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    IMO, they are very political (lack of a better word), ok they suck. There are a lot of great artist/bands that have yet made it into the R&RHoF, then there are some that suck ass that have made it.
  2. ^^^^^ To be honest, IMO, it's a love/hate type thing. I have a 16 1200 with the ITC throttle and love it, BUT i'm also use to it. I do think the sports mode is a bit twitchy in the tight trails and usual run in the normal mode, but for not so tight or long runs it's in sports mode. My son has a 2S and can tell the difference but it use to the throttle.
  3. I was given my first car if you could call it that. My mom's car was hit in the front from another vehicle while she was stopped. My dad bought her a new car. I got the damaged one, a 65 Dodge Coronet 4 door. We replaced the fender and the rest of the damage stuff stayed just like it was. Well some of you might remember back then when LEOs set up vehicle inspections along roadways, as luck would have it one day, I got waved into one. They did the checklist on my car and I had 11 things wrong with it, from no horn, blinkers not working, bald tires, wipers squirters not working, bumper not
  4. The third doses increases immunity, so after the fourth dose you are protected. Once 80% of the population has received the fifth dose, the restrictions can be relaxed as the sixth dose stops the virus from spreading. I am calm and believe the seventh dose will solve our problems and we should have no reason to fear the eighth dose. The clinical phase of the ninth dose confirms that the antibodies remain stable after the tenth dose. The eleventh dose guarantees that no new mutations will develop, so there is no longer any reason to criticize the idea of a twelfth dose.
  5. Yep Ariens or grab a shovel.
  6. That's simple When did Biden become a politician?
  7. I’m A Twenty Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End Ryan JOHNSON Oct 27·10 min read I have a simple question for every ‘expert’ who thinks they understand the root causes of the shipping crisis: Why is there only one crane for every 50–100 trucks at every port in America? No ‘expert’ will answer this question.
  8. America will not make it to 30 years let alone 3 with the current administration. Here's another perfect example of where we're headed https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-administration-in-talks-to-pay-hundreds-of-millions-to-immigrant-families-separated-at-border-11635447591
  9. Snow city seems to be cheaper until you throw in the sales tax if you live in MI.
  10. That's who we use when buying tracks.
  11. Tell me about it. We are wanting to take the track (121) off the 99 MXZx 440 sled and put it on the 97 440 F/C for the grand kids to ride. We have had a track ordered and paid for since May to be able to do this and still not here. What size track you looking for? We have a 129 x 1.25 Ice Ripper and a 136 x 1.5 Ripsaw (I know to big), if either will work.
  12. Yes and did you read that I posted that they changed the requirements a while back?
  13. See other post, the requirements for plating a SxS in MI was changed a few years or so back.
  14. ^^^^ This As far as I know they changed the requirements on plating SxS a couple of years or so back as it seemed everyone was plating them. I've seen plated SxS riding the roads up there in northern MI.
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