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  1. He wants to take a jokes an offensive? Fuck him, I’m done.
  2. It’s obvious he can’t keep his ideology of neutral threads, he’s getting as pathetic as MCLiar and knob Ryder.,,, it’s too bad he couldn’t keep his dislike of my politics out of this thread but I’ll just return in kind from now on.
  3. Just another sirloin, you. FKN. show off ……
  4. Make a complete ass of himself with lies , hypocrisy and blatant ignorance , completely makes a fool of himself about a fuse on a sled and deflects when he’s made to be an ignorant fool,,,,poor lil toolkit.
  5. Does that change the fact that your heroes are slave owners?
  6. Perhaps be somewhat less of an ignorant hypocrite?
  7. More people die from fentanyl than guns but traitors like you still bleat for open borders.
  8. Did you ever think shrillery, billy the rapist,Kerry the tax dodging traitor might be guilty and were given a pass by tax dodging hypocrites like you?
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