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    Why the fuck are you stealing @SSFB thread title? You fucking fuck fuck come up with your own thoughts / titles. For fucks sake you fucking fuck!
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    Screw that noise. 65 ‘*. Yesterday!!!!! Chillin with some Tito’s & cran . Bring the spring.
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    Cuz he is a thieving Mexican!!!!!111
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    You’re a dumb loud mouth. Own it. Worse part is you have no riding skills. How fucking intellectually weak, to dredge up and compare the wmd issue to what happened with the Russian collusion phony nonsense. You extrapolate and inserted “reverse logic make a story fit the narrative” issue like the wmd issue post 9/11, and act like it’s a widely accepted fact. There was so much more to the issue of deciding to invade, so many more people who advise and counsel the president on this issue, than one intel report, but you hang your hat on it. Was it a mistake in hindsight? Probably. That’s not even a fact, but you’re so stupid yet think you’re so smart you can’t even wrap your anti Semitic brain around that. You’re essentially accusing a former president of being a war criminal, which is just as offensive as accusing our present president of collusion or treason. Fuck off you piece of shit. No one here needs any lectures from the likes of you. The only thing that angry liberal Matt Taibbi got right with his article is the present day stuff. His past ramblings are Moto grade nonsense that bottom feeders like you and Ben gargle on.
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    They don't catch enough of the assholes. Its brutal out there
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    I’m still riding and I picked up some tasty colored beer, cuz I ain’t razzist.
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    Schiff is a nutbag. Just like you but not quite as stupid.
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    You could insert multiple member names in that opinion piece and it would be spot on.
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    Not many will. Just don't have the attn span. Except Zam. then he will give a brief summary of it, in 400 pages.
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    the entire democratic party is off the fucking rails. Its pure comedy gold.
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    Drive the property line on my tractor, piss in empty water bottles, chuck the bottles onto your lawn. Im liking this idea.
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    It's not the people of Maine that are the problem, it's you.
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    It’s never occurred to these deep thinkers that the same corrupt media who just got outed over the Russian thing is the same corrupt media who’s still trying to push the Bush is a war criminal narrative. Hmm.
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    So, am I the only one who never heard of this guy before all this went down?
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    You got out of you're bmw blubbering and frothing about collusion.....you proceeded to beat on the SUV window. Then the windowed rolled down...AND IT WAS MUELLER HOLDING A NO COLLISION REPORT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE... except you didnt get in your car and retreat. You had a total week long spazzy seizure right there on the highway
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    Let me guess. You didn’t even go to college.
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    GFY you arrogant snobby Midwesterner. fuck you guys are some real assholes.
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    I referenced that article a week ago. I love how you always puff your chest up and put yourself up on a pedestal, as if you’re the sole judge of who’s right and who’s wrong. Get over yourself. Btw some of us knew this was a sham charge a long time ago. Nice to see Matt Taibbi finally getting a fucking epiphany over the state of mainstream journalism these days.
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