into a piece of shit? Run against a dem. Works every time!!!
  12. They deserve it after propping up this turd we have for president. Voters see this. It’s going to be ugly.
  13. Spent the last four days in the yoop and the colors are already starting to change up there.
  14. I dive for the remote when my show ends and the 11:00 news comes on. Local news…it’s the same stupidity every night. And cable news is worse.
  15. If we funded this I feel we are just as responsible as the Chinese. And we already know Fauci is full of shit.
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