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But there’s no proof


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Well, I'll hand it to Donny on this one. He called it. The mail in balloting is the disaster he predicted. 

Seems election tech reform could be a good bipartisan effort next year if anyone is willing to champion it. Have to imagine the whole country is annoyed by the slow, manual process. 

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11 minutes ago, Ez ryder said:

Over 3000 reports fron observes in Nevada alone . Those have been reported to the fed . Shit show

Massive fraud .....observers forced to stand 30 to 150 feet away in many instances. Only in Blue districts.is that happening. Some on here say we can view livefeed.....yeah Im sure its a real birds eye view.   After the 4 years of bullshit Trump has faced with the Russian collusion farce and numerous other fake accusations and bogus impeachment...... I hope he continues to go down swinging and bring us to the courts if necessary

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13 minutes ago, DriftBusta said:

The courts are going to decide this.  I don’t accept the msm or DNC narratives, they be long lost my trust.  But I will respect what the courts decide.

If this was going Trumps way you would

accept it all day long and twice on Sunday ya fucking hack.


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