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    I have a suppressed memory that just came back... many years ago while at a horse show one of the horses inappropriately goosed me. That horse was Wynnebag... since I can remain anonymous with my allegations how do I get the ball rolling?
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    A cockroach that doesnt take 19 year old women home for a blow job after the bars that is.
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    A cockroach should be able to beat Wynnebag.
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    Amazing how righteous Wynne is when commenting on this. When Pat Sobrera was accused of breaking the law Wynne said only accusations and not proven yet and no charges. She did not step down until charged Double standard?
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    I am thinking that the conservatives will lose a very very low number of votes over these allegations. I also think there is the possibility to gain enough votes by running a more likable leader to actually have a net gain in support. Anybody think there is a chance his own Party could be behind this?
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    The Tards want to deflect against their chief of staff taking the fall for Dalton and Wynnebag.
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    Anyone with common sense would not have voted for Wynnebag in the first place.
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    He cut my Hijab too... I can't keep a secret any longer
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    one word: Job Security Basically a monkey or a cheap computer program can control the water levels. However, possibly a careful personal touch event by maybe by holding back water or dumping it real quick that upsets the smarter people causes an uproar. Having to answer lots to these incidents and make all kinda bs reasons up to confuse people is job security. The end result is like being a weatherman, people hate you but they keep coming back and creating a secure highly paid work environment.
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    Gay Skeleton....he is running for office in Up Your Rideau....
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    She was drinking in a single mans home and went to his bedroom with him and then said no and he then took her home. They were sitting on his bed together. I don’t know about anyone else on here but I have never been invited into nor would I go into any “friends” bedrooms unless something was happening that I wanted to happen.
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    So ten years ago a man and a women were having sexual contact. Women said no and man said ok and took her home............................ Isnt that what we are supposed to do? This whole thing makes me sick .
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    She's far worse than a woman scorned.
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    That's how smooth those old Rotaxs were...... a full pint glass wouldn't even rattle off the dash when running.....
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    He could very well be and the timing makes this suspicious, however its best he step down. Elliot should have been the leader.
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    You have no idea what's going on out there.
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    I had heard numerous times, dirt will be flying the closer we get to the election. I never thought it would end up like this, however. http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/pc-leader-patrick-brown-denies-sexual-assault-allegations
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