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  1. fs shut down before rob died. that faggot coward killer made a dupe account and created a local outrage and rob wasnt going to deal with the drama anymore. back in 2016. around the same year, theedge was outed as dupe momentum1, and the community bitched and cried about that. this was the last nerve for rob, and when killer did it he called it quits. rob passed away in 2017
  2. you need to account for how tall the track lugs are
  3. x2 on air leak. buy starter fluid and spray it around the crankcase area while it is running. it will most likely be by the clutch mount on the crank or the magneto mount on the other end, so if you spray starter fluid in that area and notice the engine revving up, that is where your problem is. fixing it involves taking the engine out, taking cylinders off, pistons, then splitting the crank in the worst case scenario. best case scenario is you take the engine out, and find a shaft seal that is serviceable from the outside, ei just take off the magneto and seeing a bloken seal you can get out
  4. let me know what you got here are the part numbers https://www.polarispartshouse.com/oemparts/a/pol/5036ff15f87002368411b80d/magneto-sport-0980443-sport-touring
  5. i have to recommend sledpartsguy on ebay, ships fast and no bs. if you have good experience with online venders and sellers, let us know
  6. need to replace the greens, anyone got any? need 3 but 1 or 2 will be better than nothing
  7. never saw that shit before in my life. get us some close ups of the engine
  8. i do that all the time. temps get to -50 here so you have quite a bit of thermal contraction. how ever if it is summer time and my 4 wheeler needs clutch service i want it on the spot. i better get a hold of f7ben for his expertise i am goin got order the slp kit
  9. it changes the sound barrier inside the pipe. the speed of sound is what determines the return wave timing and is critical. whether or not in your specific application you need a different length or temperature i cannot tell you but i feel like alot of confusion on the subject is drawn from how sometimes single pipe on each cylinder engines are hard to keep running good in different temperatures. specifically if you get snow splashed onto the pipes it will run like shit so people put ceramic clothes and stuff to stop that from happening and so dumbasses automatically think a wrapped exhaust is
  10. what one should i buy do any of you here have experience with them and can vouch for their quality?
  11. why wasnt the pure white master race american cop able to kill my cousin? there was about 20 feet apart and my cousin got about 75 percent of his rounds on target, the cop missed everything lmao
  12. it is your fault. you and your friends white power attitude absolutely hate me and have to attack me in every post. you wanted white power, well now you got it and you're crying about it? retard
  13. pig fuck master, shut the fuck up and get back on the farm
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