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  1. Fucking idiots no chance of that land owner ever coming around to potentially opening the trail now I’d bet. They shoulda put up some game cameras there so they could catch who is going around it or cutting it down.
  2. Back in the day mountain sleds had what a 136 track was a long track of the day so pretty much everyone has a long track compared to old days standards. I remember dealer I go to had a 05 summit 1000 new for sale for years cause no one wanted it. I use to think why the hell would anyone buy this thing for around here.
  3. I guess they can sense I’m hungry and ready for lunch these sick bastards advertising chips 😂
  4. There are definitely bad tippers but even averaging it out the good and bad I’d bet 90% still average more than the $15hr they all cry for. I mean hell I know for our family of four I'm always tipping at least 15-20 depending on the bill and we ain’t eating for over a hour and that’s just one of the multiple tables they have going. I mean what the hell do you want to walk food to a table quarter million a year 😂.
  5. No one’s makes that what do you think they don’t get tips? I’d be surprised if any waitress/waiter makes under the $15hr all the Dems want as a minimum wage especially in NH
  6. Construction worker shortages no shit they’ve only been saying blue collar trades jobs are shit for years go to college you’ll make a killing 😂
  7. They wanted to remove trump for far less because he was “unhinged” this guy is literally not fit to be president he can’t even finish a sentence for crying out loud. His brain is gone.
  8. I says, "Callin' all trucks, this here's the Duck "We about to go a-huntin' bear"
  9. He should be in a nursing home guy is fuckin smoked it’s embarrassing.
  10. Nice, I know ya count the points but don’t really know what qualifies as a point so I was just guessing. Thanks for letting me know 👍. I’m hoping to get some antlers this season got a couple set ups hopefully knock them off we will see.
  11. Not a hunter but I got 4 cams in my back woods around the property. I got this big buck last night thought some of you hunters might like it. Looks like a ten point. IMG_9178.MP4
  12. They’re the free ones Biden’s giving out. I was just joking I’m selling em for $100 a box not really gonna unless mc really wants them I’ll let em go 😂.
  13. Hearing talks of a big storm possible coming Saturday maybe over a foot🤞
  14. Not even snow on the ground. There was a day or two 10yrs or so ago it was in the 70s middle of February here. I rode the bike to work boss thought I was crazy but it was so nice I had to
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