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  1. That'd the window dressing thousands released into the USA....you can't be that dumb.
  2. Same camera lens, different subject matter
  3. Perspective...we idolized a thug, drug dealer and criminal to the point there is a statue of him like he's Christopher Columbus
  4. Why don't you come up to me...you're the one with the fears of inadequacy.
  5. Ever notice 550Clown, ActionJackson and LameCat don't ride....
  6. Still the money fucking a football....post your net worth and then I'll post mine. I bet mine is higher than yours and I still have 2 doubling periods until I'm your age....(see rule of 72) if you're an investor you will know what that is.
  7. @Polaris 550 Its not the beard that makes you look gay. Its your collection of dildos.
  8. How much does a family of 3 pay for health care? Medicaid How much is typical Rent for a family of 3? Section 8 subsidies How much is food for a family of 3? WIC and Snap How much is Heat in our northern climate? Fuel assistance How much is the earned income child credit for 2 kids? Add that shit up...and I bet my estimate was light.
  9. Between all of the services available...rent, food, I come child credits it totals a 20.00 per hour I come that's 40k per year... yes this is the Dims America.
  10. How much has WIC gone up? How much has the child credit gone up? How are they now receiving the child credit, is it still a credit or a direct transfer payment.
  11. No those people died after taking your vaccine....we can get to the ones that died from the vaccine later.
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