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  1. Everyone knows that you smoke in the woods !
  2. Everyone who's got an anxiety disorder goes and gets high instead of getting help. They get medicated by their doctors then go get some pot and smoke it,eat it or cbd everything. Dirty, disheveled and either unemployed or underemployed bitching the psych meds don't work but hey they got pot right.
  3. got the tires warm this weekend
  4. Something ain't it they chased morality and ethics out of the school systems but can't pay for college or show up for work. I remember when a moment of silence and the pledge of allegiance were removed from the classroom and look what replaced it.
  5. Didn't Pelosi and Omar work to remove armed gards at school to appease BLM and why is it that back when we went to hunter ed a 14 year old could get a FID and go hunting or to the range without an adult. We used to bring guns to school then go hunting or to the range and nobody gave it a thought so what happened to the youth during purbety that now requires a mental health check to make sure they won't destroy other students. Cant blame God as he was removed from schools decades ago so it has to be something else like the parents. No personal responsibility what so ever and this s
  6. So was he raised by the grandmother and if so where are the parents. Haven't heard much about that yet.
  7. I did not say anything about transgender, society has been tearing down men and boys for years. The latest just happens to be let them pretend to be girls and play girls sports.
  8. What about the second part of what I posted, the best you can do is call a person a name on line and thats weak. You take that and raise childeren who will be weaker than that with no morals,values or ethics. At some point everyone has to pay for the empty kid who wants to make everyone pay for how they feel inside, usless parents raise junk kids. This is the place we are today.
  9. Thats not at all what I am saying. Men have been taught not to be men for the last thirty years up to and including being girls lately. I was taught that name calling showed a person has no valid point way back in grade school and once again you proved the point to be true.
  10. How can you not understand whats wrong with young men these days, lets start with them being able to pretend to be girls and work back from there.
  11. Why the locals always know
  12. There's always been a solution but the government has been backing away from mental health issues for decades as you can no longer get a check up from the neck up these days. Most state hospitals are closed and no we all didn't suddenly get healthy mentally. They also have been downsizing jails. Currently we have a bill to raise the age a person can be tried as a adult and another to prevent new construction and expansion to our jails, guess everyone is a saint now. It's stupid expensive to incarcerate a person and even more to house and treat them for mental health issues. But hey pots
  13. Noticed a uptick in empty house's lately, things that were occupied month ago. Just up and left, guess it's time to pay the backlog of bills or get out.
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