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  1. Exactly. Rodgers admitted he did not play as well as he should have but in the end if you take away any of the special teams fuck ups Green Bay still wins even with his less than stellar performance. Just look at SF's field position every time they started a drive. If the defense had not been playing as well as they did SF likely puts up at least 3 touchdowns. When you have a absolutely embarrassing loss like that one there is plenty of blame to go around but in the end special teams really fucked the pooch and because there have been issues there all season most of that can go direct
  2. Cannot believe the Bills lost that one with the lead and only 13 seconds left. Defense still wins games and shootouts always go to the last team holding the ball.
  3. My summary would be Packers Defense did enough, Offense did barely enough but it would have been enough. Special teams found every way they could to lose the game.
  4. Unless you are living under a rock everyone is going to get this fucking shit. An at home test at taxpayer expense is just fucking stupid. Get sick, stay home and quarantine for 5 days. Go on with life. I kicked the fucking Delta last summer, I kicked the fucking omicron last week. No test needed.
  5. Trailers heading South on HWY 51 last Sunday was unbelievable. Have not seen that many in a long time. I'm a bit pissed though. While taking this picture of two trailers parked in the median I missed the shot of a completely mangled F7 being towed home.
  6. Two days after the second dose. She also had wild swings in blood pressure which has also been reported as a known side effect. That lasted for more than 6 weeks after the stroke.
  7. Finally some of the truth is starting to come out. I point blank asked my moms neurologist if the stroke she had right after the second shot was going to be reported he admitted that the hospital had not implemented any protocol for their department to do so. As a family we were lucky my dad recognized her stroke symptoms early, got her into the ER quickly and she did not have serious consequences. I feel bad for all of the families throughout this vax shit show that were not as lucky as we were.
  8. Just send it! Almost stuck the landing and that should just buff out no problem.
  9. The fear level has been raised to a point where most lefties think it's 100% of the infected are in the hospital dying. Their favorite outlets daily updates always begin with a shot of some poor bastard laying in a hospital bed with tubes everywhere followed up by a map showing infections levels off the charts. So fucked up. Still have minor symptoms and not bothering with a test to tell me I have it or not. As for spreading it I am supposed to be good now that it's been at least 5 days but even then, this shit is everywhere and almost every family I know now has someone that is sick
  10. We also will never know how many people have died from the vax. When the complications are vascular and heart related they just chalk it up to the vid or some other pre-existing condition. It will never be from the vax even if people start dropping dead in the streets in five or ten years from massive heart attacks it will just be shrugged off as "it would have happened anyway."
  11. Always in for a good jimmie r laugh or two. The guy is so out of touch it's just non-stop hilarity with his posts. Thanks for posting the link as while I was over there I would have missed the most exciting thing to come out of TRF this season..... Comes with necessary easy rear access zipper and some sort of instructions involving a FIST. Those Cat guys really know how to party.....
  12. Except 73K don't all work in one of the most critical positions they have right now - ICU nurses. She is also not the only critical care nurse that does not want the shot forced on her. Forcing people to choose their work over their own personal healthcare choices is so screwed up it's unbelievable we reached this point. Bottom line and she will be the first to tell anyone that will listen. The shot does not prevent you from getting wuflu. Once you have wuflu the shot does nothing whatsoever to prevent you from spreading to anyone else vaxxed or not. The shot also does not mean
  13. It is milder but my brother still has some pretty bad symptoms with constant cough, bad sore throat and sinus congestion. He got the booster last month prior to Xmas. He is taking a home test tomorrow but he also has to go into the office and does not want to expose everyone there is it's the wuflu. So far I have a mild sore throat and some congestion. Will see it that gets any worse over the next few days but I am going to rely on my natural immunity after getting the delta last summer. Hopefully it will go to war with the chinese pathogens in my body.
  14. Have friends and his wife is an ICU nurse at Mayo in Rochester and was part of the 700 worker mass firing for those refusing to get the shot. They already called her up and are begging her to come back to work. She gave them the middle finger until the policy on forcing the shot is removed.
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