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  1. Its becoming a mess again. South American over killed on the first COVID run so guess who is bailing them out the good old USA. Over seas trade is way up now that we have a President that loves to sell us out. Meat plants have employees calling in sick so they get a free pass so we have a huge shorted in workers. Its not just affecting the beef market but everything across the board. All food markets are up with the exception of Cheese and many fish items with the exception of shell fish Lobster and Crab they have been hit very hard due to poor fishing. Bone in Filets they should be able to g
  2. Lots of internet tuff guys on hear.
  3. Came up in one of our Club meetings last February. They will have a group called the paddle police and if you get busted they will cut your track right the hell off. I agree with you it would be very hard to enforce.
  4. Seems the Wisconsin DNR is considering banning 2" paddle tracks on Wisconsin snowmobile trails.
  5. Call Arnie's Cat House up in Ontario see what they can do for you. (705) 385-4228 I worked directly with Star Studs last time I bought them. The exchange was in my favor big time.
  6. The Doo does not ride as nice as the Poo did, the Doo motor seems to be smoother and better fit and finish.
  7. 2003 edge X with PERC and E start keep in mind PERC was not out in 2003 its been in the family since 2005. 2019 mXz 850.
  8. I got my friend on it, thanks Doug.
  9. Keep an eye out for a motor the one I have is trashed bottom and top end. Not looking to spend 3k see what you can find for me. Thanks Badger
  10. I put in my premium membership on Paypal on Sunday 12/13/20 just a reminder. 

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  11. in the UP last year they have a ride for cancer "Snowball for Cancer" last year they did a 700 mile ride in 23 hours they will be doing it again this year. Let me know if you're interested I can hook you up. My best 318 miles after that it becomes a job.
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