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  1. Sure we can continue. I believe in personal responsibility. Now if you, or any other person feels they are in danger, then by all means, stay home. However, the rest of us that do not give a fuck about getting this virus, should be allowed to carry on as normal. Clearly the persistent fear mongering has worked on you. That is fine, hide until you feel safe. Me, I would prefer to die living than die living in fear.
  2. I am not trying to fool anyone you simpleton. If I were I would not share anything on here. We all know you are a failure, you are a recovering alcoholic that is desperately trying to stay sober so your wife stays. But she has one foot out the door and when that happens you will live in a rooming house and eventually be a homeless drunkard. I have seen your pictures and read your posts, so I know this to be true.
  3. Ya she works, but she also enjoys earning three times what you do. Being a partner in our business gives her freedom. I do not make her do anything. Sorry you are such a loser, but please stop projecting your failure in life on me, it simply does not fit.
  4. Why are you so afraid. I have been criss crossing the nation since this began.....the entire thing is phony.
  5. there will never be normal again. The fuck head power hungry globalist are going to make sure of that. I refuse to participate in the demise of my freedom.
  6. they do. However it has become very clear whom the intolerant fucktards really are.
  7. get the fuck under your bed and stay there. Leave the rest of us alone.
  8. Because this scam is taking rights away and those in power are jigging in their pants. Those buying in are no different than a guard at a nazi concentration camp.......just following orders.
  9. I have not fucking cared about this shit for a long time. No mask for me, no fucks given. This scam needs to be stopped.
  10. Clearly most niglets have low iqs. This is caused by the drugs and alcohol mom uses when pregnant. Plus the nigger is naturally less intelligent.
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