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  1. Says the guy who lives in the armpit of the nation, god I'll never forget driving through that shit hole back in the early 80's. I hope they finally clean that toilet up.
  2. You should take that up with Jesus. It is painful to watch you fall on your face in every thread you are posting in today and funny as hell.
  3. Please do it again, I have no fear of offending your tender feelings or your dumb ass replies.
  4. Seems that I have upset the Jesus haters.
  5. Hey, dumb fuck that is just one of the issues in this country that will lose the election for Joe and give back to Trump. Are you obsessed??
  6. Fucking Joe and the Democrats can't even secure our borders, they need to go the whole lot of them.
  7. That is correct as of right now dip shit. Your reading comprehension needs work.
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