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  1. I've got 10 miles or so of lake running. Sucks. Hopefully this weather pattern changes soon. I guess if there is any bright side Bontz can buy his sled back for pennies on the dollar if that does not happen.
  2. Absolutely fucking sucks. Last night the models were looking great for at least a half a foot or more and this morning a complete about face and lucky to wind up with little to nothing. Our annual week long ride was supposed to start next week and looking like trails will not be open yet.
  3. Pit cunt completely trashed dootalk and I have not been back since. Same thing with HCS and fuck up joe. Have no reason to go back there and give VS the satisfaction of clicks. It's bad enough that forums are already a dying form of social media but VS buying up everything and then enforcing their bullshit rules through moderation is just fucking ridiculous. I'm of the opinion it may not be exactly what corporate wants as the bottom line is really only profits that are important but they have allowed this to happen by having complete douche bags like joe and the gunt interpret and enfo
  4. Totally agree that the cost of new sleds is tough to justify based on the short seasons alone but if not for the improvements we currently have in the sport I wouldn't be putting on the miles I do in a day. If I was forced to ride the old iron it's likely I would be out of it as the body would not be able to keep up. Guess that's a large part of how I justify the crazy high cost. I know a lot of riders still shun the four strokes but again, part of my justification is that at least the motor will last as long as I want to keep it. Replacing wear items, rebuilding shocks, all that stuff is
  5. Highly doubt I will ever shed the sledding addiction but this could be the last sled that I buy for another decade. That will hardly help out the industry.
  6. Looks like a chance for some white stuff Thur and Friday but agree this year has been a really slow start and cannot blame anyone for taking advantage of the used sled buying frenzy that has been going on. There is a high probability that you will be able to pick up a bargain for next season when many of these buyers coming back into the sport find out sledding is by far more expensive and hit or miss than boating or wheeling or insert any other powersport here.
  7. What is the top end on that sled? What is the top end on that sled? Post up your experiences with it this season.
  8. Agree the brand forums should be a place to get some actual assistance or help without the bullshit. This site has the potential to replace HCS completely if that becomes a reality. The cocksucker/s at VS need to receive a message that if you fuck with the membership you get your just rewards.
  9. Those diptshits over at testicalscope sure are a fucked up bunch. They hire a complete douchebag as their chief moderator in charge and then just let him run around and fuck everything up. If this message originated from asshole joe it would be interesting if his superiors somehow found out he has been going rogue and has no concept of how to handle situations that could have easily been long done. Instead his saga continues.
  10. You're not really a sled head if you don't enjoy the shit slinging that goes along with it. Our group started out as all madcatter's and has evolved over the decades right along with the sport. It would suck if our group consisted of just one brand but it's getting really close with just one holdout. If you really are a sled head you want more choices and not less and it will be good for the sport if Textron infuses more cash into R&D.
  11. Cat is just a brand name as long as Textron owns it. It's Textron that decides where to spend money or not. It's Textron that has been slashing and burning since they bought the place within the race department, with engineers, with dealers, with R&D budgets. Recent product launches like the Alpha or even the Blast don't count because they were in development long before Textron took over. This is why everyone focuses in on Textron. What most are waiting to see is what will they (Textron) will do next with the brand.
  12. VS Joe's vag has got to be on fire still. There has to be someone at VS that is seriously looking into why a guy only on the payroll for 6 months has caused such a shit storm. There goes his 2.5% raise next year.
  13. The gunt cancelled his ride for next year? Convenient.
  14. Guess he wasn't happy with the leaked Cat info in here. It's as good as any found on the net so far.
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