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  1. Deleted his first quote on my Bongino post. Not the first time.
  2. Follow you around. You quoted me I did not quote you
  3. You are 100% correct. Hell, we all play the system one way or another.
  4. No one seems to look at all the good he has done for some people. He plays the system just like they all do, if you don't like the system change it.
  5. Let it go Snake it's not worth your time or response.
  6. Try to be nice to the guy and he just jams it in your ass. Must be a hell of a good time in person. JHC what a piece of work.
  7. My wife's been an executive Banker for 42 years, you can put value for whatever you want on a piece of property. but in the end, it's the banks will determine the value. I have a piece of property that I think it's worth 10m $ but no one in their right mind would pay that much. So apparently I never want to sell that property.
  8. According to Dan Bongino, who at one time was part of the SS there is no way the average "Joe" will get coke in the White House, it's just not going to happen.
  9. Good ol Wisconsin carry out pizza last night. Apparently, somebody can't take an apology.
  10. 1 and 2 the media did that 3 Again the media cornered his ass and dragged him through the mud, they would have never done that to Obama 4 last I knew Dr F was in charge of that pushing for the poky but most said no way in hell till Joe came along. 5 2016 it was the same for Democrats when Hillary lost. 6 Show me where he said riot till we get our way. BTW he was cleared of this also.
  11. Like I said what the hell are they looking for in a president? 2024 he has my vote unless someone better comes along. He fought child trafficking and human trafficking. He put North Korean Kim in his place without creating a nuclear war. He fought for better health care for veterans. He fought for control of our Southern border. He fought to bring jobs back into the United States. He helped to create peace in the Middle East. He created a fantastic economy, the best in my lifetime. The list goes on and on! What do they want from a president?
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