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  1. Yes,when you are concerned with residents getting sick and dying, you get doctors and nurses to leave their jobs. They are currently short just under 600 health professionals in that area. From hero’s to zeros. Such a smart governor. Maybe Brandon can send them some.
  2. Yes,for hospitals in other states to get some great employees.
  3. It’s great to be American and have choices.
  4. No shit,how fucking gullible these idiots are. How many got the fake jab? How many are on religious wavers?
  5. We were sent pdf religious wavers by several hospitals. The feds also sent them for their buildings. The Dems are in a sinking ship with this bullshit. People with the jab are refusing to comply ,is the best part of it.
  6. We just got another extension from a rather large corporation with a mandatory vax. From window washer to elevator techs. These big ass buildings need to be serviced by someone. Oops
  7. I’m union and heard the exact same thing. It’s really easy for them to take personal days and sick days with covid. It’s also going on with other industries. People are burning their time at the same time. It’s costing companies big money. They aren’t going to quit or get fired with time on the books. Payroll up, production and income way down. They are fucking them in multiple ways. Stupid weather.
  8. Now their stock is dropping. Ticket sales down. Anyone have any links to these blizzards? I want to do some early riding .https://www.yahoo.com/now/why-southwest-airlines-stock-falling-134227178.html
  9. I would bet the MFGS aren’t 100%. They are probably waiting for their vendors to hit their loading dock. It’s a complete cluster fuck out their.
  10. I don’t think the dealerships really know until the trucks are loaded and in route to their dealership. We have been telling our customers that we will call you when the parts or equipment hits our dock. To many failed promises over the last year. I’ve heard it all from everyone.
  11. Wait until they try to put the screws to skilled labor,aka construction workers. We are let into mandatory vax buildings daily. They know they don’t have a choice. The people making these stupid decisions are politicians with no clue. We can shut the country down. Look what the truckers did to California. They are refusing loads out of there. The media is spinning that one as well. All of the truckers with older rigs have to leave the state. No money in moving containers with a brand new tractor payment. Can’t operate a old tractor.
  12. 363 canceled so far today. Another 1200 delayed. Must be the blizzards and hurricanes.
  13. A big hospital extended their mandatory vax by six months near me. 25% of their staff was going to walk. The union I’m in said all contractors are still in a 2 year contract and can’t mandate a vax . Sorry libs.
  14. 28% canceled over the weekend. 10% today. No other airlines are having these problems. Fuck around and find out. This is awesome. A entire school district near me shut down because most of the bus drivers called in sick. It was awesome. A lot of great things are happening out there. The media is trying hard to spin it. The spin isn’t working on the non brainwashed.
  15. Did you se his speech in Elk Grove IL earlier this week? They rushed him back to air O’Hara and canceled his other appearances. Probably getting close to the end. It’s no longer funny. Sad his handlers are doing it to him at this point.
  16. Fall colors in my yard. Dandelions are coming in and sun flowers are blooming. How dare they.
  17. Do you know why they call the cat sled riot. Because it’s a riot watching your friends try to keep up with you when they are riding them.
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