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  1. About the wall and Mexico paying for it Trump admits he lied to MAGA on building a border wall and getting Mexico to pay for it: "There was no legal mechanism. How do you go to a country and say 'I’m building a wall. Hand us a lot of money.'" https://x.com/rachelbitecofer/status/1708618563056267700?s=46&t=qtfBE6Hx9UNW86ETpTlGNQ
  2. I thought the Dems are ruining MN and the cities in particular 5 offers in one day and more than asking price sounds like a strong economy…..Dems must really be fucking shit up
  3. Your own Repug Caucus fucks admit it’s a joke And you still lap up the kook-aid like a good lil moron. Can’t fix your stupidity. You’re in a cult.
  4. @Carlos Danger GOP Rep. Mace asked if she has evidence for her impeachment claims: “I have not had the ability to research that” https://x.com/bidenhq/status/1708494394775449772?s=46&t=qtfBE6Hx9UNW86ETpTlGNQ
  5. @Carlos Danger House Freedom Caucus Member Ken Buck: The impeachment inquiry is a distraction to make sure people don’t focus on the dysfunction of the GOP https://x.com/bidenhq/status/1708490188714815772?s=46&t=qtfBE6Hx9UNW86ETpTlGNQ
  6. Pass the tinfoil Fuck you’re miserable
  7. Yep - was there a couple years ago and had to go to Arches first thing in the morning. By the time we left the traffic was backed up for miles. UTV’s running skeins everywhere. Need to limit the people who can visit otherwise what the reason for visiting is getting destroyed. UTV’s, Jeeps, etc pressing into all sorts of areas is destroying the natural beauty of the area. Give em’ a UTV park and let them destroy it while they are running over each other.
  8. They don’t destroy the environment, trails, and produce noise. SBYL. Need a better excuse.
  9. I vote blue. Blacks vote blue. Tell the class how racist blue is
  10. You’re one of the biggest conspiracy peddlers on the forum Guy-hooked over and over Tell the class more about impeachment
  11. Trumps actions in the 70’s and current actions - you don’t know shit. Is your rural white ass more qualified to tell blacks who they should support than they are?
  12. The cult with less than 10% of the black vote is the expert on racism
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