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    Got some pics from last night....
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    Meatloaf, mashed, corn
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    High speed precision trail smiths such as myself doesn’t need them and would rather spend our money on some basic comp insurance.
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    He dosnt . ANd no one does. Its an estimate based upon what is captured coming thru entries vs coming across open space. If anyone thinks they will stop the flow of drugs into this country they are living in a fucking fantasy land. You could build a 50 ft high wall along the whole border and stop 100% of it from coming thru crossings and all the drugs that are in demand would still be available on the streets of the US.
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    Emotional Jimmy wants the military home....but cares more about foreign crisis....
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    but that's not what actually happened and has been debunked years ago...………………..but hey we all need something to bring it up
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    god damn right you emotional twat.. go vote for a lib then tell us how you can criticize them cause " you voted for them" Your here 24/7 dude.. try not coming on here for 48 hrs. You couldn't do it..
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    That yapping little white ankle biter in Snots avi is more than just an innocent picture of a pet it's a metaphor of his existence
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    Mandy and the the Dude chillin
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    I mean on this site.
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    I'm not in the mood for gibberish this morning.
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    Black gay hate crime victim assaulted by Trump supporters!!!!!!!!
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    What part of lower taxes don’t people understand? 2 points lower rate for most tax brackets and an increased standard deduction=lower taxes for most. The end.
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    This noob bitch will still beat you in miles this season even with your record year that you’re bragging about. Yes there is. The winder is is a whole other class power wise than anything else and with its weight and the way the track spins in loose snow it’s a handful on 95% of our trails in NH and VT. It’s a great Quebec sled.
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    I generally agree in that it’s nice to have the extra power on tap for certain situations even if your trails don’t allow it most of the time. But there’s a point where it becomes TOO MUCH unneeded power and that’s the 200hp winder. I really like the power modes on my ITC 1200 because on technical trails in sport mode the throttle is too sensitive and in deep snow it spins too much. That’s when I cut it down to standard. The 900T is the same.
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    The people bitching have no math skills and don't run their finances very well to begin with.
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