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  1. What about what the people want? They don’t want to send more money to Ukraine, but the dems don’t GAF. They want the border addressed. Again, the dems don’t GAF. The problem here is the dems. Duh.
  2. Pass it and figure out what’s in it later? How has this worked out for us in the past?
  3. My buddy bought a house in brush park in the 90’s he was going to fix up. Cool old Italianate Victorian house. The first thing he did was install a 6 foot fence. Came back in the morning and the fence was gone. The stole the f’n fence…
  4. Dem support for this admin is tanking fast. Actions like this show desperation. Pathetic.
  5. Someone’s in a cult alright. Let the people decide who they want to vote for. What are the dems afraid of?
  6. Even one of the BLM leaders is endorsing Trump now. They hate the dems and Biden so much they’ll vote for him? Not a good sign for mumbles.
  7. Your boy that you support doesn’t even know where he is or what day it is. But the others are the frauds. Seems legit.
  8. There’s no defense for what’s happening in Cali. The only thing worse would be electing Newsome president. Guy is a complete failure.
  9. That cat can rip. Very nice work!
  10. responsibility? Tell the class what 7 million illegals does to the economy for those on the lower rung of society? Mumbles is a failure any way you slice it.
  11. Still butthurt about the lions knocking your fudge packers out of the playoffs last year and escorting your boy Rogers outta town?
  12. What’s your excuse? Still trying to move that needle?
  13. Didn’t watch the whole video but I was told they throw the filet on the grill for a few minutes after the sous vide, just to finish it off. 😛
  14. There’s an Italian place that used to be in Detroit and now is in Pontiac called Lelli’s that cooks the filets this way. They are incredible. I asked the waiter one time how they make them and he explained this process. Never tried it at home.
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