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  1. Stupid fuck committed a felony but will get a slap on the wrist because he's part of the protected group. He should get 10-20 years.
  2. Lions looked good in the first half. The defense was either gassed at the end of the first half or just decided to take the second half off. Stay healthy and the team should have a good run this season. There were some highlights for Packer fans that want to see the rookies continue to improve. The bitch Packer fans in the stands that want to boo just because they don't have a HOF QB and a veteran roster to back him up after all these decades of having one should just stay home.....
  3. Every rider in our group will be back on cat if they get back to leading and can deliver a superior product but that is going to take more than a couple of seasons of sleds in owners hands to be proven. The other major hurdle textron has is they have gutted the dealer network. None of my past cat dealers even carry the brand anymore. It's going to be an uphill battle to keep the lights on in TRF.
  4. Yes, first year cats are so fucking amazing that riders cannot wait to buy them. The history is so stellar that they should have like 90% of all sled sales by now. Everyone I know has been burned by cat at some point or has finally said fuck it, I'm tired of waiting for them to get back in the game. This latest effort is fucking way long overdue and hopefully they get it right. At some point textron is going to pull the plug if sales do not come around which is not really good for anyone in the sport. After more than two decades they either get back to leading again with great produc
  5. Yes, it can get a bit claustrophobic in the city when you have neighbors on both sides and on the lots in back. We would have purchased one that backed up to woods but none were available at the time we sold and no timeframe at all on when they would be and the cost of building was just going up by the month. By the time our house was finished - took 6 months - prices to build the same home we did had already gone up by $50K. I think it's absolute bullshit where we are right now and there is nobody to blame but the current administration for continuing to give out free money by the tril
  6. Fuck tiny homes. We downsized a little over a year ago to 2700sq. ft. That is the absolute minimum I would ever want to live in at least until my brain is as mushy as bidentards. It is on a city lot in a decent development where all my neighbors have been great people. I was burned out mowing 2 acres of grass and tending to a pool for the past 20 years. Love my postage stamp yard that I can pull out the zero turn and mow in ten minutes flat including blowing the clippings off the drive and sidewalk. If we get claustrophobic we head to the lake house and get all the wilderness we
  7. I think Lions fans have good reason to be optimistic for this season. Last seasons finish was strong and it seems the team is pickup up where they left off. What I think is funny is the Vikings finally have a decent head coach and are putting the pieces together only to have the Lions right there to eat their lunch. This season is pretty much a write-off for the Packers and the team gets to play the rookie rebuilding card so any wins are just bonus points and making the playoffs would be icing on that first season birthday cake but really fans have no expectations. Good on the Lio
  8. Fucking unions. It work making these stupid demands if every automaker was forced to use union labor but they don't. What the dipshit leaders of these outdated gangs fail to understand is they are competing against these companies in the marketplace. Who's going to pay for these retarded demands? The American taxpayer. Dipshit biden will give away some tax money in a feeble attempt to help the industry which will ultimately go to the people everyone seems to want to hate - rich executives. Then, when the price tag on all of the autos these dumbos produce goes through the roof, who
  9. I just don't get it. Not a Poo basher as I still own a RZR and a 4 wheeler and have owned other Poo products in the past, just not a sled. They absolutely cut corners on all products to a degree that is just a head scratcher. Some of it could be forgiven when they were trying to be a price leader in segments but they have been matching Doo's pricing and even exceeding it for some time now. When that is the case using shitty parts is really unacceptable. If this continues a lot of riders that jumped ship to Poo will be looking hard at other alternatives.
  10. I know this thread is about cat but fuck man, poo really needs to get their shit together and all this stop ride bullshit. I really like the part where it says - "Polaris is working on a solution at no cost to consumers." Who's the genius at poo that thinks not being able to actually ride the fucking sled you bought is a no cost to the consumer situation? The new chassis is nice and I think the handling is really good overall but I'm not dropping the kind of cash poo is asking these days for shit they are still sticking their customers with.
  11. The conversation should really keep focus on the new texcatatron big bore motor. Doo's sales numbers are not really germane to that and/or will they be affected in any meaningful way. Well at least until the motor is proven over tens of thousands of miles by tens of thousands of riders - so in about 10 years or so.
  12. It's not just going to tip over easier it will blow away even in the slightest of breezes. Overall strength is going to be similar to a sheet of reynolds wrap.
  13. I hear the new texacatalyst is extremely light. So light it may just blow away in a light breeze....
  14. So textron's huge announcement is a way late to the party 850 class (that nobody is going to be riding this season) when the competition has had turbo two strokes and 900's in customers hands? Hope for the sake of the fans that are dying to drop $20K on this sled that wont be on snow for over a year don't get fucked by first year engine design. A big problem for textron is they are dropping this me-too sled on consumers that are already battered by record high prices and interest rates. If the snow this winter is total shit it really won't matter how big the hype is.
  15. Maybe big news means it's a new 2 stroke designed by yamaha. That would be big news. Another cat engine just means more disappointment for everyone except dumstad.
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