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  1. Started a new pedo thread in your honor. Feel free to share all your molestation stories. He was bigger than average - but I would have crushed him bad.
  2. It's such a hot topic - it should have its own thread.
  3. Woops... It's a fact ...and not babysitting like I said.
  4. You're trying too hard & are being a hemorrhoid...jus sayin
  5. You know what I meant dummy. But let's play 5th grade word gotcha games. Back to the kids table for you son... Nobody forced the ghettos. They created them. I was waiting for breakfast the hot tatted up blonde was making me ...
  6. There easy to find. I'm not babysitting you either... No posts like these - from me Coal jobs! Yea baby f7ben replied to ICEMAN!'s topic in Current Events sounds like something anigger would do
  7. Yea I just scroll on past that nonsense. I don't even look in 90% of the threads at all tbh...
  8. Well stats show blacks commit the majority of the crimes by far ...so sbyl
  9. I don't feel I'm racist. I like some blacks just fine. The ones that cause most of the problems need to be called out tho imo. Everybody is too scared to do it - without fear of being called a rassis. Respectable internet fighting isn't bad imo. If we all agreed on everything- would be sort of boring probably. I go at it with snacks all the time - but I'd have a beer with him anytime. Holding grudges is for women. I've met guys from the forums where we didn't like each other online. But once meeting them - we got along great.
  10. I've met a lot of people from the forums. I'm not having people suspect there might be any truth to the pedo bullshit. Webba started that stuff next door & then ran off. Now Joel brings it here. I'm going to nip that in the bud right off the bat. Also saying - in real that's fighting words. And people that has met me from the forums- know I'm not scared to throw down. Lifted a dude from Hcs right off his feet by his neck - & slammed his head off a garage wall & told him what was up, while he was hanging by his neck. He was drunk & kept getting in my face sooo...
  11. Nah. I'll debate that anytime. Pedo stuff ...no use for that bs.
  12. I am now - but won't be when I'm there in person. Whereabouts you located faggot?
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