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  1. Can’t remember which state but one I saw was 9-1200 bucks a year to renew the plate. That should cover the taxes.
  2. Stopped at the pharmacy counter yesterday to get some Sudafed sinus for the wife. This lady in front of me came to pick up her script but couldn’t remember which one. “I have so many I lost track” she says.
  3. Some states have started charging more for registration/plates to make up for the gas tax.
  4. Yeah those pot users are so angry and violent all the time. We need to stop this asap.
  5. Blacks shooting blacks doesn't have the same buzz to it. Now an angry white guy shooting up a parade…this is where the action is.
  6. He’s just pissed because he knows that lightening will put a hurting on his 6.2 chebby.
  7. They’ve been making big moves in Africa and South America while Biden mumbles and fumbles.
  8. Europe is pushing for all electric by 2035. Cafe standards for mileage will put us there too. Do the right thing, buy an electric car!!!!!1!!!1!!!
  9. “Far right church” Next they’ll tell us AOC and her squad are all moderates.
  10. Generator and 4 gas cans in the bed. Charge while you drive. Simple solutions guys.
  11. Edmo


    He’s a lonely guy on this. Don’t see anyone else in the loop talking about balancing the budget. Should be a yuge priority.,
  12. Gps is your friend. Got out of a few pickles the last couple years with the fancy poo gauge in an area I had no idea where I was.
  13. They don’t really have to make shit up to make her look bad, she does that all on her own. Probably another BS narrative…
  14. Edmo


    Bernie was the author of most of that 4 trillion dollar mess of a bill they were trying to pass last year.
  15. Obama was looking at taxing 401k’s and kids college funds as well. Those dems see that you’ve saved up some money tax free and they want a piece of the action. :giant middle finger:
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