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  1. Talking with someone last week and her son stayed on the island and worked after the family moved. His room is 800 a week, nobody out there is working for 15.00
  2. Venezuela immigrant, funny that should enter the conversation. Remember when they voted for income equality then anyone who could leave did and then the country imploded. Those people destroyed their economy and are now heading this way. Like they said before, you can vote your way into socialism but you have to fight your way back out. Wonder what they will vote for once they cross the border, probably for whoever let them in and allowed them to stay.
  3. it has happened before and 91
  4. That province town mayor bitching about not getting any warning, what he doesn't watch the news of the caravans coming up ? This guy live under a rock ? It's not ok to overwhelm another state's resources and sit back and watch from the safety of your island. Funny how all of a sudden we ain't all in this together.
  5. In the Church right now but you will run into code violations soon, like I said Ma is a right to shelter state so by law they have to respond. It's hard but they are going to deal with it LOL, send another 50 every day just like at the border.
  6. I have seen some and before the stop sale few people took delivery, I don't know if they are still delivering them
  7. Remember when Brandon promised card check, well he did the same amount of work on this.
  8. Problem is Ma is a right to shelter state so now they are staying here but does anyone really think that they will stay on the island. They will end up in a motel with benefits and under the new law a driver's license so they can go back a bring more north.
  9. It will continue until governor's start trying to sue each other for dumping them and driving off.
  10. So they have 230,000 sled's and 92 days until the trails open so they need to fix 2500 daily, anyone see that happening.
  11. LoL found it https://www.nationalreview.com/news/buses-of-illegal-immigrants-arrive-outside-kamala-harriss-d-c-residence/
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