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  1. CNN lost something like 90% of their viewers last year. At some point change is necessary or they’re toast. They have zero credibility. Maybe this is a start.
  2. The 7s is the bomb. I use the gps map all the time. I set it up last time to track what we did for 3 days so I have some loops in there to follow. Also nice to be able to hit all the side trails and still know exactly where you are.
  3. It’s all about recruiting. Bama gets a bunch of 5 star players every year and Michigan is lucky to get one. Michigan state goes a long way without those type players because of good coaching, but you can’t win it all that way. You need real talent.
  4. I had a feeling the reality was Michigan was a few notches down from Alabama/Georgia. This game confirmed it. Not even close.
  5. Don’t have to worry about anything blowing up on the new cat, they haven’t changed a thing in 10-12 years.
  6. This has been known about this new variant from the beginning. But people are still shitting themselves about it. Wake up!
  7. Those were sold mostly in Canada. I’ve never seen one on the road in the US.
  8. Knock yourself out. Being wrong and dumb fits you like a finely tailored suit.
  9. There was a bunch of undecided recruits for next year in the crowd. Can you imagine walking outta there after that game and NOT wanting to be part of this team and this school? I can’t….what an atmosphere!!
  10. Stifle it Jimmy! Iowa is pretty good. Should be an exciting matchup.
  11. There was some really screwed up calls by the officials in that MSU Michigan game. The big 10 admitted they got it wrong a few times afterwards.
  12. Stupid fucking mandates having a devastating effect on their community. Way to go Joe!!!1!!
  13. Walks away from million dollar contract, then complains nobody will sign him because they’re racist. Seems legit.
  14. I hope he does. Kamala has no chance. Based on what we’ve seen in the last year I doubt he can get re-elected. Biden and this admin are like a bad joke.
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