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  1. My fave Scotty story was a one liner said by a player when asked what’s it like to play for Scotty. You absolutely hate the guy 364 days a year, and on the 365th day you pick up your ring.
  2. DeSantis is talking about starting his own media group that doesn’t have bias. He’s just tired of all the BS they make up about him on the libs media wing. He’s had to put up with a constant stream of lies and fake garbage since he became relevant in politics.
  3. Saben is still crying about not getting in. Gotta win the games Nicky. STFU you spoiled brat. Give some other teams a chance to win a national championship.
  4. 2 out of the top 4 ho down today! I could see osu getting in but not Alabama.
  5. Have you been to Ann Arbor? It’s always been a cool town. Easily walkable downtown and really nice parks. Bike lanes for the limp wristed crowd. They have it all!
  6. I just saw a survey that said less people want Biden to run than Trump. Real solid job Joe!
  7. It would be quite comical if this whole open border thing blew up in their face.
  8. This is not your parents dem party these days. Certainly something is amiss. Doesn’t help that Biden is brain dead.
  9. The lynx is the best looking sled ski doo sells IMO.
  10. Send another bus full up to Martha’s Vineyard please. The limousine liberal elites that tool kit worships need new maids and gardeners.
  11. Those formula 3’s left a lot on the table. My bud did some mods to his and it was a lot faster.
  12. I was fixing up an old Jeep when I was 16. I pulled the 3 sp manual and walked down to the trans shop on the corner. The guys knew me as I used to shovel snow for them when I was a kid. The guy proceeded to take it apart and fix it in minutes and showed me everything he was doing. When he was done I was afraid it was going to cost me some bucks as he replaced a few gears and other minor parts. You owe me 75 bucks he says. 😁 Wish that guy was still around.
  13. Hydrogen is very likely the answer. Electric is just a temporary measure to get us there. They just have to bring the costs down and need more capacity, the filling station part of it.
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