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Thought perhaps we'd get some action in here if Doo owners showed their rides...


Here's mine, 2020 Renegade X 850 in that Love it/hate it Green





So far has been flawless although it was a limited riding season for me last year

New Renegade.jpg

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I saw the manta green at the show in 19' and ordered it on my 20'.  One of the best colors Doo has had in awhile because you only get black and one other color for each model every year.  Perhaps now that Poo is selling more sleds they will finally bend and let those that spring order choose their colors.

Picture of mine and my brother's new 20's getting the accessories they needed.....



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4 minutes ago, oldslowsledder said:

NICE!  Lots of people at the other place made fun of it but I've never had a sled that attracted so much positive attention at the local burger joint :thumb:

They were the only Doo in the line up without a service bulletin right to the end, my wife worked at out local dealer and the 16 was supposed to be the last carb sled from Doo but they sold so many it stayed around a few more years. Not at all sure what to get next time.

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That 600 carbed was a great motor, had several over the years, put a ton of miles on trouble free. My only beef was the hanging idle in the later years but a blip of the throttle cured.

We'll see how the 85hp 600EFI that replaced it makes out. They certainly have it priced right up here north of the border

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On 12/17/2020 at 7:15 PM, Rowdy said:






Brother just got that same exact sled.  I niggered up my 20 BC base model in the offseason, pretty happy so far.  Things a little billy goat.


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This is my 2021 Backcountry Sport 600 EFI. Finally got to stretch its legs yesterday! I like the new motor a lot. I've had a few 600 e-tecs in smaller track lengths (120/129). This my first long track & Gen 4. Also have an older 900 Ace to ride so I'm use to no top end lol! My only complaint so far is the dumb key. I keep trying to start it from the handlebar. xD




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