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  1. I really have no idea why I am responding to you because your head is up your ass being stuck in the past. I am looking for a boosted sled but it will be a Z1 Turbo when I find the right one I'll let you know
  2. Not practical. Taliban could get spare parts easily.
  3. Bullshit. We never should have been there in the first place
  4. The Taliban gets some serious upgrades.....
  5. I feel we should give the people weapons we could drop them by the crate full with parachutes. We could at least give them the means to fight
  6. I don't think the people have any weapons at all to do that
  7. We are supposed to be a shining Beacon of light and Freedom upon the hill....those people need to be helped WHERE THEY LIVE. Not bring them here. Now I am a non-interventionist, but this time I feel we should just go in there and murder the whole Cuban government and help these people attain their freedom. What ramifications could occur? Thoughts?
  8. Yeah because everything is soooo much better now that he is not president.....
  9. Anyone that thinks faucci doesn't have anyone's but his own best interest at heart is a damn fool
  10. Did you see the part where he's going back to 20 lb of boost?
  11. Either way nobody should be fucking around with these viruses and we as a people need to stand up against it
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