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  1. without a doubt this guy is as big a fucktard as is our moronic PM. With fagmat and Little pet 69ing each other for the next few years, we as a country are fucking doomed.
  2. Trucking companies have been slip seating drivers since this began, I will not accept no grooming due to multiple people running the same machine. If they give you that excuse it is utter bullshit and I will never buy another IOFSC pass again. I am within a one hour drive to the quebec trails and it is they that shall get my support.
  3. INTERNMENT CAMPS COAST TO COAST. Fascism is here right now.
  4. I have a strong position in BNS....6.5% dividend and undervalue right now.
  5. Over valued before and shortly after legalization. Then most people buy from a friend, grow it themselves or order better stuff through non licensed online retailers. Massive fail....
  6. Left wing trump haters and antifa members did this. Not right wing trump supporters. Fooled again you moron.
  7. When you print money it causes inflation .
  8. Brings an entirely new meaning to the words tire change.
  9. Wow, only 15000 tickets, 5 bucks each, win 2 2020 demo gades and a triton enclosed. great odds for a short price, buy early buy lots. https://www.ucsr.ca/lottery/?fbclid=IwAR1pm25UDTSQpLrkX8sfvJL-VURk5Eewg9CVLJs0l74LSN79NwRd_HAUj4E
  10. same reporter tells freeland her hair looks nice and asks about the weather.
  11. I want a detailed list of every dime borrowed and to whom it is owed. I suspect much of this is quantative easing and the money is really not owed to anyone but has been printed.
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