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  1. If we get drawn in - that benefits Ukraine X2
  2. So they should last a pretty long time. What's it cost to replace on average? They putting good warranties on them?
  3. Shooting at a parade in Illinois to start the day ...
  4. If you could read & comprehend...you'd see where I already said I didn't care for him. Sorry you have such a miserable life. The drunken dummy probably read it from spin or MC. Libs always go the dirty route for their cause...and try & cancel anyone that doesn't conform to their agenda.
  5. Exactly. Quiet drag races don't sound much fun... We would be good with one EV in our household. They cost way too much ... & nobody can answer how long the batteries last it seems.
  6. Do we have anywhere that nice in our country
  7. At least Bhen admits the white countries are the best ... Attaboy @f7ben
  8. Haha ...looks pretty nice! Our news is pushing the expiremental jab for infants now so ... I read before they didn't let Africans or mohammedans in to the country. Ukraine is mostly white too btw. Happy 4th Maybe fatties get the food supply cut down there
  9. I think most would agree for a racing aspect. EVs are great for a lot I'm sure.
  10. I got pulled in to look at this Moscow vid by the chics lol. I bounced thru - but wow what a nice place. Everything is clean & top notch. Another thing...not any blacks or other 3rd world dregs there. The whole country is all white or?? @ViperGTS/Z1
  11. Just when ya thought spin couldn't get any dumber ...smh
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