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  1. Please, do us all a favor.
  2. Flat earther's will spend countless hours fucking attempting to debunk the globe yet they have no working model that explains how this works on their earth is a pizza belief. It's called throw some shit on the wall and see if people have soft enough heads to actually believe it.
  3. From what I have seen women have for more instances of adverse effects from the vax.
  4. If they only knew that all you had to do was mask up with a napkin this terrible, terrible situation could have been completely avoided.....
  5. I think Poo has definitely been working hard to improve over the last half decade and would definitely try one but I left the two stroke treadmill five years ago and won't be looking back. I also have a hard time with owners talking about drive bearings in brand new sleds needing to be serviced and/or swapped out after a few hundred miles or wait a couple of thousand miles and have the dealer replace them under warranty when it's the least convenient time to have it done. I have never had to think about a drive bearing on any of my sleds over the past decade and a half even when putting
  6. Hopefully things get worked out at Cat. The best chance right now is for someone else to buy them out. As for GM, I'm in line for a Hummer EV. 5 tons of 4x4 zero to 60 in 3 seconds and I was in.
  7. The media push is to get people to vaccinate their kids even though the actual data is showing that the shot has not done a fucking thing to either slow the spread of infection OR reduce the number of critically ill. The ICU's still have covid patients in them and those dying from it are the most susceptible to it and also is the group with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated. All while the numbers of those with natural immunity keep growing as people get infected, WHICH IS WHAT IS GOING TO EVENTUALLY HAPPEN ANYWAY, vaccine or no vaccine. Just like the annual flu there is no way
  8. The fans will be ok even if it takes some time. Aaron may not like the management in the head office but they have managed to do quite well over the past three decades and that's not only because of two HOF QB's. They have managed to put together the entire package and bring home championships. That takes an entire organization to do that. Who knows when or if Green Bay will have another HOF QB at the helm but I give the organization and the current coaching staff a pretty good chance of finding one at some point. There are other teams in the league that cannot seem to even identify
  9. He did look good last season and perhaps he did deserve to be MVP but I'm not sure he was better than Brady when looking at the overall season and outcomes and I am not a Brady fan at all. The formula for last season went like this. Score three or more touchdowns in the first half and look really good. Offense takes the second half off and hope the prevent defense can hold up. Win by a field goal or a miraculous touchdown in the last seconds of the game. Yes, wins are wins and they matter but when it really counted in the 4th quarter of the championship game Brady delivered and Rodgers di
  10. There were more than a few fans last season that thought Rodgers was already done even though they wound up putting together a lot of wins. They hardly dominated and scored just enough points to win the game. Sure that is all that matters but Rodgers hardly looked his best last season and I think he should have just retired and moved on to hosting a TV game show. He put far more effort into that than he did preparing for this season.
  11. A chart with the stat's is much easier to understand vs a single data point or stat. As with any data it's how you interpret it. Look at the trend lines over the past year for hospitalization, ICU patients and ICU, Bed and Ventilator usage. The trend lines are pretty flat which tells me that even though 55% of WI residents are fully vaccinated it's having little to no impact on the hospitalization rates or number of people in the ICU over the past year. For fuck sake, people need to go on living their lives even though this weapon has been unleashed and there is little to nothing any o
  12. What stood out to me was the laundry list of degree's along with accompanying senior level titles. Someone with all of these positions and degrees under their belt yet cannot get up on a stage at an informal event and put a few minutes of coherent talking points together without having to read them verbatim off of an iPad. At least be intelligent enough to know if you are not going to spend a few minutes rehearsing the material setup a better teleprompter. That is the single best mirror into her capabilities as a senior exec/manager. Perhaps her first round of triage will be to fire that i
  13. Village idiot. He has been out of office for months yet he still lives completely rent free in that empty space between your ears.
  14. jdsky

    2022 Doo Lineup

    They definitely sold a shit ton of RV's over the past year. My son and daughter in law upgraded to a new 5th wheel last spring but only because they had been looking for a couple of years, found exactly what they were looking for and it was being discounted heavily ($65K MSRP for $35K) unlike many new toys these days that are all selling for MSRP if you can find them. They sold their 17 year old 5th wheel they picked up 5 years ago for $8000 within a day of listing it last spring. They only paid $2250 for it. They had a couple dozen calls on that thing within minutes of listing it.
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