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  1. EB all good you do your thing.
  2. Too fucking old, I think 60 years of age is the cut off. Old Ed thought the GD Soo was the race of the year. RIP
  3. EB are you drinking tonight? Why do you have a hard on for C2C just like my kid post their was no harm or foul. Taker light pal.
  4. You old perv. He's far from it. I missed the last of the Pro race, I'll go check out your SX thread.
  5. Jesus Christ what old man pissed in your guys Wheaties. Holy crap SMFH I'm learning age is a big deal around here.
  6. Age has nothing to do with jack shit!!!!!!!!!! This guy is 29 years old and check out his perspective, I think the KID nailed it.
  7. You really are retarded aren't you, I never knew how old he was but you make shit up again to fit your narrative or the image you would like to project about others, in my book that makes you a lair. You're pathetic and a internet tough guy but your insecurities are showing Steve.
  8. Well you have never looked better. Come on EB I call my young buds and gal kids all the time and I have yet to have one go off, till now. Wow you took that all wrong.
  9. And?? anyone under 35 is a kid in my book but do tell us more Uncle Jerry
  10. Its got to be better than the last few years they have had.
  11. Say's the site janitor and head cock sucker Where is Sean your back up? Fuck off Steve. PS; i see you posting gay shit all the time.
  12. Well if Lester says it's good it's good enough for me. I like the idea but it needs a windshield.
  13. Still they didn't they need to beat the kid to death, I'm sure we can all agree on that. Funny thing is right after I posted that my wife told me that info.
  14. Just got some information one of our friends son is a firefighter is down in Memphis he will be on standby and they are expecting riots. Seems this good kid was a gang member and he was no angle. The five black officers we're part of a drug task force. Wow the media sure can fuck shit up.
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