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  1. The Mach what a disappointment 20k too I’m sure they’ll sell none of these.
  2. Yup, a full detail clay bar, Buffing/polishing and carnauba wax does take forever but it will look amazing. I do my wife’s car once a year and it takes a good 4-5hrs. A simple spray cleaner/polish is a few minute deal.
  3. Your thinking carnauba wax which will leave white residue on black texture plastic. The things we are talking here like plexus and capt richards stuff I suggested doesn’t leave white residue on black plastic.
  4. Yup me too. The scenery and experience of traveling across Alaska would be so fun.
  5. Ya, I don’t have health insurance I pay for everything myself. The XP-3 helmet and klim Arctic balaclava came in Saturday but I’m still waiting on the goggles. The balaclava seems good but a little loose around the nose I’m hoping the goggles hold it tighter to my nose area once they show up hopefully tomorrow. I might bring some tape to tape the nose area of the balaclava to my face around my nose if it isn’t sealing good.
  6. Awesome at least up north is getting hammered can’t wait to head to the county next week gonna be mint.
  7. Pouring rain down here. Lots of ice on the trees gonna make a mess of the trails if they are even rideable after this. Hopefully northern NH and Maine got all snow.
  8. Maybe they are all out riding taking advantage of it lol or sadly moved to facefuck
  9. It seems people don’t really use the state forums here. They post in the current events official 21 season thread. on another note I went into hcs the other day first time in a while and the NH section wasn’t very active either.
  10. 1-3 down south 6-10 up north. Been flurries here on and off today so far. Looks like a potentially big storm end of the week.
  11. My first sled 02 legend 380 I hit over 100mph on the speedo.....doing donuts on glare ice with the throttle pinned real life on hard pack lake it got 72mph speedo
  12. Seems like the guy from town in the expedition class made it to the first check point....pretty cool can’t wait to talk to him about it when he gets back
  13. Ya that’s kinda what I thought. unfortunately sales people take calls as serious and emails as strokers from my experience. I can’t blame them I do the same when I sell something online if you aren’t calling you can’t be that serious about buying whatever it is I’m selling. It’s always the wives that ruin the fun isn’t it lol
  14. Yup, I’d think if your calling you’ll get your answer immediately. Email you’ll get your answer when the sales guys are done dealing with walk-ins and callers.
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