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  1. ZR800efi


    more then one shooter.neither of them oswald. thats been my take on it.
  2. a 'landless band act ' was put into place for us..i do not live on a reserve nor do i have special hunting or fishing privileges atleast not that im aware of anyway. i do have a status card with dental, vision and health insurances provided and can buy things tax free if i visit a reserve. I am not exempt from income taxes or any other taxes incurred not on a reservation. i get raped on taxes just like everyone else , but when i purchased my atv and car i saved the taxes by having it shipped to a reserve. its complicated. we are recognized officially as fir
  3. im quite possibly more white then you are but the government has deemed me a status native so i don't argue.lol. im also a founding member of my band, which is crazy haha
  4. i just got off the phone with the band office.there hours are 9am--4pm but left a detailed message and my number to get in contact with me. I expressed concern how this upcoming gun ban proposed by the liberal government is a blow to our ability to hunt and thus a blow to our culture. asked what the bands official stance on this is exactly and if there was going to be push back on this issue .if there is and i can assist / participate in any way , im fully on board and willing to volenteer. we will see what they got to say.I will let you guys know. as far as
  5. ill call him tomorrow and see what he got to say. i wouldnt put much faith in it mattering but atleast i can say tried
  6. public safety' will trump there treaty or cultural rights. even though we all know thats nonsense, its the hill they will die on. they need to protect thereself at all cost cause they know the next phase will create real outrage. also , the tripling of tax, inflationary spending, reducing farmers crops , and eliminating much of the publics ability to hunt as an alternative makes perfect sense in this context of control. they want abesolute power. none of there reasons add up. it dont take a genus to see the motives are not what they say they are.
  7. when its a core part of the agenda such as this, they do not care.just like no one was exempt from the mandates.when they want it, they do not give a fuck when its a throw away issue and they can virtue signal it, sure, theyll throw them a bone. not when its something they need.
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