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  1. It popped in my feed on YouTube I thought it was interesting that Rogan who knows fighting says it was a slow count You clearly care about me as you follow me around the forum. I live in your head rent free Jimmy Cuckhold
  2. If we want to end the pandemic we only need to do one thing. Turn off the TV
  3. the Israeli study showed natural immunity to be 27 times better than the vaccines. If 100 million had covid and 200 million are vaccinated why are we having higher numbers today? My theory is the vaccines are causing the surge
  4. The UK had 50K new cases yesterday. 70% of their population is vaccinated. They have about 67 million residents. The US has 99K new cases yesterday with over 350 million residents. The US has almost 4 times as many people. there wasn't four times the number of cases in the US yesterday
  5. He has nothing. Again why are vaccinated people getting sick and dying if the vaccine works? Also I now know 5 people that have had heart attacks since getting the vaccine one of which died.
  6. This is all BS. The unvaccinated aren't driving the outbreak and the Numbers in Israel prove it.
  7. Why do you care if someone dies that refuses a vaccine.
  8. there were supposedly 90K new cases with 1654 new deaths yesterday. If the vaccines worked the numbers should be going down not up.
  9. What's sad is you feel the need to claim they didn't just to because it show Americans are against the vaccine mandates. A mandate you agree with.
  10. No the proof is on you you're the one that created this thread. By doing so you made a claim now the burden of proof is on you
  11. This person has been coddled and told they are a victim her entire life
  12. The video shows him getting up after 11 seconds. how is that bullshit?
  13. I meant to quote 550 not you I apologize
  14. I actually don't care who won. I didn't watch it
  15. So you disagree that he was on the canvas for 17 seconds?
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