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  1. Yup lol I’ve seen the episode think it was actually intervention my wife use to watch that show all the time.
  2. How does the plan work for people like me that won’t buy a new car?
  3. 😂 I rarely drink and if I do it sure as hell ain’t mouthwash. I was just saying I’ve read before mouthwash can skew a breathalyzer which is what this thread is about
  4. Damn the duke boys be proud. NH has yearly inspections.
  5. NH has one of the lowest crime rates in the US. Mass not so much criminals bring violence. That’s probably more a policy issue being more lenient on crime in mass or it’s just that miserable living in mass they need to kill each other 🤷‍♂️.
  6. mass is still lower NH 8.2 MA 1.8 Table with 4 columns and 50 rows. Currently displaying rows 1 to 50. State Number of Firearm Law Provisions Rate of Suicide by Firearm Rate of Other Suicides Idaho 1 15.1 8.2 Mississippi 2 9.3 4.6
  7. Mass has the lowest gun death rate in the country. https://vpc.org/state-firearm-death-rates-ranked-by-rate-2021/
  8. Nope, You can buy a full auto with license or even without you can any pre86 full auto if your pockets are deep enough and you’re approved.
  9. You might want to do some more research or continue on either or
  10. Like allowing civilians retarded or not to have full and semi automatic guns
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