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    Morning- 63 / 53 and clear. Few calls and then head to my moms to cut her lawn and visit for a bit. Guess the USAF Thunderbirds fly into town later today for the air and water show this weekend. The sound they make flying right over the house is fuckin awesome.
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    Yes it would seem that Robert Mueller can be added to the list of Americans who have not read the report.
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    This testimony is not going how Spinvag, MC, Barbie hands, XC Morrison and many others were hoping. What a shit show for the democrats.
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    i just wish Trey Gowdy was there to hammer this POS. Hes A master at useing people own words to bury themselves.
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    LOL! Just goes to show you should never give up on a thread in here. Thanks Neal, for a wonderful kick start and some good comic relief this morning! “I use person or human”. ”Hey, you...PERSON, Hey...hey....HUMAN...you dropped your keys.”
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    Your life is consumed by orange man and his Twitter account
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    Good hump day morning. Currently sunny and 56°.
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    People are responsible for their actions but I don't think it's really a stretch at all to think that there's a sliver of society out there that is so misguided and easily manipulated that they end up doing things like this.
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    You fucking pricks know who you are.
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    DOUG refuses to answer any question as he feels that isn't what he hears at his pep rally's and visits the entire Province - GO DOUG is all I hear Media has their agenda of finding answers and facts but his voters are not interested in any facts best ever
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    sounds a bit like the next door neighbor davie
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    who ever said Toronto couldn't work with less councilors I don't know a single person that thinks that Doug is not a game change - He is a vindictive douche
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