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  1. Have you looked at the 550 bashing thread that might answer some questions.
  2. I’m still up but damn it’s painful watching few thousand just disappear 😢 😞 😬 hoping this next 3 months as good as everyone’s claiming it’s gonna be. Dammit Biden hurry up and send my 600 I wanna buy the damn dip 😂
  3. Nice picture. Didn’t get to stop and do any site seeing unfortunately. We were at Santa’s village all day lol. Did get a good view of the mountains from top the Ferris wheel though 👍.
  4. 😂 👍 it’s definitely not diamond and if it is tweaked at all I’d be surprised but who know for sure till it’s on the rack. No idea wrote my notes office entered them in sent over to insurance. Guess maybe 10-15k It wiped out the front too fender/door basically the entire drivers side. I don’t bother looking at paperwork until it’s time to work on it. I have 13 other cars going right now this one is way at the bottom of the list since we don’t even have a ok from insurance yet.
  5. 👍 Perfect day up north today was in Jefferson all day. Starting to get just a little color in the trees up there too.
  6. I don’t think so but won’t know until insurance stops dragging there ass and gives the ok on preliminary estimate. Once they do I’ll actually start working on it get it on the rack measure it. It’s a 2” bar not a 1” I measured it Friday. It is just a 2.5” hole with a sleeve to accept a 2” bar. The sleeves are nothing new lot of new truck have them. I did find some trailer pieces thrown in the back seat floor Friday also. Jack and torn off pieces of safety cable and lock on what’s left of the tongue latch so definitely some kind of trailer incident.
  7. Sweet, they were nice looking cars wouldn’t mind owning one
  8. Enemies list lol what are you some 12yr old girl playing a old broke shit stained undies wearing loser that has zero money and life and is notorious on the internet for loving the dick
  9. I figured I pick south cause the days are going down till opening day 😂
  10. Can’t help ya there I’m still rocking my old x-team leather gloves I’m due for a new set too.
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