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  1. why wasnt the pure white master race american cop able to kill my cousin? there was about 20 feet apart and my cousin got about 75 percent of his rounds on target, the cop missed everything lmao
  2. im sorry i am not a true pig fucking mn hillbilly
  3. it is your fault. you and your friends white power attitude absolutely hate me and have to attack me in every post. you wanted white power, well now you got it and you're crying about it? retard
  4. pig fuck master, shut the fuck up and get back on the farm
  5. i will never be a true inbred mn hillbilly that fucks pigs on the farm like other members on here
  6. you and your family are nothing but cowards. faggots. bitches. i bet your ancestry sided with england because they were the weak bunch. not like the brave Indian warriors from here, that get into face to face combats with americans. why wasnt your pure white master race american cop able to shoot my cousin ant man here in fairbanks? is it because he learned everything from call of duty
  7. if i was a retarded know nothing piece of shit and had nothing and couldn't do anything about it, id be mad too. good job
  8. send the guy a letter then. tell him you want 20 acres lakefront. his is lake front, more like a pond, but how much will you pay for that?
  9. i know i should have just been an inbred mn hillbilly that fucks pigs instead
  10. you should stop learning everything from call of duty, weak american faggot
  11. i do but they aint sleepin over a 2nd night and i aint marrying one. ill baby momma a few of the best but none are getting any of my money. you know how much im worth? im worth approximately 10 million firewaters right now as we speak you alcoholic fuck.
  12. good looking girls are from there but they are poison, the kind that will totally fuck up your life. for me yeah but not for you lol
  13. someone from tanana is selling some of his 160 acre tract that is about 3.5 miles out of town in tanana. it is in tanana though and i seriously doubt you would fit in and manage keep yourself alive. his name is tyson kriska, he is in jail right now and that is why he is selling it lol. if you want that, how much are you willing to pay for 20 acres? that land is about to be bought by tozitna limited in a few months
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