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  1. Agree that having to tether it every time is a bit of a negative as this is a first for me as well but the magnetic system works slick and is easy. I am still getting used to it and forget it from time to time but know right away because the helmet will begin to freeze up pretty fast. It would have to be fairly warm out to not need it plugged in. Somewhere above 25 degrees and it would be ok but then any lid on the market works on warm days. My test is when it's -20F or colder. I would never own any helmet that cannot stay frost free in that weather because those are the days when most ju
  2. This was the second season with an Oxygen helmet. Was time to retire the BV2S after 12 seasons of riding with it. The thing always worked flawlessly but I just got tired of the mask and after trying on an Oxygen was ready to switch it out. First season we did not have any really cold riding days, everything at or above zero. This year we had the week of solid -20 and one day of -30 riding and it worked really well. The only part that sucks about it was the flip down tinted lense. It frosted up on subzero days. Yes, it's heated and yes it cost $600 which is fucking ridiculous but w
  3. I will be putting season #3 on the same sled next year. Man, this season was short but we did make it to the Elvoy a couple of times. Two Cat riders in the group said they plan on ordering. One is on the fence over an XCR 650 or XRS 600. The other is just so pissed about the shitty Cat release he may quit riding altogether. I told him if I had to ride that Sabrecat I would have quit a long time ago.
  4. Congrats on the new sled!
  5. Monday was our last day and then we left. Things were already pretty destroyed. Many reports still stating good but far from it unless you like riding slushy dirt, mud and puddles. Cannot imagine what all the warm temps over the last few days have managed to do along with any weekday riders.
  6. Everyone is so focused on the list price of the Mach Z that the fact that an XRS with the Turbo R motor, active suspension and upgraded gauge and track option stickers for $19,400. My 2020 with 150HP, stock gauge and no Rmotion X or RAS X suspension listed for $16,500 and I would not be willing to drop another $3K for the 2022 with the upgrades. Now the X model with 30HP more (which I can pickup with a cheap tune) and suspension upgrades but no KYB Pro's lists for the same price. I think BRP has taken the list prices a bit too far even with the high demand for sleds, unless they know th
  7. Years of reporting a conservative number on the spec sheets that is proven to be so by the aftermarket dyno's. Specific to the 900T it launched the first year with a spec sheet number of 155HP. Every tuner on the planet had it on a dyno to begin creating their tunes and everyone of them was at or just above 160HP. The sled also runs side by side with "165HP" two strokes so it has to be right at or near the same output just not on the spec sheets. Second season of the 900T release. Spec sheet suddenly drops to 150HP. Many questions about what was changed or why. Tuners say it's exact
  8. Agree $20K US is too expensive for any sled but they will sell. Too many have been waiting a long time for one to materialize. The HP is likely 190 in reality so you are getting a factory tuned sled with a warranty but man that's still a lot of dollars sitting there when the snow isn't flying.
  9. jdsky

    2022 Doo Lineup

    Going to be higher prices on all 2022's with the covid tax. My dealers aren't discounting any powersports.
  10. jdsky

    2022 Doo Lineup

    Anybody know when the announce date is?
  11. jdsky

    2022 Doo Lineup

    Anyone have any info, rumors or otherwise? I'm not in the market this year but always like to see what the new models bring. Since last year was an update to both front and rear suspension along with a new 600 EFI motor, mountain turbo and the new gauge package I doubt there will be much specifically since some models have already been produced as 2022's. Good chance it's just BNG's for 22.
  12. Yes. Our trails just opened up at noon yesterday and the reports already started coming in with dipshits riding off trail already. Until these dumb fucks have to pay substantial fines ($1K or more) I just see this getting worse until the trails are gone. Then the dipshits will just move on to something else, they really don't care.
  13. I've got 10 miles or so of lake running. Sucks. Hopefully this weather pattern changes soon. I guess if there is any bright side Bontz can buy his sled back for pennies on the dollar if that does not happen.
  14. Absolutely fucking sucks. Last night the models were looking great for at least a half a foot or more and this morning a complete about face and lucky to wind up with little to nothing. Our annual week long ride was supposed to start next week and looking like trails will not be open yet.
  15. Totally agree that the cost of new sleds is tough to justify based on the short seasons alone but if not for the improvements we currently have in the sport I wouldn't be putting on the miles I do in a day. If I was forced to ride the old iron it's likely I would be out of it as the body would not be able to keep up. Guess that's a large part of how I justify the crazy high cost. I know a lot of riders still shun the four strokes but again, part of my justification is that at least the motor will last as long as I want to keep it. Replacing wear items, rebuilding shocks, all that stuff is
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