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  1. You’re probably the biggest whiner about “voter fraud”, getting your panties all riled up about a few dead people voting, registration irregularities , IDs etc. So, I’m sure you are outraged, just outraged at what trump and his cronies tried doing in stealing an election. The biggest scam in US politics ever. If I looked around would I find you criticizing trump, Gilliani, meadows and many others for this shit show?
  2. Seriously, what would the GOP do? Cry foul, have Harris delay the cert process, get yourselves some fake electors in swing states to switch things up and boom, declare victory!
  3. I’d steal the election exactly like trump tried doing. Apparently the right wouldn’t have a problem with it.
  4. If trumpsters had half a brain, they’d be mad at the GOP for leading them down rabbit holes 24/7, all the while ignoring a major constitutional crisis 😂😂
  5. Curious if 1. You’re too fucking dumb to understand what trump tried doing 2. You know what he tried doing but simply don’t have the balls to say so, like nearly all GOP dirtbags in congress. because you’re scared of what your fellow retards might say or think. I’m thinking about 50/50?
  6. The same way I felt when millions of immigrants came in under former presidents watches, and the same way I feel about other shots are forced on our military. if it were up to you nitwits we’d still be encountering millions of unnecessary covid deaths.
  7. I must have missed the Charlottesville clips.
  8. Hmmm, if it were BLM who stormed the capital and attacked the police force I bet that would have made that video..
  9. Snakey is perhaps the best example of a rw dipshit with no backbone whatsoever. Trump committed “major crimes” against snake’s former beliefs, and he had plenty of chances to jump off the trump dingy as they occurred. But no, he stayed aboard the whole time and sank with it.
  10. Say, was that a relative that jumped the fence into N Korea the other day?
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