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  1. The real threat Is not Islam It is the amish
  2. At least these allegations are about a female that is of adult age. Also I bet they are not even true. At least he is not a pedo like your guy is...
  3. Why don't you go Do what you do best? What's wrong no penises near you to suck?
  4. You're canadian we don't expect you to get it you are a subject. the n f a makes zero sense and should be repealed
  5. But this shit never happens. There are more home invasions than there are mass shootings per year way more.
  6. You sound like that idiot Biden you don't need semiautos for hunting. And that is only an opinion we need semiautos (AR's, AK's) to defend ourselves from tyranny that's the only reason we need them. The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting
  7. You know you talk to me like I think your opinion matters As far as HCS goes you're just a Johnny Come lately Who don't even know the full story so go piss up a rope you stupid fuck.
  8. You know you're supposed to be a moderator on this site that's no way to talk to members asshole.
  9. If the democrats do not vote This into law they will be forever known as not giving 2 shits about our kids..
  10. Truth. the most Gun homicides occur in the inner cities where there's lots of gang activity that's where the highest numbers come from.
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