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  1. I deal with both , who ever has it in stock . Both the same shite
  2. Here’s one for the Polaris crowd , the flawless reliable Polaris , Surprised it’s still avail Trade for Ski-Doo on Kijiji https://www.kijiji.ca/v-snowmobile/belleville/trade-for-ski-doo/1417376077?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=sms
  3. StevieWonder

    New Doos'

    No problem confirming your wrong .
  4. StevieWonder

    New Doos'

    Actually Puzzler has been out riding and doing great . Poor call Poncho , Slow Joe isn’t puzzler . But I will say there is a lot of trolling on here . And looks like it’s someone else , insert mirror comment now .
  5. Same here on my 50th .
  6. Well my domestics have always been on the road with high k . So can’t really comment on anything else but my own .
  7. Lol , ya ok . No one keeps anything long enough to say it is better than before . Everyone is giving reports of how great they’re shit is at low km .
  8. Have I made the list yet
  9. https://www.bizjournals.com/twincities/news/2015/12/11/polaris-recalls-6-930-vehicles-for-fire-and-crash.html Every company has they’re issues .
  10. Sometimes . Not always . Model numbers have to be identical. One number off or the engineering code could mean that . A few years ago Costco was selling Blue Star ( which is the old Garland gas range rebadged ) . Now Blue Stars at a specialty appliance store are nice . And I was doing a call for them on one and it had little differences I could tell structurally. Later I was talking to the Rep , and asked him if they were cheaping out . He said that model was built specifically for Costco . And they had to meet a price point . So yeah , it can and did happen . Which to me is bad , as a co
  11. Every sno mo rag will have article after article about how bad cans are . Turn the page , and there’s a advertisement for the same cans . So , maybe the mags that you get for free , when you buy your permit , you know to ride ofsc trails , shouldn’t be given out anymore . Yes you can opt out of the mag , but should not be a choice if they are advertising trail closing cans . Advertisement revenue , well , don’t see any DuMaurier or Players adds anymore and you can buy smokes . Maybe the Lesters and Nickleson should boycott the mags instead . The Lester’s
  12. So the thread went from scammers to trail passes ....... Alrighty then ....... Tim , had the same “ Italian Leather Jacket “ scammy hitup a few years back . I told him , they some like diesel fuel , what kind of shitty pleather is this shit ... and he walked away .
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