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  1. Tests from the Chinese probably & who knows what's on them
  2. I havent had BK in awhile. I'd go for a double whopper w cheese right now ...
  3. It's all worth it Spin says ...as long as he can get his whopper Jr value meal to eat for dinner in his van, parked next to some old gravel pit.
  4. Yet all the countries they come from are shit holes with trash everywhere.
  5. But but but...they are just looking for honest work!
  6. You better run out quick and get another experimental mrna jab...!
  7. Beta liberal whites are pathetic & deserve to be run over as well ...
  8. Pilot ejects when the plane was still flying - why again? Lose the most advanced stealth fighter plane in the world and ask the public for help...smh Would not surprise me at this point if it got stolen ...
  9. Probaby got hacked, ejected the pilot, & the chinese have it now.
  10. Meh ...was a C minus or so. Harbaugh is going to chew some ass in practices this week & have them running some gassers...for looking past a team.
  11. Thanks to the non lib SC ... Majority of ones in hospital & dying are vaxxed.
  12. Tugger deserves to be railroaded after being such a fuckin dummy Penix exploded all over the Spartan D ... 35 to 0 at half
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