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  1. Yup, obviously wouldn’t work out to good in the back country. I’d personally probably never use it but I can see someone who has no mechanical ability of jerry rigging skills or maybe riding alone giving the guy some business.
  2. About time although I’m sure most places will still require it to enter.
  3. I’d say at 7am right now in swnh monadnock region a solid 2-3” on the open areas grass and 1-2” in the woods. They claim it will snow until early Saturday morning so hell maybe they weren’t making the amounts up.
  4. What the hell that is up from 4-8!!!! I’m in the 12-18 zone I think I better go hook the blower back up to the tractor wonderful.
  5. Signals at night what’s the point but I have seen people do it
  6. So Polaris wants to make there helmets like most of the new sleds this year unaffordable. Bluetooth, speakers, batteries ahh yup pass. I don’t need a over weight over priced $800 helmet full of a bunch of gadgets that block out one of the best parts of riding the engine sound. I got a snocross helmet this year loved it probably won’t ever go back to my hjc full face unless it’s really cold.
  7. Pretty neat, I can’t see using it though unless you snapped a a-arm off or something that made it a pain to tow out by sled.
  8. Nice get it before it’s gone. It’s almost 60 again down here right now. Tons of bikes out past few days.
  9. All the rebels don’t wanna ride with all those rules
  10. The reg. money ain’t the issue it’s the b.s. safety course I refuse to take and insurance requirements. I’m stubborn haha.
  11. lol I really gotta try VT one of these years. i hope it holds out up north. My buds are heading back to Houlton tonight hopefully the fields didn’t take to big of a hit up that way.
  12. Well that was fast snow is all but gone already down here in the Nashua area and still few more days of warm. Trails up north must be getting real low.
  13. The wind was crazy here last night. We’ll still is can’t even imagine how it was up there with a 126mph gust.
  14. Got to try the new helmet set up today. It worked great no foggy glasses at all. Got a little chili after the sun set and got down to 10 or so. Gonna be below zero tomorrow morning so I think I’ll double up on a neck warmer since my neck/chin was the only spot that was getting a little cold. Glad I bought it thanks again for the input.
  15. The Mach what a disappointment 20k too I’m sure they’ll sell none of these.
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