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  1. Looks like my kids Lego snowmobiles they make lol. I guess at least the horse power is pretty good just hope you can make it to the next charger unlikely in a lot of places I’ve ridden.
  2. Ya really those fools. Even some alts are 10x since last summer.
  3. So don’t open a business with a partner and pay attention to your accounts got it……when’s the next cheap sled video
  4. @Mainecat I thought it was going down????? Wrong again almost at its ath
  5. Ya the temp swings suck. We must be getting that cold tonight it’s gonna drop down again but right back to 60 later this week. I pretty much wrote this winter off a few weeks ago I’m happy I even got to go riding this season.
  6. I just pulled my car out lol it’s warm here
  7. “I want to go back to the standards of the previous mayors who, I believe, subscribed to my belief that people who are suspected of committing serious crimes in this city should be held accountable,” Adams said. hard to believe they ever strayed from this standard they got what they wanted enjoy it retards
  8. That will definitely be fun up some curvy mountain roads
  9. Already seeing decent discounts on new here. I’m sure good deals will be able to be had on used also especially if people are financed to the max and need to get out of the toy loans. The handful of guys I know that buy new every couple years plan to check a 25 🤷‍♂️ bad winter or not.
  10. I heard here his financial advisor stole all his money so nope
  11. Ya that happened on my buds 1100t what a shit show lol
  12. I guess I’m high miles this season with around 1200 lol. Kids rode earlier around the house but it’s going quick had to shovel snow onto the dirt spots to keep my lawn somewhat intact lol.
  13. That sucks what a shitty winter it’s been. Winter is definitely over for us in southern NH never really started actually. It looks like 50s all week 😢. At this point I don’t even want the snow down here it’s done time to pull the cars out. Riding was awesome up there once you got outside of Alma a few miles and up into the hills and mountains bunch of snow 3+ft I’d guess. In Alma it was thin but rideable. It looks like even up there is getting high 40s for a few days doubt in towns gonna last with that. One of the waitresses we talked to said it was probably the last weekend of riding which is probably why it got so packed up there the last two day. Must have been at least 75 sleds parked at the hotel we were at.
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