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  1. It does bother me, i have utter distain for a couple posters...I've reported it both to you and John and nothing. If you prefer I just log out say so and I'll happily oblige. It's a yes or no answer don't try to avoid answering.
  2. I think to really decide who owns the land we need bill and Ted's time machine and go back to pangaea.
  3. I won't pay anymore...they can't even condemn blatant racism.
  4. Double tap.... You still disgust me you dim POS
  5. How many young girls were raped and trafficked on their way to the border....the fact that you promote this disgusts me.
  6. Because the Dims wouldn't secure the border...no reason to stay for Ukraine or Israeli aide packages.
  7. 12 million people....that is more than the population of 41 states. What do you think will happen to the fabric of our country over the next decade.
  8. No he didn't, Weis slow walked and expired all of the Barisma money inorder to end any investigation into the big guy. Where are the FARA charges, you were splattering your screen in excitement over Flyns FARA problems.
  9. Agreed, to have the opportunity to make it right is the right move. It allows a tradesmen to be proud of his work. If he says pound sand you are in the same place.
  10. Merry Christmas...unbelievable that another year has come and gone. May your bank accounts be full, your taxes low and your trails covered with snow.
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