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    Hahahaha. That is awesome. Cuomo is such a putz.
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    Should start welding the floor to body tomorrow if all goes to plan.
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    Had he lost we wouldn't be inundated with endless TDS threads from a couple of you
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    Too bad it's not enforced. If it was we would have an illegal problem.
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    No dog for us yet. Will start hitting the shelters in September. This was Brie. Put her down last August. Worst day of my life
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    Time to remove those cities!
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    Was just going to post this lol he will be known as Fredo forever now it’s not a slur, it’s calling someone stupid.
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    Bumper cam from the back of a dirt mod. What a track! https://www.facebook.com/bashbros46/videos/881218442252676/
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    99% of th folks that voted for Trump that are swing voters, did so because Hillary was a worse choice. Not because they love Trump or expect greatness from him. the rest that voted for him always vote for the Republican party candidate, no matter what. If you had any understanding of this you may be able to overcome the TDS. So, as it is in a two party system, you have those that always vote one way on both sides and those that will swing back and forth. when one party presents such a disgusting choice such as hillary, you get a trump. this is exactly why, it is very likely, trump wins in 2020. The dems are blind to the realities of thier insanity, just like you are blind to the lunacy of trudeau here in canada. IOW's, you are stupid, and so is the DNC.
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    my two boys. passed a few years ago within 6 months of each other. both lived good lives and i miss them dearly. cant get another dog. don't like leaking from my eyes that much when they go
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    I had a boss like that. Really like working there!
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    Said me never.....
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