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  1. He’s not really a buddy I barely know him just a guy from town I talk with every now and then with a mutual love of snowmobiling. He is in the pro class this year and has done the expedition race I’ll take his word over yours. Your link also doesn’t state no experience necessary for the pro class anywhere so like I said I’ll believe the guy in the race. He’s raced all of em……
  2. How would I know I’d have to speak their language to know what they said about me Steve duh. I’d guess no because I was clearly a tourist on vacation not working a job in a foreign country.
  3. Yup exactly I’m not working in a foreign country why would I need to know anything other than English.
  4. So why not learn the language if you’re a legal immigrant. He said he assumed some are good people.
  5. Is it not a requirement of citizenship?
  6. Just what I was told it wasn’t my flooring. I was told not one spoke a word of English but the one Foreman translater guy.
  7. My coworker had flooring installed and the flooring supplier subbed the job to a bunch of illegal Brazilians so ya he’s got a lawsuit ongoing now because the job was so horrendous. They definitely don’t pay what we pay in taxes but they do sorta pay some say like sales taxes or property taxes stuff like that.
  8. I know one of them NH guys he’s from town and as Krom said and what he has told me someone who’s actually done the race you have to do the expedition class before you can do the pro class. He’s done the expedition class a few times but that’s only 1k miles or so not the challenge of the 2500 miles. How many iron dogs have you competed in?
  9. Polaris can’t even make it to the line stop ride issued ski-doo ftw as usual.
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