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  1. Not those regs dumbfuck...just permitting etc. And don't forget the lawsuits from the ecofreaks Did you even watch the tedtalk? I would assume that dude knows more than you.
  2. Only because of regulatory bullshit. https://youtu.be/N-yALPEpV4w
  3. Well they are still fucking ugly regardless of the farmer getting paid...Here in NH they are cutting roads into the Mountainside to access the wind, absolutely hideous. If you want electrification just skip this crap and build nuke plants.
  4. ABC CBS NBC aired ZERO minutes of the Twitter drop....one of the most fundamental rights in our constitution is free speech and the news organizations didn't even cover it. Despicable
  5. That solar farm and wind farm is so beautiful...I sincerely hope they do that across all open land in the name of climate change...just imagine how many panels we can put in the mid west once we get rid of those disgusting fields full of food.
  6. The fact that opposing ideas were suppressed and banned from the public square should infuriate everyone D'S and R's If you are denied the right to make a simple decisions because the information is in opposition to our govt....How free are we? Stop the tribalism and demand freedom.
  7. Anyone who thinks Victor is now useless is an idiot. He had working knowledge at a very high level on how to obtain, sell and move weaponry. He is about as useless as our military advisors coordinating Ukrainian forces.
  8. 2 people died that day but only one person was killed An unarmed woman
  9. They did this in Maine about a month ago..6 or so districts on high alert with swats dispatched. Dangerous situation as when the police roll up everyone is a suspect.
  10. Did you guys have a joint bank account with your dad at 40? Did you have to kick 10٪ up to him on your earnings?
  11. Who's hunters or bidens? I'll give you one each to chew on Hunter illegal gun purchase... Biden firing Ukraine prosecutor to cover Hunters actions.
  12. Hunter is the doorway to his Dads malfeasance.
  13. You couldn't even come up with your own response, it's clearly copied and pasted....pathetic FYI it isn't really about hunter, the corruption is Joe Bidens.
  14. Not defending myself calling you a liar..see the difference. You were dishonest in your argument because your argument had no value. You lost in the title of your thread.
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