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  1. so a history of mental illness. im shocked. lol
  2. sigh. you jumped on me because ...oh forget it ya tard. you know the difference.you just want to save face for looking like a stupid asshole. whatever pal.have a good day.
  3. really reaching pal. so if i say they are, will you come back and say ' i meant in public schools , derr.
  4. no.but crt they are. the more ya know ' benny
  5. awe projection. so clearly. yes, let me debate the nuances of life and world events with a guy who starts every sentence with faggot retard. you are a simpleton. A true childish moron. you would think after 20 years on here you would come up with something original or witty. nope. xbox live style'. kill yourself.you are going nowhere.
  6. apollogy accepted .now go brush your teeth and go outside.
  7. hey faggot, im going to explain this one more time for your ged ass. I said kids were coming home from school telling there parents the bullshit they were taught. you jumped inj calling me grade 2 nursey rhymes stating that was impossible and i was pushing false narrative. nowhere did i specify public schools, you did.but theres such thing as private schools, and my original point stands. now go kill yourself you fucking retard' your owned.shut your cocktrap. capech, idiot?
  8. so no kids attend them?parents not upset about it? cause that was the point, ya daft fuck lol
  9. er...no.you delusional child,you got owned saying it wasn't.are you blind or stupid? lol oh benny.getting owned by a noob.i know it hurts , but get over it buddy.
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