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  1. Did he order people to take expiremental jabs - or lose their jobs if they don't ?
  2. They're setting it up for ...once the minorities fully take over- the constitution will be scrapped- as it's racist. Then they will take all the racist whites property as reparation - just like they're doing in South Africa Yup
  3. Anyone still supporting & promoting these evil bastards - needs to die. Keep getting injected - all of you.
  4. Nobody wants to be around him - he probably shit his pants again & smells
  5. Well the biggest member blew up a huge pipe line not long ago... What Mexico is allowing? Have you went full retard now also?? Shut up fatso - we've heard enough of your liberal nonsense.
  6. Like the fuckin bums can afford them ffs... Yup ... Go beat yourself over your head with your youkrane flag dummy ...once you get Brandon's balls out of yer mouth.
  7. X2... And democrats used to be fine at one point. Jfk etc.
  8. Victoria Nuland admitted under testimony that the US had at least 20 biolabs there. Keep laughing tho like a fool. Would have worked with Putin to ensure NATO wouldn't expand to Uke.
  9. You're dumb ...sbyl Ukraine was shelling it's own people - that were in former Russian territory. They were also running Fauxi biolabs there. NATO broke it's promise also & was going to expand there. This war would have never happened under the Donald.
  10. I didnt know previously you were this dumb.
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