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  1. How can idiot mayors put these mandates in effect...
  2. Brandon isn't fit to run a garage sale- let alone a country. If this senile clown gets us into a conflict with Russia...we're fucked.
  3. This ^^^ Fuck the chink tests Brandon bought ...
  4. That was good stuff. X2
  5. I was curious on your story & just asking questions. You come back out of nowhere all cocky & running off at the mouth...so don't cry now.
  6. Liberal idiots... Not at all. Just had to tell you what's up is all. Btw - you look like a fucking retard with posts like that.
  7. Maybe were just trying to be more welcoming to all the illegals, by making our country into a 3rd world shithole too, just like where they come from
  8. Hey go fuck yourself asshole. I had no idea what she does for a job, or that she even worked. Plenty get 3 jabs without it being required & thought maybe she is a senior citizen.
  9. Damn that's sad, & a bad way for the ole boy to go out. RIP Mr Old Indy Sr ... She's got 3 jabs so far ?? How old is she? Why can't she eat?
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