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  1. Anything by AMF, we had some in the 70's with JLO 340-440 twin's.
  2. now thats how its done !
  3. didn't order anything just two new off the floor
  4. yay we did but they walked past them to get on a plane
  5. 100 day to go ! Putting the track day bike away
  6. Our news station said were up 80% in first time gun owners, LTC classes are running at the local gun shop I use and the cars all have bumper stickers saying things like, "I'm with her", "Feel the burn" and "Biden 2020" and I really want to go ask what they now are scared of after all they voted for this crap. The funny part is they take the class and try to buy a pistol but can't as you have to wait for your permit to get approved and the state is way behind. Then after that they try to buy something and there isn't much for sale and never mind about ammo. You should see the look on their fa
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