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    I'm sure Farmers would understand. They've seen a thing or 2
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    When did FS become bhi? I always thought the butt hurt crew hung out next door? At least we keep the windows open here instead of hiding everything behind the curtains
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    Guys like tucker and o Reilly become their own worst enemy. It is entertaining to watch it unravel.
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    That's like woolie and Zderpski personified in a quote
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    How about we just stop giving billions to other countries and the military?
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    Wasn't that dark. Even in the dark running into a something as big as a helicopter on a flat surface is rider error.
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    The magical thing is if you stopped egging on or engaging that individual, it would stop but you can't help yourself.
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    36 and cloudy. Had a great rip yesterday
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    She won’t debate. Her ideas are Swiss cheese.
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    Morning gentleman & @dz246 29°F and cloudy to start the day. NWS is calling for a high of 46° today and 52°F tomorrow. I thought everyday was BJ day
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    Typical youngster, blaming anyone else EXCEPT the person that should be in control of their sled.
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    All the poo 2019 850 owners on HCS are whining about having to take a 50 % hit on trade-in value towards a new and improved 2020 poo 850. Even the dealers don,t want them. New and improved, with a 4 year warranty, and taking it in the a$$ at trade-in time. Gotta love the screwing the owners are taking on their great trouble free poo. Line up here to get your new and improved 850. Note from poolaris, we promise, this time, it will be a good one, with unmatched, unreliability.
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    This guy has his own spot on the couch.
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    Morning- 48 / 41. It's National Steak and a BJ day. Lt. rain here and heavy rain North. The majority of the rain stayed West and further North last night. High of 58 today with 40 MPH winds. Therapy was excellent last night and my Mom is doing good. The Bold says it all. Good luck gentlemen.
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    Momo will be glued to this thread if that happens.
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    Flying to the Bahamas tomorrow. Suck it bitches!
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    For sale. Ranger pick up. Washed and waxed regularly, stored indoors, just starting to rust in the cab corners. No low ball offers, I know what I’ve got.
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