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  1. I have a poo and a doo. Just got rid of my cat. I wish cat would bring something new, not a fan of the procross or the new 800.
  2. I just bought my first Polaris and I don’t like the tone of this thread. Do they make a “reliability kit” for the 850?
  3. Couple from last week in da yoop.
  4. I have a similar one on my 16 doo, I think it’s the ice ripper. I really like it. Handles the icy corners and roads I ride on sometimes just fine. I read somewhere that 9 regular studs weigh as much as 150 of those little points. 😮
  5. Found some snow in caddy! Some people out there riding today.
  6. Same, just a dusting. They definitely have more snow to the north.
  7. Snowing like a mofo in Beulah today. Trails up that way are mint. Zero visibility though, headlights coming at you out of the cloud on tight trails. Good stuff.
  8. Well the first 2 days of my vacation kinda sucked, but this is the 5th day in a row riding! Got to go pick me up a hot young blonde and some chocolate cake up here at the cabin and I’d never go home...
  9. Just an an inch or so here or there since Monday. Forecast for tomorrow is 3-6. We need some fresh, traffic really picked up today.
  10. I’m here until the 7th of January - I’ll be riding all those days too! The cold temps seems to have put a damper on the traffic yesterday and today. Trails are holding up nice so far.
  11. Not much...with the traffic this week it will get smoked pretty quickly. Typically the more it snows this week the bigger the rollers. Just trying to get some before all the yahoos show up.
  12. Nice. I can’t get enough. Ran 2 tanks of gas thru the kitty today just riding the cottage loops. It’s fluffy out there!!!
  13. West of Caddy. Been up since Thursday, rode a bit Friday but trails were junk. Woke up to some fresh this morning.
  14. Santa brought us some snow! Nothing like being the first guy in!
  15. We had the gimp crew with us this weekend. One guy in a wheelchair and another with 2 fake hips. Put them on a 280 horse turbo sled and they’re Superman! Get off that wallet and live a little...you old grumpy fuck!
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