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  1. More asinine ramblings from the forum idiot. Pay attention Fail. It's been a problem on College and University campuses. You really do make proving your stupidity easy,
  2. 02sled

    Quebec Trip

    It seems stolen sleds are more of a problem in Quebec than here. Just a perception based on my checking places to go in Quebec and the number of them that feel it necessary to have enclosed and guarded parking for sleds. I have heard of people tying a string from their sleds to their wrists inside their motel rooms. I know sleds are stolen here as well but it seems to be less of a problem. A couple of seasons ago there was a problem in Muskoka where people were walking up to a sled in the middle of the night and in order to be quiet were just picking it up and walking away to an awaiting
  3. as usual I asked you a question and as usual rather than answer you deflect. You should be a politician... you're so good at not answering questions you could teach them all
  4. Get your head out of your ass Fail. Universities and colleges were deciding what opinions could be expressed on their grounds. If they didn't like or agree with the persons opinion they were not allowed to express it. You call that free speech do you? What a moron. So Doug says the censorship is not allowed and those that do try to censor that free speech will be penalized and you have a problem with that. Keep putting your head further up your ass... you do it so well.
  5. Why do you insist on proving you're a moron over and over? Other leaders have done for workers? More Fail stupidity. There always have been provincial programs in place. Do you really expect the province to jump up and make wholesale changes to those programs just for the SPECIAL GM employees. Mainly the assembly line people. I cheered Target. Boy are you deranged. Take a few days off the pot to straighten your head out. What I did say about Target is that they misjudged the Canadian market assuming it was the same as the American market. They also had supply chain problems with lots of e
  6. Lets add OPG to your list of expertise shall we. You have an extensive list where you claim to know more than the experts in the field. What a buffoon. It's really very basic Fail. The union makes demands and the employer doesn't want to meet those demands. How does that translate into anything other than the union wants more than the employer is willing to give. I must say you really do show your stupidity over and over. So what do you think the reason they don't have a contract is. If the union said we want and the employer said okay there wouldn't be an issue would there. Don't forget
  7. So bottom line the residents of Ontario if faced with out of range low voltages would likely see damage to some of their household items.
  8. https://www.ontario.ca/page/employment-ontario Have at it Fail... there is support and assistance for retraining and more. This is just one. Too bad you can't figure it out. Okay this is a large number of people at one time from one employer. Reality though... what makes them entitled to special treatment that isn't available to any other person in the province? Other companies have had large employee impacts. What about the employees of Zellers when they shut down, thousands unemployed, Target and Sears. Did they get any special treatment? But GM employees are special in your mind???
  9. How about the union wants more than OPG is willing to give... are you that stupid. Something like your lover Trudope, the veterans want more than he can give.
  10. Too bad Doug can't fix City of Toronto stupidity that is wasting tax $'s. We had a very light dusting of snow overnight. At 2:00 pm what comes down the street. A bobcat with the blade down clearing the wet concrete of the sidewalks. No snow, just wet. While at it he manages to chew up the grass on either side of the sidewalk as well. Boy am I glad they cleared all that imaginary snow on a Sunday. Whoever sent the guy out to waste time and money shouldn't have the ability to make such incompetent decisions.
  11. I guess you have never heard the term essential service. Too bad you are so out of touch with the real world Fail... do your kids help you with homework? Surely it could never possibly be the other way around. If 3 phase is key... is your residence 3 phase? The ones I know of are all single phase. It would be nice if 3 phase was supplied to residences. It is much more efficient.
  12. Trudope should be charged with treason for his support of ISIS fighters who have taken up arms against Canada.
  13. Really Fail... you keep going on about freedoms and now you're concerned about the province ensuring that colleges and universities don't ban free speech. What a hypocrite.
  14. Hmm... EI is a federal program so nothing for the province to do there. GM is doing like just about every other large corp and providing assistance with placement, counseling and education, as will the provincial programs already in place assist with education and placement. Again... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THE PROVINCE TO DO. The question has been asked over and over and yet you still refuse to come up with an answer of what you want them to do.
  15. I guess you've been high since Christmas eve.... have you any idea the impact of shutting down Pickering. Obviously not. The station has a total output of 3,100 megawatts (MW) which is enough to serve a city of one and a half million people, and about 14 per cent of Ontario’s electricity needs. Take it offline and try and tell me there won't be people without power. Do you have any idea, probably not what damage is done to a lot of things when they try and operate outside of their voltage ranges. Especially motors, compressors and such. Think about your fridge... If the voltage is too lo
  16. Fail doesn't understand much including that. He must think they just throw a switch on or off and that's it. I guess he wants to wait until they walk out the door with the power off before the province acts. By then the power would have been off for days during the shutdown and a few more days to bring everything back online.
  17. Dumb as a stump you are.... the workers go on strike and there aren't enough people to operate they shut down Pickering, what do you think happens when Pickering goes offline. You really need to be tested. Your mind is truly bordering on disabled.
  18. You say I can't come up with an idea to save the plant. Where is your master stroke of genius Fail... oh that's right you don't have one. Not a single idea that would be even worth a mention other than the province should tell GM to sell THEIR PRIVATE PROPERTY to their competitors.
  19. My investments are doing just fine. It's just 2015 was a very good year in comparison to 2017. 2018 has seen significant drops in many segments of the market and Canada has seen significant drops in foreign investment. They are taking their money elsewhere thanks to your lover Trudope. Foreign investment is the lowest in over 8 years https://business.financialpost.com/news/economy/foreign-direct-investment-in-canada-plunges-on-oil-exodus-1 Too bad Failcantseerealitywhenitsmackhiminthehead
  20. Stupid stupid Fail... do you think before you put your fingers in motion. Talks with other auto makers. Yeah that's right, tell GM that since they are closing down the Oshawa plant that they HAVE to sell the property that they OWN to another auto maker because the province says so. You really are out of touch with reality. The auto industry is and is going to be working through a drastic evolution in the not too distant future. Electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, the demise of the coupe and sedan, will see fewer model being made so fewer unique assembly lines/plants required.
  21. 02sled

    Quebec Trip

    Part of what people overlook when comparing Ontario to Quebec is that they often tend to compare the trail conditions in close proximity to Toronto with the conditions in close proximity of Montreal. When they do that they need to take a look at the latitude of Montreal compared to Toronto.
  22. I do see the facts and follow the markets daily. I did far better in 2015 than I did in 2017 by the way. Solid double digit increases in 2015.
  23. Again Fail... what would you like Doug to do? It is a corporation with a global presence. They made a decision and it's not changing. So come on Fail... don't evade the question. You keep saying the province should be doing much more. What would you suggest they would have done? Don't forget Doug did contact GM and was told the decision has been made, it is final and will not change. GM gave the union the courtesy of sitting through their presentation of why the plant should stay open but in the end nothing changed. So let's have your pearls of wisdom. What should the province be doing th
  24. What do you want him to do Fail? Other than ensure they have easy access to provincial services such as retraining and financial assistance. What part of GM is closing and there is nothing that can be done to change that don't you understand. The decision has been made as part of a GLOBAL restructure. The province or the feds aren't going to change that.
  25. You're hallucinating still and making up what I have said. As for the markets you have to look at the indexes separately and see how they each are doing. For Canada you look at the S&P/TSX and compare it to other global markets. Trudeau is killing foreign investment in Canada and sending their money elsewhere.
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