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  1. Of course….when is @XCR1250 gonna change the thread title with the cult leaders updated net worth
  2. Hard to believe a company that loses linens magically worth billions The situation is nefarious and should be investigated.
  3. SnowRider


    You’re ignorant. Your cult leader is ignorant. Ostracizing people you don’t understand means you’re weak . How a real leader posts - a leader for all people - not just a select few. You’re a cancer to American values.
  4. There’s no case to make. You’re flat wrong and delusional. The onus is on you to prove the bullshit you spew.
  5. SnowRider


    Dummy - it’s been March 31st since 2010 Move Easter if you’re offended
  6. SnowRider


    What’s sad is you propagate garbage while defending the Bible hustler….have you received yours yet Are you sporting gold shoes, a red hat, and the book…
  7. Obama’s blackness divided the country No - the fucking red hat racists couldn’t cope with a minority President. Fuck them
  8. Not sure….let me know when you see him in the voting line for the Repug primary
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