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  1. Cool. So what do you think? And is Detroit the end all be all for any argument you make on any subject?
  2. Who blamed Repugs over your link? What’s the spastic painter think?
  3. Making money off stupid kids goes back to W’s ‘No child left behind’
  4. Orange man’s finest - especially the clown at the end Not a cult though
  5. She should be prosecuted and obviously fired. So classroom teachers really are doing more with less then
  6. Of course - it’s always good for some random suburban white guy with all the answers Have you ever listened to inner city educators? Have you ever asked them what could be done to improve?
  7. Not surprised. Large districts have major challenges. Suburban kids would perform to a similar levels if they were surrounded by similar infrastructure - not just school conditions but transportation, roads, housing, etc.
  8. You don’t GAF about inner city kids. Have you toured their facilities? Ever compare them to the suburbs? Even if a kid wants tk option out - who’s transporting them? You’re a good Betsy minion - your rhetoric you regurgitate benefits the rich - not the poor.
  9. You’re the face of right wing hackery Yo - let me know when the publicly funded private schools you champion take all kids…..BD, SPED, Handicap, low income, etc. Truth is - you want publicly funded private schools without any of the above. You’re doing what Betsy tells you.
  10. You have it. Send your little angels to a charter/private school. Just don’t ask me to pay for it or subside it.
  11. Reasonable gun laws and mental health support will save lives. Admit it - you care more about guns than kids.
  12. Good for you. I’m married to one. Son of an administrator and 35 year educator. Still wanna bet?
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