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  1. Do you drive your car to work?
  2. Employee....did I studder?
  3. Why isn't he an employee? Because you say so... I employed 11 people, how about you?
  4. Carpenter working for a GC....simple
  5. Trump didn't write the tax code you partisan hack...he did propose changes to the tax rates and an LLC pass through deduction that was voted on by congress...the tax code for business vehicle deductions has been on the books. I think what people want is a simplified and fair tax code...everyone has skin in the game and no carve outs for special interest.
  6. If he isn't the owner....the federal deduction for mileage doesn't even come close to the 7500.00 ev credit. (But you already knew that)
  7. I don't care rich or poor.... 2 neighbors both with the same income....one pays significantly less in taxes because he can drive an EV yet the neighbor needs a truck for work. Why should the govt favor the other guy. Picking winners and losers like I said.
  8. Those are mostly late term abortions according to the left
  9. His tat was socialist...curious what his raps were about
  10. And my mom's a liberal what's your point.. Doubtful that he was a Trump supporter....his tattoo says otherwise.
  11. Looks like a fine upstanding young man... People with face and neck tattoos are known for their decision making.
  12. I'm so confused...do you support Trumps tax rates or not. Allowing people to keep more of their own money is different than letting some people get special carve outs for EV's and solar panels. Why not a tax credit for 850 turbos? As long as it's not refundable 🤣
  13. Ultimately, yes....everyone should pay somewhere around 12-15% no deductions. Special carve outs = special Interest groups. I will admit I benefited from trumps llc pass through credit. I pay more than most people make.
  14. Necessary...it clearly wasn't necessary. However, once you shoot at a cop nothing good is going to happen.
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