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  1. jdsky


    I think chassis evolution has reached it's end. There will be tweaks here and there but there are only so many ways to arrange the triangles. It would be tough and cost a shitload of money to clean sheet an entirely new design and take a flyer on it hoping it is the next great thing for the sport. Sadly, electric sleds may be the last area where major changes can be made to chassis geometry. Getting rid of clutches, belts, chains and all of that shit for a simple direct drive system could allow for more radical chassis designs. I think the charging infrastructure is an almost insurmo
  2. jdsky


    Catalyst will win all three SOTY awards and sweep every podium in every type of race there is in 24. Poo and Doo have no chance. Once that 600, with an 800 crank, hits production state even the turbo 850's will get shown what's what. So fast and powerful textron will scrap any idea of ever needing to launch a big bore option. So fast dumstad will crack his brainless melon once again riding across a wide open lake with nothing else around him. This time at hyper speeds exceeding 30mph.
  3. If that same team puts wings and jet engine on a catalyst chassis just imagine what the fucking thing might do!
  4. "cloudiness sky's." Maybe get checked for a concussion. Scratch that. Just looked it up. You need a brain in order to get a concussion.
  5. Pretty sure if he had an alpha he could get to the top of Everest.
  6. I wouldn't be interested but how could you tell with his helmet on???
  7. Completely agree that when the engine options are there and the reliability of the platform overall becomes a complete non-factor the belt drive will be a nice to have feature. If these things become reality I will be a buyer again but I would hope the dealer network issue/s get resolved prior to. At the moment I have 3 possible dealers to purchase from and they carry every brand but cat right now. One option to fix that would be if Yamaha gets the new chassis.
  8. At least you admit you haven't ridden one. Anyone who has ridden doo or poo for years on different iterations of rider forward chassis' knows the catalyst will not be a game changer and those that have ridden it and can actually compare it to the others have been saying exactly that. Belt drive is not going to make it radically different. Laydown engine and centering the mass (even if it turns out to be a bit more than poo or doo) is not going to make it radically different for the average trail rider. The catalyst may eventually work out to be a better option for riders that own t
  9. Good review and definitely says what everyone else already on rider forward chassis' know is that this is catching up not changing the game. Is the belt better than a chain? Only time will tell and that's just another hurdle to get over. That's going to take thousands of sleds in owner's hands for thousands of miles before anyone will really know. It's definitely an advantage over having to change oil. Cat will sell all that they are able to make for next season because there is just a ton of pent up demand within the cat faithful. Hopefully next year brings an expanded lineup with ad
  10. This when a stock Poo 650 is already close to 140HP. As for power in the mountains. Who the fuck is buying a 600 to aftermarket turbo when you can just buy a factory turbo 850? Because you want less power on the mountains? Just fucking stupid any way you look at it.
  11. Well, cat even calls it a 125 class 600. Other than dumstad who gives two shits what some "media guy" says his butt dyno was reading? Have more invested than the cost of an 850 to turbo a fucking 600 and then only have slightly more HP than a stock Poo 650? I guess some idiots would be that fucking dumb.
  12. I was expecting them to release it at least 5 years ago and with more than just a 600 so that by now it would be re-worked for the 998T. What do you think they should have done? Waited another 10 years?
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