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  1. They certainly dumped dealers that were underperforming but those that I know were great dealers and had sold shitloads of Cats over the decades dumped Cat because of their shitty support and poor warranty claim reimbursement.
  2. This is why I always have to get off the sled and pull them around corners. You must have missed that post. I've been doing this since 2005.
  3. The reason there are so many complaints about how doo's handle is because there have been so many of them on the trails. More sleds, more idiots. Almost every handling issue is because some think you need MORE Carbide, MORE Traction, MORE stiffness in the suspension, MORE EVERYTHING. Crank the son of a bitch to infinity then complain about how the thing has hard steering, won't corner, won't transfer, and rides like a fuckin' buckboard.
  4. Correct. It is impossible to take a corner on a Doo. Straight line riding only which is a bummer because there are only corners where I ride. I am used to just riding up to corners then get off the sled, pull the ski's around get back on and ride to the next corner. It's still fun though, keeps me in shape. Really hard to do 200 mile days like this though......
  5. All of it, all the time. My sled corners like it's on rails so no need to ever let off and keep the turbo spooling at all times. Sled is also playful when at full boil, roosting and cat walking.....
  6. Did I hear Gunter in that video say fucksconn several times? It's good to see the reporters far more concerned about apple's earning's than those poor people's absolutely shitty lives...... Maybe fucksconn can move production to that giant empty plant here in WI.
  7. Just a quick question for the big pharma vax loving dipshits. Since not one of you defenders of this shit will admit to this shit continuing to do damage to Americans, it must be out of it's experimental phase by now right? I mean, how the fuck can this completely harmless shit still be considered experimental at this point? According to all you numbnutz defenders it has been administered to billions and is completely harmless.
  8. Hard to believe anyone is defending these fucks. Giant fucking money grab and people are still lapping it up.
  9. One suggestion is Zelle. Just about every bank uses it now with zero fees unlike venmo or other electronic payment methods. Just link it to an email addy. Even our age old credit union has it built into their app. I ditched paypal and ebay after the shitbirds refused to refund $150 in sellers fees they still owe me after a year now of back and forth with their lying cheating and non-existing customer service black hole. One easy way to battle the high cost of hosting is rather than different membership levels start charging for thread starts. Sled threads, what's for dinner thre
  10. The $27 Million they were fined by the CPSC for not reporting defects on the RZR's is why you see so many of these stop rides from them. It was the largest fine ever levied on a company by that agency. This sort of thing will definitely cause a companies attorney's to go ape shit on anything that is identified as a potential issue with any of their products. So far Polaris has avoided all of the private litigation relating to fires by settling them out of court. Their lawyers know it's only a matter of time before they get a defendant that wants their day in court and if they win ope
  11. Woke idiots doing everything they can to try to make Musk look like the bad guy but anyone with half a brain and paying that much cash for a company would go in and clean house of all the rat turds.
  12. Another possible scenario or two. 1. Attorney's drag this shit out until the house committee is kicked to the curb. 2. Threats of subpoenas for all of the shit bird political fucks in DC starts to sink in and they let off the gas. The major issue for Trump is his adversarial relationship with his own party. A party he would have to now rely on to have his back. I'm not sure that would happen given how hard he continues to rail on the swamp rats.
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