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  1. Afraid of beer? Yeah that’s it, that’s the ticket. Nothing to do with corporate America going woke and a lot of people expressing their opposition to that with their wallet. This meme illustrates your complete missing of the point…as usual.
  2. He keeps talking about trickle on. What do you call the Biden economy? Pummel us with inflation until the dollar is worth 25 cents?
  3. There was no plunge when taxes were lowered. It’s gone up year over year. The last 4/5 presidents AND congress have dug this debt hole for us. Only an idiot would try to blame just one side. But here you are…
  4. You failed to mention revenue went up when taxes were cut. You’re a mental midget and a partisan fool.
  5. They ignore Chicago. All kinds of gun laws here. Criminals don’t care. Duh. Doesn’t fit the narrative.
  6. We’ve seen enough from Biden, so we know he sucks and is crooked as hell. I’d bet most are willing to give others a shot after this mess.
  7. Him or Ron would be 100x better than the shit show we have now. And everyone knows it. Looks like SR is starting to panic.
  8. I agree, the demand is just too high right now.
  9. It is ridiculous the prices they charge now.
  10. They keep trying to rehab and restart her reputation but then she speaks and it all goes down the drain. Give it up already, this one is useless. And who is writing her speeches? Yeesh they need to be fired also.
  11. And why do they need like 30 shell companies to shuffle money around. Hmmmm….
  12. Net worth down to 700 million. This would really suck. How’s he going to live like that.
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