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  1. Yes which were specific to NA and WESTERN Europe in the face of Soviet expansionism. NATO's encroachment into Eastern Europe and bringing on Eastern European member states is not in keeping with its original mandate, in fact it is exactly what they were defending against but in reverse. Again this entire conflict has its roots in NATO expansionism.
  2. Trail spends his days getting laughed at for being the dumbest guy in every single argument and keeps coming back day after day.
  3. you were wrong and got owned. Bold - absolute complete lie you have swallowed whole. ZERO proof of that and FINTRAC even said so at parliamentary committee: “It was their own money. It wasn’t cash that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering,” MacKillop told the Commons finance committee. “These were people who supported the cause before it was declared illegal. There were people around the world who were fed up with Covid and were upset and saw the demonstrations. I believe they just wanted to support the cause.” “The money… what’s happening in Ottawa has not
  4. it stopped being a defensive alliance when the soviet union fell and NATO continued to add new member states to the organization.
  5. LOL just so fucking stupid. Nice to see you've been spending the last 6 months drooling on yourself and making yourself look like an even bigger idiot than I thought you were daily while you get laughed at by literally everyone. Great Life!
  6. you know you are a massive dipshit when even Buttcocks has to correct you
  7. JT is one of the dumbest motherfuckers on the entire internet.
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