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  1. Graph tells the story. Too bad the people brainwashed by the msm will ignore it.
  2. Protests aren't going to do anything.
  3. Only people we promised should have been brought ... the rest are on their own. Lara Logan said one we left behind was beheaded while holding his son & another beheaded as well. Pics were sent she said. X2 This could be ALOT of em too. Sure does. Good point. Career dirty politician ...that is now half senile as well.
  4. Some bad looking Muslims in that pic. Taliban told them what mosque to report to when they get here. They will get there jihad instructions there...
  5. This is the afghan/Taliban... Biden just brought here.
  6. So we brought a 100k of them here. If 80% are like that pic ...this is not going to end well. Like what you did when JT wanted to meet you? Coward.
  7. Scanning this pic of "refugees" ...what comes to mind? How many planes were just like this?
  8. I hope they send all the dirt bags coming across our S border to live by Maine cat. Hopefully they shit right in his front yard too ...
  9. I didn't read the thread ...but did flaming Joe & MC thank Trump for getting the vax pushed thru
  10. The male Karen ginger needs knocked the fuck out. On a side note ...the chic seems hot.?
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