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    Just last week he rode in a amphibian car. Now the fucker thinks they all are amphibians
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    Holy highway robbery.... thats only a 6 pack job. SMH
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    i had one this winter when riding in Milli with james. Pulled into a skidder trail and blew one out I swear 10 feet. I almost took a pic it was so tremendous. first time ever while riding.
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    I get that from KFC as well as Taco Bell. I still remember having to stop and shit in the woods one night cause it kicked in too quick. spot on
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    man this will turn out well. gas prices will climb and the price of fuel efficient imports will increase bigly at the same time. americans will love it!
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    You got that backwards. He thought he had an amphibious car a few years ago, but it didn't work out so well when the hull hit the road. So someone showed him last week that he needed to put wheels and tires on it first. I'm looking forward to seeing round 2.
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    Isnt that kinda like saying " I don't like you anymore"?
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    We are living large tonight babe.
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    Morning- 53 / 40 and clear- Got a ton of shit done yesterday and plan to do the same today. Guess we get rain starting tomorrow while North gets 10-16". Brewers lost. It's NATIONAL NAME YOURSELF DAY so Good day from Hector.
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    @Woodtick just slammed the front fucking door in @Sal Rosenberg head. Well done Tick. Well fucking done.
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    Make it happen Jamben @jammin
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    When it comes to tea bagging, SnowRider and Obama are untouchable. SnowRider should change his name to Lipton.
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    The music that comes to mind first is Blondie as we were skating in circles. Anyone else?
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