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  1. Tremendous vaccines!!! Up over 200 from just a week ago and more and more fully vaxxed, each and every week, are ending up in the ICU. Funny, it seems the more we vaccinate the higher the cases go. Can someone explain that one to me? The province reported 959 new cases Thursday, up from 748 a week ago. https://www.durhamradionews.com/archives/148202
  2. That's what is in my bud's sons truck. A flat head 8, which I think he said was brand new? It looks identical to the engine that is in this article. https://www.oldcarsweekly.com/features/car-of-the-week-1947-mercury-m-47-pickup
  3. My Dad had a 64 and my buddies son just purchased this 47.
  4. Is the truth finally being spoken in the Ontario Legislature?? https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=4047344552034144
  5. Looks like that one in the pic is due already, or very soon.
  6. "Years ago, we all thought it was a joke, see? That every kid got a motherf--king trophy But yo homie, here's the situation A nation of pussies is our next generation And these minions and their agendas Every opinion has a millennial offended But this amendment one, it rings true And if you don't dissent, bitch, then see number two"
  7. irv


    They actually posted that on a Liberal funded new network up here today. Maybe they've seen CNN latest ratings and figure they better start telling the news.
  8. Yep, and I'm sure people are thinking about lining up for their 3rd or 4th boosters now. https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/first-two-cases-of-omicron-variant-detected-in-ottawa
  9. I hear that quite often too. Even some fully vaxxed athletes have said the same thing.
  10. And don't forget how political and what a great tool it is for them to use against the opposition. Just like climate change. They use that each and every time as a deflecting talking point when the heat is on them and also use it for the sheep by saying the other side doesn't care about your children's future.
  11. .....until we have vaccines.....until we have 70% of the population inoculated............until 80% (now likely 90%?) are inoculated........until we have vaccine passports.......until we have boosters and everyone gets one........ I'm not sure how many haven't figured this out yet, but it is never going to end as long as people keep buying in. Cases are rising each and everyday yet the vast majority of populations are now vaccinated?? I mean, the stupidity and hypocrisy is all around us, and has been since the start, but some are still too blind to see it.
  12. irv


    Damn!!........ I'm fixed.
  13. I didn't even know we had emergency reserves of Maple syrup. I wonder how many CDN's did?
  14. You can't be serious? Many stories, articles, video's have been removed, censored, or completely laughed at and shammed by those that have a bigger hand in the media game. Many read, see those and instead of wondering/thinking/researching into seeing if they are a possibility, they don't because MSM has already shammed them so that is who they believe. Numerous doctor's, scientists and other experts have had their careers destroyed because of it. Until people learn how they are being manipulated and brainwashed by MSM, nothing will ever change. MSM has the power and the funds to disc
  15. The Left have lost their minds, there is no doubt about it. Bill Maher gives me hope, gives me reason to believe that what we are currently seeing/experiencing with these absolute imbeciles is on its way out. The full on media deflection, censorship up here protecting Trudeau and the Liberals is no different than what you guys are witnessing stateside. It's sickening. The dumbing down of society is all around us and it is being done intentionally, imo.
  16. Yesterday's hero's to today's zeros. It amazes me how many watch, listen and believe MSM. Some of these people that are now condemning and ridiculing these doctor's, nurses and other frontline workers are the same one's who had signs on their lawns thanking them, but because of the media spin and being incapable of thinking for themselves, they are now just parroting what their T.V. screens told them.
  17. https://www.eagletribune.com/news/merrimack_valley/talkin-turkey-mad-dash-to-score-thanksgiving-items-ahead-of-holiday/article_dfeef6be-4caf-11ec-ab70-1fbd40766e39.html
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