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  1. well it's truly more than that considering Trudeau dismantled the team tasked with vetting future GG's so he could make appointments himself. This is the result. Why was that done? Seems this simple question is being ignored by the same press you claim is being so hard on him.
  2. More gold from the Rubber Room Economist
  3. JT the enemy of the people strikes again Just how detached from reality or literally retarded do you have to be to announce these crippling tax increases at this point in time?
  4. only stupid people see it that way. Wear it proudly.
  5. who do you post this shit in the trudeau thread?
  6. Libs are now removing civil servants who disagree with their spending programs and air dropping liberal operatives into DM seats to replace them Their corruption knows no bounds....
  7. thanks for confirming you'd get 0% on a Grade 11 Economics exam.
  8. this is the single biggest government expenditure expansionary period in the history of our country how else is it going to be financed you dumb fuck?
  9. none just like last time. But I will pay handsomely for it in taxes until the day I die.
  10. Freeland described perfectly today the absolute economic ineptitude of this government: “The risk of providing too little support now outweighs that of providing too much.”
  11. you sure spend a lot of time in here just talking to Lloyd.....
  12. bold: last line - on what metrics, specifically?
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