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  1. you have a serious hard on over my airgun dont ya just ordered up a barnett xp 385 'crossbow too. there, that should cover your material another 6 months
  2. gotta be the orange goat. that guy told the media to bite itself everyday for 4 years.
  3. links been posted sir. click it and do it yourself.
  4. listen to this crazy lady better vote smith out there guys, or who knows what these crazy people will try to do next.
  5. the lobbyists science, not the whole peer review type.that shits racist or something
  6. how many of you are lining up for boosters ? pre-order now and get a limited edition lollipop and a nightlight probably skip the gym' for a month or two afterward wouldn't hurt though..just a hunch
  7. ddurrrr... https://airtable.com/shrbaT4x8LG8EbvVG/tbl7xKsSUIOPAa7Mx
  8. nope. we were duped. not one real death of an athelete took place. its all part of the plan. https://airtable.com/shrbaT4x8LG8EbvVG/tbl7xKsSUIOPAa7Mx
  9. that wright goal was pretty dam impressive.
  10. kids great. carried that team like no one else ever has. world juniors is always quality hockey. not millionaires on ice ' yet. finlands goalie is a legit prospect too.
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