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  1. Still one at a playground near us. I spin the shit outta my kids on that thing 😂
  2. Freakin Andy dufresne pulled it off can’t be that hard 😂
  3. Don’t even get me started on insurance it’s ridiculous the cost. I haven’t had insurance for years but I get prices every year. Here’s what I got from my job for family plan lol seems reasonable.
  4. Idiots. If you’re gonna steal the money at least do it right move somewhere and disappear.
  5. Groceries and hospital/health insurance. Those two things drain the old wallet like nothing else.
  6. Case race lol. I rarely drink anymore I’m sure you can out drink me no problem 😂.
  7. My wife drinks those…..gross 😂
  8. i think this is one of the same guys from last fall still alive.
  9. Damn those are ugly as shit but I wouldn’t buy any other brand ok I’d buy a lynx but nothing else
  10. So it’s boomer parents. Either way It’s the parents who made these fucking losers this way. That kid will probably have his mom come sort out his hours with the manager lol
  11. No one to blame but yourselves. That bitch was raised by members of your generation 😂.
  12. here is the video if you need a laugh
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