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  1. Either did Biden...no hard feelings pal is not an apology, it says get over it.
  2. The video wasn't about his non apology...it was his ability to complete a coherent sentence.
  3. What if you want to leave? Is she obligated to buy you out? Can you force the sale? It's all good until it isn't.
  4. -23 when we left the truck Friday morning.
  5. Rumor has it that some guy called the canoe king (what ever) is responsible for me not being able to ride into Sandwich from ossipie / Wakefield <sarcasm>
  6. We rode from Milan through success pond, errol, through Millsfield out towards Nash Stream.. I can report that all logging roads are excellent and are in mid season condition...the woods trails are fair / good typical early season condition.
  7. These are things that businesses do...one doesn't lower their gross margin to make communist feel better.
  8. If you work on a margin say 20%...and your raw materials go up. You need to raise prices to maintain the 20% gross margin. Because you are marking up a larger number the profit would increase naturally. Why would I lower my gross margin to (15% for example) in order to maintain pricing.
  9. Might I suggest investing in a passport radar detector...it pays for itself every week.
  10. I don't see hauling a 3 place enclosed with a Macan...but point taken.
  11. Any one know if Milan to nash stream area is rideable yet? Inquiring minds...
  12. You should quote his niece Alveda King...
  13. It was a question...just like your open ended question. I am pretty sure the only correct answer for you would be capitalism.
  14. Public education system?
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