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  1. So just like you and your little coterie of compromised cognitive intellects
  2. Yet business owners generally don't, just saying.
  3. My sense of humor is tremendous. Gp play with your Whipple.
  4. He tried. To think otherwise, and to think he wouldn't have a different approach 2nd time around just isn't logical. I don't love the guy, but we need someone to deconstruct that fucking town, at least to some extent. What the DOJ, FBI, IRS, etc., has done for the past 5 years or so cannot continue. The Obamas, Clintons and the globalists need to be removed from any position of power. End of story.
  5. The thing is, with how divided the country, and how corrupt the government is, what or who do you see as a solution to all that? I'm not on board with anyone who doesn't confront the corruption.
  6. I like her a lot and she deserves a role in government some way or another. Probably not as president though.
  7. What racist comments we talking about? We were waiting for an uber a couple weeks ago in Baltimore and came across these racists watching a young couple having a disagreement…. 😆
  8. Yeesh is right. If that complexion and those eyebrows are any indication of the rest of her…..
  9. Id say but I dont want to knot Jims panties for hijacking the thread. 😆
  10. Hey did you know Derphaven has a wife that can swallow a baseball bat? And a look at me Escalade with Whipple downtubes? Fuck off. 😆
  11. Yeah its kind of stupid what it costs, but its a summer home for us. I love driving it, big power, twin Volvo D12 715s.. My brother and a buddy of mine took it up from Baltimore a couple weeks ago, and I’m just going through a punch list getting it tweaked up nice. We plan on doing it another 5 years or so and then hopefully finding something on a lake and a smaller boat.
  12. I spent yesterday gouging and cutting my fingers, getting black marine silicone everywhere……and installing new nav lights, led speakers and starting to clean the bilge. Who’s friggin idea was it to get a boat? I should have stayed home and argued with you guys! 😆
  13. No, actually I had a great week. Sitting on my boat killing some time. Its just awful.
  14. They allowed Comer to see it (forget the term) at fbi hq, and he’s not allowed to talk about it, just view it. Sounds pretty fucky to me.
  15. Great backread. Some of you guys need more formative activities. 😆
  16. The country loved FDR. The country hates Biden. IYHO. And yet he beat Trump, and you don’t even question how that happened. All you were doing is engaging in confirmation bias. You must be talking about the guy I quoted below. Conservative website lol. You’re dumb enough to believe that it wasn’t. The fuck is up with you Minnesota liberals? 😆Your cities are hell scapes, and out in the country where there are no blacks, you have delusional liberals everywhere.
  17. Figures that you would stick up for the animals.
  18. Yup. Yet 2 years later the same guy who united the country was painted as a war criminal by the D party. It didn’t last long. I agree with most of what is being said here. But I also think the majority of the country is waking up to how corrupt the media and government is, which is a good thing.
  19. Exactly. I stopped going to church years ago after the minister was caught banging the church secretary, and he decided to hang himself in the rectory when he knew the Deacons were going to have him removed. The secretary decided to sue the church and they actually hit up the congregation to raise money for a legal defense fund. I wanted zero part of the place after that. But I at least give respect to the Judeo Christian values that the country was founded on. It was the glue that helped build the country and establish morality, law and order. But I practice my own religion now.
  20. It was actually a Hello Fresh concoction that my w1fe made. You post that you trained your w1fe to swallow a baseball bat and you're telling ME to grow up? Thats rich.
  21. Good post. No one can say with any certainty how we got here. I have no clue, because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but some need to please quit acting like they have an exclusive on the truth.
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