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  1. With all the right wing laws Ted supports - wonder if his family will be investigated by Abbot’s Army beings his daughter supposedly part of the 🏳️‍🌈 community. The state better check it out…. Karma…..
  2. Where’s your Repug/MAGAt support for EV’s and renewables?
  3. You’re so fucked in the head. Does Donny have dick pics of you? Fucking small hands fake tan Donny is a weak pile of shit. Amazed you hold such a buffoon in high regard
  4. Just call it PPP where corporations and American Oligarchs got billions and billions so everyone is happy.
  5. CNN is Fox Lite - so no
  6. His family is supportive while you’re still busy licking boots.
  7. Take it you’re on Truth Social
  8. The Whelan Family supports her release but the FSCE 🤡 Posse does not. Typical homophobic racist reaction.
  9. And you support/vote for the EV liars. Spare us your fake outrage
  10. I see you’re getting a dose of Creeper
  11. Joe’s admin negotiated her release and he didn’t need love letters to get it done
  12. It’s a simple fact. Deficits are reduced when D’s are in control. Repugs cut taxes and spend like drunken sailors. Easily researched and irrefutable. 40 years of trickled on has proven to be a failure.
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