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  1. Heidi McNary is the Senior Vice President and General Manager, Powersports, leading the Arctic Cat and Tracker Off Road business lines and organizations. Cat is in trouble
  2. Seen Miller numerous times, but one of the best was at Red Rocks with Frampton in 17
  3. Simple that's common sense, as for the Biden, he thinks with common dollars as you can tell by his spending.
  4. Hey that made me think of a great idea. Biden should get on the tube and tell ever American over there to find a basement to hide in, after all he's very good at hidden in them.
  5. Surprised you don't have a closet or dresser set up so that you can keep clothing for different weather conditions when up there.
  6. The easiest thing for you to do is order online and pick it up in West Branch, that's what we usually do unless we take 33 up, same thing for Home Depot. We pass by both in Bay City, to crowded.
  7. Sorry, I've yet to see a paycheck from Walmart for doing my own checking out/bagging, until then they can do it. The best thing Walmart and other stores have done is online ordering. Quick and simple. I order almost everything on line.
  8. A little off subject We went to Timberfest this pass weekend. Lewiston Area Groomers was there with one of the groomers. I had a nice talk to them about 448 and how crappy/lack of grooming it was during the winter, along with how come the gates are still open along 448. They said DNR told them that the gates had to stay open as it was state land. As for grooming not enough drivers to groom everything during the winter, told them a little would help. Then I hear them say to someone else that they groom in town and 429 (trail by Twin Lakes Marina) to help the businesses. Number 1 comp
  9. There's a few restaurants on the list that I would hate to see go, the others I could care less about. We usually go in to eat, but we are also up at our place in northern MI, where most of the places are local mom and pop businesses, then there at the regulars stops on the trail during the winter at we go to no matter what.
  10. She's been whining that the mean old republican control house stripped her (scary thought) of her emergency powers that she had before. On a side note just read this today. They are talking about having a surcharge for employees who are not vaxed. Now lets see your an employer, can't find people to work and now you want to charge those people who are willing to work. Companies look at surcharge for unvaccinated employees https://www.wnem.com/news/companies-look-at-surcharge-for-unvaccinated-employees/article_f7b553ce-f953-11eb-a18f-bf1c067c8cbc.html?block_id=994426
  11. That's a simple move as in elections around the corner, lets get everyone a going in fear.
  12. Yes it was. We have a place up north that I would not even think about renting, but as stated above it depends on what you want. My wife cleans a couple of rentals during the summer for some extra cash and usually they throw in a week stay after the season is over. I can tell you from the cleaning side you have good renters and bad renters. I've seen where renters basically didn't give a fuck about the place to those that treated it like their own. Also I've seen where some maintenance needed to be done while some one was there renting and the owners were no where to be found. Also, I
  13. I'm sorry to say that I've gotten a flu shot for years and never came down with it. This year I am not getting a flu shot as like the election, I don't trust them or big pharma co's.
  14. Sled's looking good for a Poo.....LOL Just kidding. Hopefully we'll get more snow than last year. My sled is ready for the season except getting the front shocks refreshed. Headed up to LBL this weekend to swap out tracks on Bobby's sled, skid is already out. A few more things to go on that and than on to the 99 F/C for the grand kids.
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